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By hooker by crook...

Police-run sex stings are nothing new.

Setting up a fake prostitution ad on Craig's List is also no great innovation.

Prominent people and public officials getting arrested in the process are, also, not really newsworthy.

But when the police have the would-be Johns' cars towed off from their expected assignations by the Bump And Grind Towing Service... that's major points for style right there.

I don't particularly care for anti-prostitution operations -- it strikes me as a victimless crime, and I'd rather it be regulated and taxed, while the police dealt with real problems -- but in this case, I'll set aside my principles a little out of respect for whatever officer chose that company to haul off the Johns' cars -- especially the one owned by the New Hampshire Technical Institute and driven by the school's Communications Director -- and "the voice of the University of New Hampshire Wildcats" hockey games.


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I dont know, but it sure wo... (Below threshold)

I dont know, but it sure would seem to me that if I were entering a facility for that purpose and FOUR men needed to interview me first then I sure would be suspicious of the whole operation and high-tail it out of their. In spite of their high positions, these guys werent very bright. gc

Great title, JayTea.... (Below threshold)

Great title, JayTea. I just about aspirated my McDonald's iced coffee!

Jay,Good post, it ... (Below threshold)


Good post, it does make one wonder how stupid these wanna-be johns can get. I've come to the conclusion that if somebody is offering some type of criminal service over the internet, then it is most likely a cop, or somebody looking for an extortion opportunity. Guess they were letting the wrong head do the thinking.

I take exception with your assumption that prostitution is a victimless crime. It most certainly is not. In Phoenix AZ last week the police arrested 3 adults that were forcibly prostituting several young girls. They've busted other rings doing the same thing. Female illegal immigrants are often forced into prostitution in order to pay off the smuggler, in fact quite a few women are smuggled in for the express purpose of prostitution. The U.N. has a department expressly for trying to counter the international trade in human trafficking, the majority of which is for prostitution (sex slavery).

For most prostitutes, prostitution was not their first choice of proffesion. I've yet to meet one that was proudly descended from a long line of prostitutes. Most have come from a background of abuse and exploitation with drug addiction often leading them down the path.

The customers can wind up as victims as well. I have known several young men to contract and ultimately die of AIDS they caught from prostitutes. None of them lived past 21.

Good to be back!On... (Below threshold)

Good to be back!

One thing we agree on is that prostitution should be legal. We should really take after those crafty Dutch more. They make great levees, chocolate, football players - and if you go to certain bars they can put "space" in your milkshake.

(Also, Jay, you should really re-visit your "Wait and See" article regarding Fred Thompson working for pro-abortion groups. You know, the one you hinted was "too good to be true." Even more evidence has come out and clearly the campaign lied)

The idea that regulation of... (Below threshold)

The idea that regulation of sex workers would be, IMHO, a good thing. One could imagine that it might be possible to treat it like any other public health type of profession, with the requisite medical checks AND education.

Example: In a lot of jurisdictions, strippers have to be fingerprinted and photographed by the local police and explained what is and is not acceptable in that city's gentlemen's clubs. (Not that a large percentage follow that admonition, but it is there.)

One could imagine a short, mandatory safe-sex lesson in order to get their "full service" card. They would have to have regular blood tests along with surprise inspections. All of which would make a hell of a lot more sense than the current LE model, but would be unlikely to ever be used.






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