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Dow Falls 400+ Points

It looks like there will be some great deals out there for bargain hunters.

Update: Traders are taking advantage of good deals allowing the Dow to recover to -285 with seven minutes to go before the closing bell.


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Give 'em time, they've stil... (Below threshold)

Give 'em time, they've still got 1/2 an hour left and it's already recovered 100 to a loss of 300.

That's because of the good ... (Below threshold)

That's because of the good deals.

The MSM will have a field d... (Below threshold)

The MSM will have a field day with this. Funny...they ignored all the record milestones the last 5 years.

they ignored all the rec... (Below threshold)

they ignored all the record milestones the last 5 years.

Yeah, like all those articles about the Dow hitting record levels. I guess they were imaginary.


Where's Larkin to explain t... (Below threshold)

Where's Larkin to explain to us how the end is nigh, like he did earlier this year.

Great, now Kim is giving st... (Below threshold)
Bob Smith:

Great, now Kim is giving stock advise. No thanks. You people were the same loopy wackos urging that there was never a better time to invest in the stock market back in early 2000. CRASH! Like I never saw that coming 2 years in advance. Remember the front page of the Wall Street Journal? Its a new economy, growth without inflation! Ha Ha Ha!! They also said the old rules don't apply. LOL!! You were suckered. So the money sprinted into real estate. Remember the fools? "Real estate is the safest investment. Real estate ALWAYS goes up. Yet they could not explain how that was possible. Now they are paying the price.

Folks, the economy, dispite the short term ups and downs, is trending downward in the longterm. We have eroded our economic base, and are carrying way too much debt for anything other than a very bleak economic future. Remember, Debt kill prosperity. Its that simple. Any other interpretation is simply an attempt to cloud the issue. You cannot borrow your way out of debt.

So folks, just stay positive, and believe in Bush! Believe all the manipulated government economic data. You can in fact allow the wholesale exportation of entire industries to China and India, and still remain a thriving, vibrant economy, who bases its economic prosperity in borrowing and interest rate games.

Smoke up!

Folks, the economy... (Below threshold)
Folks, the economy, dispite the short term ups and downs, is trending downward in the longterm.

I distrust people who start out every thing with "Folks..." and who can't spell. And who are black pits of despair...you're the worst kind of scum and villainy.

Sorry Steve, the conservati... (Below threshold)

Sorry Steve, the conservative economic principals of low taxes and high spending big government have come home to roost. You just can't borrow your way through an 8 billion dollar a month war. This is the first time in the recorded history of mankind that a nation went to war and lowered taxes at the same time. I guess we're finding out how this little neocon experiment turned out. Good luck in 08 Republicans.
But don't believe me I'm just some bad spelling liberal.

And if you think turning ta... (Below threshold)

And if you think turning tail and surrendering is the ticket back into the White House, you libs should put down the crackpipes.

Steve,Where in my co... (Below threshold)

Where in my comments did I advocate "turning tail and surrendering"? My point was, and is, a country can not cut taxes and go to war at the same time without doing damage to its own economy.
If you would rather loss in Iraq than see the tax bill of the wealthy go up than that's your choice. But don't call people like Bob Smith "scum" because they are only pointing out the obvious.
Conservative policies have been eroding the American middle class for years,so of course we're going to see signs of distress in our economic output.

If you would rathe... (Below threshold)
If you would rather loss in Iraq than see the tax bill of the wealthy go up than that's your choice.

Are you seriously trying to play some stupid class card here? Get off the donkey talking points.

And where in the world do you get your stats? Last time I checked, the left is eroding America as a whole, much less the middle class.

No class card here, just th... (Below threshold)

No class card here, just the facts. It's not the left who are sending the good paying jobs oversees . It's the corporate fat cats who need more money and the last time I checked corporate interests are served by the elephants not the donkeys.

Hmm, Dems get Congress and ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, Dems get Congress and the stock market plunges.

Mike, if you want to attrib... (Below threshold)

Mike, if you want to attribute the record high stock market level to the Democrats, go right ahead.

"Feeding the plung... (Below threshold)
"Feeding the plunge were concerns that higher corporate borrowing costs will curb the rapid pace of takeovers that had driven stocks higher this year. Investors also feared the sluggish environment for home sales and continued defaults in subprime loans would spur debt defaults and weigh on corporate earnings.

While stocks plummeted, investors poured money into the safe haven of the bond market. The soaring price of Treasurys pulled yields lower, and the rate on the 10-year note plunged to 4.79 percent from late Wednesday's 4.90 percent.

"Worries that have been out there for the past couple of years are coming to a head right now," said investment strategist Edward Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research Inc. "It's show time."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Back in the day, we just called it "profit taking." Stocks have seen a big run-up, and investors historically will take any "sign" as an excuse to bank those profits. The most natural market reaction to new highs is just this.

While politicians can affect some short-term trading by instilling confidence or fear, the truth is that legislation and/or administrative policy changes take years to have a lasting effect on the markets.

The "subprime" loan market is a concern, but mainly due to the "irrational exuberance" of those making such loans. These loans come at a higher interest rate because the buyers are less credit-worthy. The higher rates are supposed to cover the expected higher default rates from people with worse credit, BUT the go-go housing market has tended to cover the exposure of subprime lenders by the high rate of appreciation. IOW, as the homes' values skyrocketed, mortgage holders had more equity in the homes which counter-balanced the defaults and their costs. As appreciation slows, their risk increases. Such is the market.

While the John Edwards types may decry the subprime market (while simultaneously taking handouts from the investment bankers which fund them), this is an innovation which has done much good by allowing people with poorer credit than usually acceptable to mortgage companies to buy their own homes. People who own their own homes tend to be more law-abiding and productive members of society. Some of these borrowers will default. We knew that going in, didn't we - isn't that why they had bad credit in the first place? But for most, it's an opportunity they would not have had for years under the conventional system.

The imbeciles on Democrat U... (Below threshold)

The imbeciles on Democrat Underground likened this correction to the stock market crash of 1929, thus proving once again that they don't know jack squat about history, economics or - quite frankly - anything else.






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