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This Week in the Courts

Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Photo ID Law

A state law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls is constitutional, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

The court's five Republicans voted to uphold the law. Two Democrat judges dissented. The law was passed in 1996 and renewed in 2005, but it never took effect because former state Attorney General, Frank Kelley, a Democrat, had opined it was unconstitutional.

Go figure.

BTW, for those of you who are perplexed as to why media/Democrats so vehemently reject the idea of people having to show {gasp} photo IDs before voting, well, let's put it this way:

If corpses, family pets, ghosts, paid fraud operatives, and other virtual-reality persons, could not vote multiple times for Democrats, in multiple precincts, no less, there would be a lot fewer Democrats holding public offices.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Left-Wing Enviro Challenge to Farm Emissions

Farms cannot be sued for the pollution they emit as long as they have entered into agreements with the EPA, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

The ruling is a defeat for left-wing environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, which had sued to change an EPA policy they say allows animal feeding operations to skirt environmental laws and to pay only nominal fines for violations.

The court's 2-1 decision was written by Judge Sentelle, who was appointed by President Reagan, and joined by Judge Kavanaugh, who was appointed by President Bush and confirmed in 2006 along party lines. Judge Rogers, a Clinton-appointed jurist, dissented.

Go figure.

Speaking of the District of Columbia, by now everyone reading this blog certainly will have heard about Valerie Plame's lawsuit against the Bush administration getting thrown out of court.

What's far less known is the judge who tossed out Plame's lawsuit, John Bates, is a Bush 43 appointee, and a former prosecutor with Ken Starr's Office of Independent Counsel, and recently was appointed by Chief Justice Roberts to the FISA Court. The latter is the government's domestic espionage court, which operates in secret and about which liberal-bots and other wealthy malcontents tend to foam at the mouth.

State Appeals Court Upholds Pat-Down Searches at Football Stadium, another security search defeat for ACLU

Rejecting a lawsuit sponsored by the ACLU, a state appeals court threw out on Tuesday a challenge by two football fans to pat-down stadium searches.

The National Football League ordered the searches at all games as an anti-terrorism measure starting in 2005. To date the policy has survived all left-wing legal challenges.

Wow, who knew they had such pragmatic and sentient judges over there in San Francisco?

Federal Appeals Court Rules That State Criminal Sentence Trumps Wishes of Foreign Country of Extradition

A fugitive who is extradited to the United States and convicted of a crime can be sentenced to any term authorized by state law and not disavowed by the United States, even if the sentence is far in excess of the wishes and demands of the foreign country of extradition, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

Wow, who knew they had such brass-knuckled federal judges over there in San Francisco?

Go figure.

* * *

BTW, multiple decisions along these lines are handed down every week of every year by various state and federal courts throughout the country.

For obvious reasons, however, they're downplayed, spun, obfuscated, or not reported in the first instance, by the national liberal Democrat media.


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Comments (2)

In regard to the voter I.D.... (Below threshold)

In regard to the voter I.D., what is really disturbing that we cannot trust our fellow citizens to be honest with the foundation of our democracy which is the vote. The self righteous left are the main perpetrators of the voter fraud. ww

Very heartening post. It's ... (Below threshold)

Very heartening post. It's hard to believe that the Senate Judicial committe hasn't tried to impeach all of those renagade constitutionalistas.






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