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Law & Order

New CIA Interrogation Rules For Terror Vermin

Here's a link to the actual text of President Bush's EO regarding CIA interrogations of terror-bot scum.

Read the whole thing.

I was going to link to a media account of that Order, but across the board they were so biased and agenda-driven I figured I'd save you the grief.

* * *
Speaking of terrorists and related sundry items:

Romney backs aggressive CIA interrogation tactics, Patriot Act

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Friday more intense methods of CIA interrogation are acceptable in dealing with terrorism and he praised the broad powers granted law enforcement under the USA Patriot Act.

Wow, who even knew terrorism was an issue in the upcoming presidential race?

Do non-voting conservatives know about that?

US Border Patrol boosts graduation rate

The Border Patrol on Thursday graduated a second class of recruits within a week for the first time, days after National Guard troops began leaving the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Border Patrol . . . [plans] to add 6,000 agents by the end of the year for a total of about 18,000. There are about 14,000 agents now.

Who even knew we had a Border Patrol?

Sacre bleu.

Last but not least:

Hundreds of inmates hoping to shorten their prison terms get bad news from the California Supreme Court

Hundreds of prisoners who had hoped to win reductions in their sentences after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled California's sentencing law unconstitutional were rebuffed Thursday by the state's highest court.

* * *
The court's [twin rulings] will allow lower courts to dismiss most of the appeals filed by prisoners since 2005, when the nation's High Court first called [the state's] sentencing laws into question. In the cases that require a new sentencing hearing, the trial judge will have broad authority to reaffirm the original sentences.

Ah, yes, I love my state supreme court.

Lots of people don't know this, but the California Supreme Court is a very conservative tribunal.

For those who might find that incomprehensible, well, keep in mind California had conservative GOP governors in office for 16 consecutive years in the 1980's and 1990's. Furthermore back in the 80's its citizens tossed out on their keysters a couple of airheaded liberal-bot jurists, including then-chief justice Rose Bird.

Cause and effect.
It's really that simple.


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Comments (6)

"Who even knew we had a Bor... (Below threshold)
chicago phil:

"Who even knew we had a Border Patrol?"

I kinda knew we had a Border Patrol, but I thought they were in jail.

Law and order?<a hre... (Below threshold) Speaking from the perspecti... (Below threshold)

Speaking from the perspective of just having driven around a fair bit of Southern California yesterday, I can attest to the fact that we do, indeed, have a Border Patrol - they drive around in their cute little trucks all day, and set up checkpoints that cause traffic snarls a mile long over fifty miles from the border. I guess it is just too complicated to actually check the vehicles at the border, and who knew they had "beats"?

Linogo, they do check cars ... (Below threshold)

Linogo, they do check cars @ the border. I drove cross country once from virginia to california, and california was the only state that stopped me @ the border to ask if I had any agricultural products and such.

Are you sure you're not complaining about the CHP (California Highway Patrol?)

By the way, I hail from the most conservative city in California, 3rd most conservative city in the nation (Bakersfield, CA).

Do not even get me started ... (Below threshold)

Do not even get me started on the border checks one has to go through just to get into Kali - from another state, no less... The concept alone is laughable, the execution is even worse.

And, nope, these were Border Patrol trucks, done up in their pretty white and green. Now, do not get me wrong, I am sure they check vehicles coming across the border. I am also sure the checkpoints I ran into were for the purpose of snagging cars who pick up border-runners on this side, and take them where ever it is they go. But if the Border Patrol actually bothered to... well... patrol the border, or at least secure it in a manner that would make it more difficult to cross, these checkpoints would become superfluous. Of course, the two I found were on either side of the Salton Sea, and fixed buildings - not roving checkpoints. As such, they would be easily avoidable by anyone interested in doing so... Just head east or west on 8 (no checkpoints on it) and then north somewhere later. These inspection stations only served to inconvenience those honest people actually trying to get somewhere.

HehRed in a blue s... (Below threshold)


Red in a blue state
I feel you brother...






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