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CAIR Doesn't Care about the John Doe Provision; It's Going to Sue Whistleblowers Anyway

CAIR's goal: to intimidate the American public into keeping their mouths shut if they see someone behaving in a suspicious manner by using the "good faith" clause. CAIR will still sue Americans who report suspicious behavior because they insist that the only way to determine if the whistle blower truly is acting in good faith is to file a lawsuit:

Hat tip: LGF

Update: Allahpundit at Hot Air:

Major John Tammes commented here yesterday that he thinks the provision will allow judges to decide upfront whether immunity applies. That's not PI's reading and it's not mine either. Whether the passengers acted "objectively reasonably" in their suspicions is a question of fact for the jury; as such, the case will have to be litigated to its conclusion before that question is answered. Or am I reading it wrong? Lawyers are welcome to weigh in but if I'm right than we're left with the same so-called "chilling effect" on tipsters that we had before. They may win their lawsuit if they're sued but that'll be cold comfort after they've been buried under legal bills for months and months.


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Comments (14)

And ley us the first thing ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And ley us the first thing we do let us kill all the lawyers I mean these miserble vultures would see this nation go broke to line their pockets so they can pay the polo club dues

Not the best way to determi... (Below threshold)

Not the best way to determine good faith, by slapping someone with a lawsuit. Even if they reported someone genuinely acting suspicious, they still might back out when faced with a lawsuit. Time and money are two things alot of people do not have.

Has CAIR addressed the concerns about people acting suspicious just to have reason to file a lawsuit when someone reports them...like the Imams for instance?

It means that CAIR is not a... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It means that CAIR is not acting in good faith to help protect America. It seems that CAIR is only interested in taking advantage of American system to advance the Islamist interests. Also someone mentioned that one should be careful now when they want to report "suspicious" activities in blue cities or states. Who knows what the jury there will do.

I had a thought while watch... (Below threshold)

I had a thought while watching that clip - CAIR's position is that a lawsuit is necessary to find out if the whistleblower was acting in good faith or not. Fine.

But let's throw in this caveat - if the court finds that the whistleblowers did in fact act in good faith, they can then countersue those who brought the original suit for all legal fees plus punitive damages for harassment.

Very correct Alex. I'm not... (Below threshold)

Very correct Alex. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe the term they would use would be "malicious prosecution" or something along that lines. And I wish I would be called to sit on that jury. Then CAIR could sue me for being a malicious juror.

How long are we going to put up with this nonsense from people like Hooper? He is so transparent, Casper the Ghost wishes he was that clear.

He insists that it will be ... (Below threshold)

He insists that it will be determined in court whether the reports were in good faith. That's already been determined. He simply is forcing ordinary people to defend themselves with time, money and resources they may not have. His remarks were over the top. Especially that last one about not having to worry and that some day there will be Muslim free flights.

What a scumbag.

Especially that la... (Below threshold)
Especially that last one about not having to worry and that some day there will be Muslim free flights.

We dont want Muslim-free flights, we want terrorist-free flights. If his organization would actually do something to combat Islamic terrorism rather than try to condition the American public to pretend it doesn't exist, he'd have a lot less to cry about.

CAIR is, and has been, attempting to jerk the American public around quite a bit in the past years. That will backfire.

I am having a very difficul... (Below threshold)

I am having a very difficult time viewing Muslims in this country as "innocent." First, I saw no huge demonstrations after 9/11 to denounce the terrorists for killing their fellow citizens. I know they know how to demonstrate loudly, just turn on the news daily. Then you have this guy from CAIR doing his level best to intimidate ordinary citizens from practicing good citizenship. I am having a hard time trusting Muslims and their motivations. ww

LoveAmerica,Spot o... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:


Spot on, CAIR is not acting in good faith. Solid observation.

I hear somewhere that the bill calls for the loser of any action to pay all costs. Does anyone know about this?

As Kos would say..... ... (Below threshold)

As Kos would say.....

Screw 'em.

What we need, then, is an o... (Below threshold)

What we need, then, is an offer of pro bono service from lots of freedom-minded lawyers. I hope there are enough such to fill the need.

The pro bono idea is a good... (Below threshold)

The pro bono idea is a good one. Then when they win both the lawyer and client can collect. That would put a fly in their goat soup.

Doogie Hooper left his cond... (Below threshold)

Doogie Hooper left his condom hat off for this interview. I can't believe networks still give this unindicted co-conspirator front for islamic terrorists any credibility.

I don't care what they do or say, I will not go down without a fight. If people are acting like terrorists on a plane, I don't care if they have a Marriott towel on their head or not. They are getting reported before we go down in flames.

Bring on the lawsuits if we survive. Like others said, there are plenty of patriotic lawyers who will defend you pro-bono, and then go after CAIR after they lose again, and again.

Little Doogie Hooper want America ruled by Sharia law (by his own words).

Islam and Western culture are NOT compatible, PERIOD.


CAIR should have its tax ex... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

CAIR should have its tax exempt status revoked especialy if it dose finance radicals






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