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Stretching myself thin...

I might not be able to do a lot of blogging for the next week or so. I'm gonna be very busy.

For one, my boss at The Day Job is out for a couple weeks on a family emergency. I'll be working 11 straight days, and possibly another six straight after a day off.

For another, tomorrow morning is my first adventure into talk radio. I'll be co-hosting WNTK's Morning Show with Konrad Kayne, subbing for Brian "Bulldog" Tilton, from 6-9 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If anyone outside the Upper Valley (and that's nearly all of you, I suspect) wants to listen in, the show streams here, and the call-in number is (603) 526-9464.

For a third, I am trying to make Wizbang Radio a reality. Right now I'm at the "what time of week should I do the show?" stage, with Mondays at 7:00 and Sunday afternoons leading the likely choices.

I'll still try to get at least one or two pieces out a day. No matter how successful I get, I won't forget where I started -- or all you little people who made it all possible.


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Comments (5)

Good luck. I'll tune in fro... (Below threshold)

Good luck. I'll tune in from Houston. ww

Good Luck J-... (Below threshold)

Good Luck J-

From one of the "little" pe... (Below threshold)

From one of the "little" people-good luck. (but you are still uglier then me)

with Mondays at 7:... (Below threshold)
with Mondays at 7:00 and Sunday afternoons leading the likely choices.

I'm guessing you mean eastern time. Those are probably good choices, until football season comes around. Those times would run head on against prime NFL viewing times. Just my thought right off the top of my head.

That maybe a little too ear... (Below threshold)

That maybe a little too earlier for me, but if I can I will give you a listen. I am sure it will be interesting.






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