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Last Call

Today marks the last day of my temporary fill-in gig at a local talk station ("local" being relative here in the rural environs, as I am driving 20 miles to the studio). Anyone the least bit interested can listen online here, and call in at 1-888-299-3151.

Some have commented that my voice sounds a little higher than they expected. Well, I have to confess something. I really haven't been on the air.

I decided to outsource the actual talking to someone else..


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Comments (3)

Does Savage come on before ... (Below threshold)

Does Savage come on before or after you?

It was good talking to you ... (Below threshold)

It was good talking to you JT, although very briefly. I did not want to go on the air because the show is very local. I could not add to the conversation. I was going to ask you do you and the other posters on Wizbang ever get together? ww

...I thought you sounded mo... (Below threshold)

...I thought you sounded more like Dr Joy Brown....






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