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True Crime, False Accounts

In the last week, two of my fellow New Hampshire bloggers caught on to some very interesting stories involving crimes -- and some very interesting ways in which they are being reported.

(In the interest of full disclosure, neither of them are "Real" New Hampshirites, since they both moved here from out of state. By long lasting tradition, you have to have been here for at least three generations to earn that title. They've moved from "flatlanders" to "out of staters" by moving here. Their children will be considered "new folk," and their grandchildren -- if they're lucky -- might be considered "New Hampshirites." But that almost takes an act of the legislature.)

Over at Joust The Facts, Giacomo stumbled across an account of a former government official being arrested for spying. It seems that this fellow exploited his position of trust within the White House to steal documents from the Vice President's office and supply them to members of the opposition in a foreign nation. And you will not believe just how Reuters chose to characterize Leandro Aragoncillo's former position...

Meanwhile, over at the former Mass. Backwards, now No Looking Backwards since he went over the wall from the asylum fled north, Bruce finds a rather fascinating story involving a business columnist for the Boston Globe. It appears that Mr. Steve Bailey was just shocked -- shocked -- at how easily one could obtain a gun in New Hampshire, and traveled up to my back yard (West Lebanon) to get one for his very own.

In the process, though, Mr. Bailey managed to break at least one law regarding handguns. Possibly more. Or maybe he didn't break any, after all -- it depends on which version of his story he's telling at the time. Each version, though, Bruce notes, moves closer and closer to a version where Mr. Bailey will not have to be held to account by agents of the ATF. I'm not sure if he's quite there yet, but I'm sure he will soon. Especially if he gets a good lawyer to help him reconstruct his memory.

Sooner or later I'm going to publish my own "blogroll" of sites you oughta be reading, but most likely aren't. Giacomo and Bruce are near the top -- and not just because they're both fellow Granite Staters.


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Comments (4)

Thanks for the link, Jay. ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link, Jay. I may not be a "New Hampshirite" by those standards, but I consider myself one. Close enough for jazz?

Yep it is true Gore hired h... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Yep it is true Gore hired him....however when this guy was providing secrets...it took place under Cheney(after 2002).
Just as it is true Clinton was aware of the threat Al-Q posed to the United States....but it happened under Bush...
Considering how protective Cheney is about information...how was HE not aware?
Some people prefer a sprig of parsley on everything...me?....a sprinkle of irony...

nogo, you gibbering, illite... (Below threshold)

nogo, you gibbering, illiterate imbecile:

Arragoncillo was a security officer from 1999 to 2002. That means he was not a Bush appointee, a Cheney crony, or anything: he was a career, non-political employee. That means he was either working for the Secret Service (part of the Treasury Department) or the permanent White House Staff. An absolutely non-political position. The absolute joke here is that Aragoncillo is in no way, shape, or form a "Cheney aide," no more than he was a "Gore aide."


Since my grandfather fled H... (Below threshold)
John S:

Since my grandfather fled Haverhill, Mass. in the 1940s, I guess that makes me a New Hampshirite (especially since there are now two generations here beyond me.) But keep in mind that NH was settled in the 1640s by people fed up with Massachusetts.






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