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Someone put Meryl Yourish On Suicide Watch

The Weekly World News is shutting down.

I'm not too worried. It ought to be back as a zombie newspaper in a few weeks.

In the meantime, though, I find myself surprised that one of the editors at WWN was one Bob Greenberger, who previously had written both comic books and Star Trek novels. He was a regular at the Shore Leave conventions, and I wish I had known about his latest career move so I could have complimented him on it.


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I am worried that Yourish's... (Below threshold)
chsw Author Profile Page:

I am worried that Yourish's site has been down most of the day. If she's too ill to feed the kitties, that porkercat might eat her.


Pardon my ignorance, but wh... (Below threshold)

Pardon my ignorance, but who *is* Meryl Yourish?

No! Tell me it isn't true ... (Below threshold)

No! Tell me it isn't true - the WWW is a paper I've depended on for YEARS!

Hell, they'll tell you up front (or at least by page 5) that what they're printing is pretty much made up!

If only the rest of the media were so honest.

I will really miss their ba... (Below threshold)

I will really miss their balance reporting of the important topics of the day.

That sucks. I used to real... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

That sucks. I used to really like it a few years ago, but admittedly their sense of humor has slipped a bit lately. Nonetheless, it was always good for a laugh or two.

Where will I get my Bigfoot news now?

"Pardon my ignorance, but w... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

"Pardon my ignorance, but who *is* Meryl Yourish?"

I was going to say click on the "Meryl Yourish" url in the blogroll, but the Wizbang blogroll is empty. Her url is http://yourish.com/ but it appears to be down right now.

Jay, it may be *too* late.

One of the crowning moments... (Below threshold)

One of the crowning moments of my international modeling career (ok, my ONLY moment) was being a "head shot" in the Weekly World News. I had a great connection to the WWN, so I got in not once, but twice. I was a Psychologist with a theory on why Susan Smith had nightmares, and a minister that uncovered the truth about teenagers with "666" tattoos and the end of the world.

Good times, good times...






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