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A Whole Lotta Awareness Raising

There is a whole lotta global warming awareness raisin' going on. A couple of amusing examples were in the news this week.

Actor Matt Damon appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week to promote his latest Jason Bourne flick, but most memorable from the interview was a clip Leno showed of Damon performing in a spot to promote alternative fuels. In the video clip Damon dressed as a gas pump and delivered the following line: ""Come on, Congress. Come on, big oil. Mandate cleaner cars and cleaner fuel. Flex fuel. A little bit of corn and a pinch of can-do attitude is all it takes. And kids love it too. Yippee!"

In addition to Damon, the videos produced by the Center for American Progress Action Fund feature actress Jennifer Garner, comedienne Sarah Silverman, and similar to the Damon spot, Ben Affleck dressed as an ear of corn vowing to bring down "big oil."

Another example involves tangerines, but thankfully no one dressed up like one.


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Ya know,I'm a loathsome Neo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ya know,I'm a loathsome NeoCon, but I have to say I really have no problem getting people to pressure their local Congressperson for fuel alternatives. I'm not for mandates, mind you; we live in a relatively "free" market economy--"free" up to the point of government regulations and such--that should dictate whether or not things like hybrid cars are made or not. But as far as getting people to "want" to have more fuel efficiencies from their cars and fuel, that's not all together bad thing at all. After all, how bad is it to want to breath clean air, drink clean water and be the stewards of the Earth that God wants us to be (yeah, it's in the Bible).

As your resident ad biz expert on such matters, I can tell you it, well, flat sucks as far as creative concepts go. (Is that really the best they could do? Ugh...) The only thing I can say positively about the spot is that at least it's not alarmist. Dumb, but not alarmist.

Just MHOs.

And remember, when you kill an Islamofascist you're helping mankind reduce his carbon footprint.

With a commodity as essenti... (Below threshold)

With a commodity as essential as energy, we need to use some common sense. "Biofuels" are generally no cleaner in sum (when we account for their production and processing) than "fossil fuels" are. Since energy fuels the economy, and economic growth is the single greatest indicator of improving environmental performance, we need to find the cheapest sources - not necessarily those most appealing to "greenies" on superficial evaluation.

Coal and nuclear energy offer the best cost/benefit ratios right now, and we should be investing heavily in them instead of shutting them out.

That is, IF our goal is long-term environmental health, instead of some socialist power grab.

A little bit of co... (Below threshold)
A little bit of corn and a pinch of can-do attitude is all it takes. And kids love it too. Yippee!"

A "little bit of corn" even at the small percentage used for ethanol now has caused a rise in corn prices.

Because Ethanol production uses field corn it has and will continue to be a cause of rising beef and pork prices.

Current plans call for the addition of over 2 billion gallons to the annual capacity of the U.S. ethanol production.

That will eventually lead to a drastic decrease in corn exported. Think about that a hot second.

Soon after it happens some nutjob will be screaming from a loud voice saying "it's Bush's fault" that people are starving in Africa. (not the a few don't already)

Just how vicious to the env... (Below threshold)

Just how vicious to the environment is a million acres monocultured in corn? This is just green bullshit.

The Left has already starte... (Below threshold)

The Left has already started crying about how the increased demand for corn for ethanol has caused an increase in the price of torillas in Mexico.

So for the Left it's: No nuclear plans, no coal plants, no oil refinery building or expansion, no ethanol, no wind farms (unless they can be built where liberals can't see them, and they don't 'ruin' the views)...just the same old 'no no no'.

The Left has only one motive: To bring down the US economy.

I agree with Peter F. I hav... (Below threshold)

I agree with Peter F. I have no problem with looking for alternative fuels. In fact I strongly encourage it. Why we would expect the oil companies, who are owned by citizens, to look for ways to put themselves out of business or decrease their profits, is beyond me. If I owned oil stock, I would want the dividends to come, and often. What the left does is bash the oil companies for doing their job. It doesn't make sense to me until I put into perspective that most the green fanatics don't work so they do not know what a job it or what is required.

The skit Damon did with Affleck shows you how dumb they think the electorate is. Insulting to say the least. Republicans don't follow people dressed up in foam. The left does, apparently. ww

Hermie -I don't th... (Below threshold)

Hermie -

I don't think they're looking to ruin the economy - they just can't see beyond their knee-jerk reactions. They're like a toddler in a lot of ways - the first reaction to ANYTHING is likely to be 'No!'

There's no concept of preparing for the future, just some hazy idea that they need to do SOMETHING, right NOW - but it runs up against the knee-jerk "No", and can't get past it.

WW:Republicans... (Below threshold)


Republicans don't follow people dressed up in foam. The left does, apparently. ww

And jihadist-cut-throat Palestinians that "worship" foam replicas of Mickey Mouse.

I second that Peter.... (Below threshold)

I second that Peter.

Good one Marc. ww... (Below threshold)

Good one Marc. ww

Didn't catch Damon on Leno ... (Below threshold)

Didn't catch Damon on Leno but the "Project Phin" clips are quite amusing. Sarah Silverman is probably the best.

Some "inconvenient truths" ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Some "inconvenient truths" about ethanol.

1. A gallon of ethanol only produces about 60% the energy of a gallon a gasoline. E85 fuel is a little better-- about 80% of the energy of gasoline. So not only is it a lot more expensive than gasoline, but you'll need to put a lot more of it in your tank to get to the same place. Fine for Matt, Sarah, Jennifer, and Ben, but most of us can barely afford to drive right now. And in any case the "carbon footprint" would be the same. I thought CO2 was causing global warming? (Well not really, but the leftists do...)

2. If every acre of cropland in America was devoted to only growing corn for fuel, we still would not produce enough ethanol to meet our needs.

3. We had the solution over 50 years ago, but the leftists campaign of lies designed to play on peoples fears set that back decades. Right now nuclear is clearly the way to go, but thanks to Jane Fonda (China Syndrome) et. al. we are still dependent on the middle east.

I'm all for alternative fuels but the left is the problem, and in no way part of the solution.

Another hollywood liberal i... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Another hollywood liberal idiot proven whata bunch of hypotcrits these hollyweird eco-wackos can be and im glad your stupid LIVE EARTH concerts were a bomb

Maybe Congress could mandat... (Below threshold)

Maybe Congress could mandate the size/number of homes in which Americans (especially movie stars)may reside--say one home, no larger than 2500 square feet. Anything bigger must include another family in the residence. Look at the energy the Hollywood community alone would save--And maybe congress could mandate one tank of gas per family per week. You think Matt Damon would do commericals for these ideas?!?

Americans are quite good at wanting government or some company, etc. to fix a problem for them, so the individual doesn't have to change their lives. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. If you worried about the environment, then cut back your family's personal usage--in a major way (house size/carpool/keep teenagers off the road, etc.). If you don't want to pay high medicine cost, live a healthy lifestyle! Instead of expecting the gov't to take over health care & give you free drugs, etc., to fix a health problem you created. ETC ETC ETC The Hollywood set is selfish, though they think they are the opposite!

How airtight a home is will... (Below threshold)

How airtight a home is will become an issue. Better air, or less energy to heat and cool. Radon and mold will liven the dough.

I,ll bet he did,nt come ina... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I,ll bet he did,nt come ina hybrid






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