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Sick of Politics?

With the presidential race beginning earlier than ever before, I am already a bit burned out on politics right now. The nasty attacks on those in the military (the "killitary" variety) and nastiness on the political scene in general only make things worse. I am still following political news, but am taking more frequent breathers than usual. I am an avid t.v. watcher, and am especially fond of shows I can watch with my kids, so the new episodes of Monk and Psych are being celebrated in my house. A few non-kid-friendly shows, The Closer, The Dead Zone, Heartland and Burn Notice have kept my DVR busy so that I don't miss the new episodes. I have been trying to get out with the kids more before school starts back in four short weeks and the weather here in NC has been more beautiful than I can ever recall for a July. Not only was the 4th mild with uncharacteristically low humidity, but the rest of the month has been pretty darn fantastic. This past weekend's weather was as close to perfect as I could ever ask for. I even took time to catch up on reading some fiction this summer. In the past ten weeks I have read six Dean Koontz books. (In case anyone cares, they were the three Odd Thomas books, as well as One Door Away from Heaven, The Taking and The Husband). I will get back into political mode soon enough -- heck, there is still plenty of time with the election over a year away. The next few weeks are primarily for enjoying the rest of the summer though. I will comment on things when I can, but life is too short, ya know? And my babies are growing up too fast.


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Dang it! Burn Notice start... (Below threshold)

Dang it! Burn Notice started? When is it on?

Thursday nights.10... (Below threshold)

Thursday nights.

10 PM EST.

Enjoy your kids this summer... (Below threshold)

Enjoy your kids this summer. Mine are growing up too fast!

Lorie:I read Th... (Below threshold)


I read The Husband this summer and I thought it was a great read. I've read a lot of Dean Koontz books, Phantoms, and Whispers, Watchers to name a few and I can't believe I was surprised about the brother in The Husband.

New season of Dr. Who start... (Below threshold)

New season of Dr. Who started 2 weeks ago. Fun for the whole family.

Just finished Brother Od... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Just finished Brother Odd... Pretty cool, but I prefer Elvis to Sinatra. ;)

I'm reading and watching "o... (Below threshold)

I'm reading and watching "other" TV, too. I watched several episodes of Monk awhile back and liked it, but I keep missing it's regular time. I'll have to watch my guide a little more closely. I'm pretty much giving politics a "bye" until about a year from now, when it will really matter.

Big Love and Entourage keep... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Big Love and Entourage keep me going in the summer, though I'm a little peeved that Big Love isn't on Sunday nights...

Are Big Love and Entourage ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Are Big Love and Entourage Showtime or HBO or other? I have never seen either, but have a friend that loves Big Love.

My kids just fell in love with Monk and Psych last season. I have watched Monk since season one and love it.

Burn Notice is really good. I have not missed one yet. I love DVR.

As for the brother in The Husband, I was shocked too.

I read The Taking this summer and just saw recently that there will be a miniseries based on it. It will probably suck. I liked the book though.

Has anyone other than me be... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Has anyone other than me been watching The Closer and Heartland?

The Closer is the best season ever. It started with a bang and has been consistently funny and interesting. I used to hate Kyra Sedgewick's fake accent, but now I find it funny and endearing. Lt. Provenza and the other members of the Closer homicide squad are hilarious.

Heartland is new and it is really good. The cast is great. It is about a transplant surgeon at St. Jude's and it deals with all the issues surrounding organ donors and recipients. It shows issues that I never even considered. It is heart wrenching at times, but inspiring at others. I have fallen in love with it.

I tried to retreat into wat... (Below threshold)

I tried to retreat into watching the Tour de France - that worked out well.

Kyra's been slowly backing ... (Below threshold)

Kyra's been slowly backing off the accent, which was my one complaint about The Closer - otherwise perhaps the best show to hit TV in years. Now, I don't dispute there are 10,000 or more women her age in the Greater Atlanta area with similar accents. But women in business or male-dominated professions like law or law enforcement who wish to move up tend to lose much of their accents in the process. By the time she would be considered for a top job in LA, it would have been much muted.

Also, Damages with Glenn Close looks pretty good, judging from the first show.

Lorie, enjoy your kids while you can. Remember, Bill Cosby scientifically proved that between the ages of 11 and 13 all children have their brains abducted by aliens, who only return them when the child reaches 18 or 19. There is also a residual radiation left from the procedure which tends to wrinkle the skin and whiten the hair of parents.

You can look it up!

I also tuned out the Closer... (Below threshold)

I also tuned out the Closer after a while because of the cheesy accent. It was just to cutsy and fake sounding. Now that she has muted it as you say, I will try again.

I have read all the Kootz books. The Odd Thomas series is great. Really kind of inspiring and uplifting although spooky. His books as never disappointed me.

Lorie, glad you are staying with the kids. My wife and I basically withdrew from society while our kids were young and in the formative years. It was well worth it. ww

I don't watch much TV at al... (Below threshold)

I don't watch much TV at all. I use it pretty much as a sleeping pill when it's time for bed. Puts me to sleep in five minutes or less.

But since my kids are grown and one has kids of her own, I've been able to spend more time with them since school let out so we made a trip to Sea World with them this summer and they come over on weekends to go swimming while mama and I have a glass of wine in the shade by the pool.

I especially like the part where I give them back to mama and send them home when I get tired :)

Big Love and Entourage are ... (Below threshold)

Big Love and Entourage are on HBO. For those with Showtime Dexter is highly recomended.

Oyster, I am with you. I lo... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I am with you. I love the grandson. I have all the fun and none of the responsibility. An added bonus is when my sons complains to me about how his son acts sometimes. Very funny. He hates it when I laugh. ww

WW: I know! My daughter wi... (Below threshold)

WW: I know! My daughter will tell me what her daughters do and ask me why they would act that way. I just look at her, stupified, and laugh.

You forgot to mention Harry... (Below threshold)

You forgot to mention Harry Potter! Our whole family is listening to the audio but of course we fast readers have finished it already.

I love Dean Koontz and enjoy his novels so very much. I think "The Face" is one of the finest novels he's written. One of the best in the genre.

Thanks for giving us all a jolt to remember what it's all about. Family, enjoying the beautiful summer days, and watching fun t.v. shows that celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

I'm still laughing about the silly trophy wife in the Colder crying that this is a "Total tapestry of justice! A tapestry!"

Lorie, the new episodes of ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, the new episodes of MONK are real homeruns so far this season, especially the Sarah Silverman one. It was the best, ever, featuring this beautiful but very disturbed humor comic in her very best acting role ever.

But the Snoop Dogg episode deeply concerned me. Why does Hollywood continue to embrace such a highly controversial entertainer after his many legal problems including some very serious criminal charges? After an appearance on Jay Leno, earlier this year, he was arrested right after leaving the program.

On one hand, his grandmother affectionately named him after "Snoopy" the dog from Charlie Brown, and it would be nice if he was always the great grandson that she remembered and loved. But his life was often not that pure and innocent as he grew up.

Lorie, what do you or other readers think about the relationship of Hollywood embracing Snoop Dogg, no matter how serious his legal problems are? Is there a point at which Lindsey Lohan or others have just gone way too far and should then be cut off as an entetainer by Hollywood and by the public? How far is too far? Is any charges, just short of those against O.J. or Robert Blake that are acceptable, or should the line be drawn at lesser bad conduct as well?

I'll check back later and see what people think about this question.

An important side note in my personal life:
I've been very busy with funeral preparations for my beloved father who died on Tuesday after I was caring for him here at home after two recent hospitalizations. I could sure use any prayers right now. Politics are never that important to me where I always wish the very best to the personal concerns and needs of all others and include them in my prayers. I hope others can also extend my family their prayers as I would always do for yours when you have needs.

I've made prayers for DJ Drummond's personal medical needs and his then very ill father a major priority before, as well as when the daughter of Lorie was having some medical difficulty some time back. Prayer should be an important force that unites us all as fellow humans who love and worship a common God, and as Americans who may worship at diffrent churches, or belong to different political parties, but are all still united as common beings from a common God for all. Be sure to love your family. You may not have all your family members someday and you want to be your very best and always get along with them despite some of their personal quirks. Sometimes God just isn't finished with everyone yet. God bless all.

Paul,I'm very sorr... (Below threshold)


I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes smoothly for you as you take care of business.

If I prayed, I would pray for you. Please accept my best wishes instead.

Paul, regardless of our dif... (Below threshold)

Paul, regardless of our differences, there is a time and place for everything. Now is a time to express my condolences and everything else can wait. I do hope your family finds solace in the good memories of your father you'll certainly recount in future gatherings. My thoughts are with you.

Paul,I'm so sorry ... (Below threshold)


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's death. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Paul,You know you wi... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

You know you will have my prayers. I am sorry to hear about your father.

As for the Snoop Dog episode of Monk, I have it on DVR, but so far it is the only one I have not watched. I loved the Sarah Silverman episode. That was really good. I especially liked the Natalie troll doll.

I think you are right about the issue of Hollywood embracing people like Snoop Dog. I believe in redemption and forgiveness, but I guess sometimes embracing those who have broken the law comes close to condoning their behavior. I think it depends on the individual circumstances though. Hollywood is very forgiving of those running afoul of the law. OJ is really the only one I can think of who has been effectively shunned -- except maybe Mel Gibson to some extent.

Wow. I just watched Damage... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Wow. I just watched Damages on the DVR. Darn, another must watch show. I never should have watched it. Now I am hooked.

I deeply appreciate your wo... (Below threshold)

I deeply appreciate your wonderful comments, Lorie, Kim, Oyster and Heralder and any others where touched. This means so much to me at this point. God bless you all.

And, Lorie, your comments about spending time being a mom to a growing family prompted me to mention my reverse problems with a shrinking family that is aging and facing death. You recognize, above all that being a mom is the most important job, and all other concerns need to be given a second spot. This is exactly right. America is only strong by every family being a strong and healthy unit. And that begins one strong family at a time with loving parents.

Lorie, also, both you and I share concerns when Hollywood seems to unfortunately embrace some actors whose values are very far from the family values that are constructive. There are a few examples such as Gary Busey and Stephen Baldwin who have redevoted their lives to God and reconstructed their lives unlike some others who seem to step into even worse and more shocking conduct. I had hoped when Snoop Dogg became a softball coach that he was going to reform his life, but then a string of new arrests have continued since. His grandmother loved him so much and affectionately named him after Snoopy the Charlie Brown dog. He should embrace this warm memory of the love of his grandmother and always want to follow her wonderful loving example. My grandmother loved me very much too. I always want to continue to be worthy of that love. MONK continues to be one of the best programs anywhere. But I appreciate it most when some actors that have earned a respect are most featured by Hollywood. Watching the NAKED GUN films with OJ are strange nowadays, as well as any Robert Blake productions.

But, thanks again to all here for their kind words in my family's time of need. You don't realize just important this is to me as most of my relatives who could offer support are now gone and that vital blanket of support is missing for me.






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