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It seems that if you want your little boy to have a successful career in magic, you could do worse than name him "Harry."


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hmmm Dresden.. where ever d... (Below threshold)
michael carpenter?:

hmmm Dresden.. where ever did you learn of DRESDEN, as if a wise source of literary resources were to grant you access to the sacred scrolls of the files ala Dresden

I'm disappointed in Apple t... (Below threshold)

I'm disappointed in Apple this morning. Here today is the big day for the Harry Potter book and it's not available for download from iTunes. They have all the other books of course, and for the same price as buying them on CD. Can't they discount a couple dollars since a download doesn't require packaging and media?

Don't forget Harry Blacksto... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Harry Blackstone, both Junior and Senior. There is also Harry Lorraine, but most people remember him as more of a memory expert. He's really quite an excellent magician.

In one of the Dresden episo... (Below threshold)

In one of the Dresden episodes they include some line about a wizard named Harry.

Very funny.

And there had better be a season two! Dangit!

I got a Jim Butcher book at the library this last time. I hope it's good. I heard a rumor that the TV series is better than the books. (But since it's really great, the books might be really good too, and the statement still be true.)






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