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Gosh, This Is So Surprising

Massachusetts -- if you listen to any public officials for very long -- has a serious problem with violent crime. Every day, too many people are killed or injured by criminals, and something needs to be done. This usually involves some new proposed legal ban on weapons -- guns, machetes, even crossbows in one infamous case.

Naturally, the learned solons who run Massachusetts happily pass these laws and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. They don't seem to notice that the crimes continue, despite all these new laws.

The notion that these laws need to be enforced -- and enforced rigorously -- in order to be effective seems to escape them.

Last week, I wrote about a Massachusetts man arrested for shooting another in the back -- and released on $250 bail. Now we have another story out of the Bay State -- a man convicted of killing another man, released after serving five months in jail.

Back in 2005, Nick Bonfilio got into a fight outside a bar. Edward Eliasson Jr. tried to break up the fight. Bonfilio hit him with a "sucker punch," and Eliasson went down.

He never got up again.

Bonfilio should have been charged with manslaughter, but plea-bargained it down to assault and battery. And now he's free.

It's been almost 20 years since Michael Dukakis was governor of Massachusetts, and his predilection for soft treatment of criminals became an albatross around his neck. These stories -- and countless others -- make it clear that it wasn't just a Dukakis thing, but that he was merely a symbol of the sorry situation.

Congratulations, Massachusetts. You got your reputation as a haven for criminals of all kinds (killers, child molesters, illegal aliens) the old-fashioned way:

You earned it.


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Comments (8)

Yes...Jay...this is outrage... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Yes...Jay...this is outrageous..however what did Mitt do or at least try to do when Gov? You would be up on that a lot more than me...

Short answer, nogo: all he ... (Below threshold)

Short answer, nogo: all he could.

Longer answer: not a hell of a lot, considering that the Democrats held over 85% of the legislature -- meaning that one out of five Democratic lawmakers could stay home, and they could STILL override his vetoes.

Romney didn't really achieve a lot, objectively, but considering the circumstances, that he did anything at all is almost miraculous...


A hotheaded Masshole sucker... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

A hotheaded Masshole suckerpunched someone? No way!

I am newbie, so I am curiou... (Below threshold)

I am newbie, so I am curious about the focus on Mass. According to what I could find on the web, the reported violent crimes rate in Mass ranks as 18th worst. (reported violent crimes per 100,000 population).

Thanks for that feedback...... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Thanks for that feedback...Jay makes sense

Wasn't even close to a suck... (Below threshold)

Wasn't even close to a sucker punch. Bonfilio was outnumbered by Eliasson's group. Mess with the bull - get the horns.

dc, I live in New Hampshire... (Below threshold)

dc, I live in New Hampshire, right over the border from MA. So while it might rank 18th in some rankings, it'll always be #2 (in the scatological sense) to me.


Hey, I am nick bonfilio i d... (Below threshold)
nick bonfilio:

Hey, I am nick bonfilio i did not sucker punch him, if u read the court testimony, thats y i only got six months. Eddie was a punk






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