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Missed Opportunity

As I've noted before, I'm busy as hell this week. That's why, when I saw this story about New Hampshire Republicans not only recognizing but embracing their roots, I wanted to blog about it.

Instead, I e-mailed it to another blogger (who shall remain nameless) who I thought would eat it up.

Nothing came of it.

Then I saw that the story got He Who Needs No Linkage's attention, and I saw that I had let an Instalanche slip through my fingers...

I wonder if those Republicans running that fund-raiser would let a very poor registered independent come over and play?


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Comments (7)

They should invite Ann Coul... (Below threshold)

They should invite Ann Coulter. She needs pointers in the seated position.

Or maybe the photo was posed professionally. Her heels were not on the ground.

I'm sure they'd be happy to... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they'd be happy to take an Independant's money.

I wish I could go.

The comments are so bizarre... why would anyone want shoot a machine gun? Are they nuts? How many times does someone get the chance to do that? Particularly different models. Would they be so confused if people wanted to drive around a track once in a sports car they'd never even get to ride in otherwise? Of course not.

I'd go drive a tank if I ever got invited.

I'd do a lot of things just because it would be so neat to see what it was like. Plus, being a writer, having the experience of shooting a machine gun or even just holding different models of weapons is valuable as education. (One local writer's group went to view an autopsy... you wanna talk "why would anyone want to do that! Had I known in time... Not that a trip to the morgue would be a good fund raiser... )

Wow, I'd love to go too. I... (Below threshold)

Wow, I'd love to go too. I've never fired a machine gun. That would definately be fun.

Jay Your "indep... (Below threshold)


Your "independent" party status may be questionable, but if they read ANY of your work, you'll be welcomed with a 50 rd. clip and a pat on the back...

Well, Pelham is the next to... (Below threshold)

Well, Pelham is the next town over for me ...

That had to be one of the c... (Below threshold)

That had to be one of the coolest fundraisers I've ever heard of! I wish I could go, too! :D

Yeah, I saw the story a whi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I saw the story a while back. Just never got around to finishing the post. I'll be attending though, for sure. It's been a while since I've gone full-auto.






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