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Lindsay Lohan Busted, Again


In case you've been living under a rock you've probably heard Lindsay Lohan was arrested, again, late last night for DUI and cocaine possession. Wizbang Pop! has all the details, just start at the top and work down. Paris Hilton-style jail time could be in her future... Obligatory mug-shot below...



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One wonders whether this yo... (Below threshold)

One wonders whether this young woman will see her 30th birthday. This has disaster written all over it.

I hope that, at some point,... (Below threshold)

I hope that, at some point, rehab will help her and she gets her life together.
It's a shame to see any young person waste their life away. Unfortunately, teachers, law enforcement, ministers and all those who work with young people will tell you that there are many more faceless, nameless souls like her making the same mistakes. Anyone who has been through this will tell you that drugs and alcohol are cunning and ruthless enemies.
Maybe this will be a turning point for her.

It's such a shame; I was qu... (Below threshold)

It's such a shame; I was quite a fan of hers when I was younger. I really hope she finds some help.

Why Do I care, Isn't this s... (Below threshold)
John B:

Why Do I care, Isn't this supposed to be a POLITICAL website???

Can we leave Lovely L Lohan to the 50,000 other celebrity websites!

Pretty. Stupid. Surrounde... (Below threshold)

Pretty. Stupid. Surrounded by folks who'll cater to her every whim because she's a 'star'.

Not all whims are worth indulging. One cautionary lesson learned from some fairy tales is to be careful what you wish for - because you might get it.

Looks like she's gotten it - in spades. Here's hoping she can keep from self-destruction before she learns how to control herself.

Why does anybody care about... (Below threshold)

Why does anybody care about this story? It's just another story about an out of control Hollywood drunk.

People with this sort of pr... (Below threshold)

People with this sort of problem don't get better until they hit bottom, so repeated unsuccessful stints in rehab aren't unusual.

Every person has a different sort of "bottom," though. For some, the first DUI would have done it, and they would have earnestly sought help. Others don't until they've lost jobs, homes, families, health . . .

Unfortunately there seems to be some sort of contest on among rich young female celebrities to see who can dominate the news cycle, and bad news counts.

I hope Lohan finds her bottom in time.

Going to rehab for show lik... (Below threshold)

Going to rehab for show like she has already done will diminish the usefulness of it when she actually seeks some help. This is why rehab shouldn't really soften someone's punishment unless substantial jail time is still part of the sentence.

O-kaaay. Let's se... (Below threshold)
Mark L:


Let's see the hands of everyone in the audience that thinks this story is worth more than a bucket of warm spit.

-- Count hands --

Now let's see the hands of everyone in the audience that badly needs to get a life.

-- Again counts --

Well, ain't that a wonder. It's the SAME set of hands.

This story is as relevant a... (Below threshold)

This story is as relevant as anything at wizbangkosblue, or those blogging there.

I hope Lohan finds... (Below threshold)
I hope Lohan finds her bottom in time.

Good line.

Gosh cant these celeberties... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Gosh cant these celeberties stay off the drugs and booze why are they always using this stuff i mean dont they know it was a drug over dose that ki;;ed JIMMY HENDRIKS and JANICE JOPLYN and BOOSE has killed far more people then guns when drinking and driving mix hey DRINKING AND DRIVING CAN KILL A FREINDSHIP

When are we going to learn ... (Below threshold)

When are we going to learn that real, true talent is also gracious and loveable.

"Why does anybody care abou... (Below threshold)

"Why does anybody care about this story? It's just another story about an out of control Hollywood drunk."

Right on BobDog...even sober, she is also a vapid 21 year old with a head full of mush. Who could possibly be interested in what she says or does?

look's like she's been shot... (Below threshold)

look's like she's been shot at and missed,shit at and hit..






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