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The slaves are revolting

For some time now, I've been meaning to discuss health care financing reform. I still am, but it turns out that someone has stolen a march on me on one of my key points.

Giacomo, in addition to being a fellow New Hampshire blogger, is also a doctor who practices in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, you might recall, recently passed a law requiring everyone to carry health insurance. (Mitt Romney has occasionally touted that as one of his prouder achievements.)

Well, something is happening down there that a lot of people predicted, but no one who backed the plan thought would ever happen. And Dr. Giacomo is not only watching it closely, but he's intimately involved with it.

One of the things I learned about Jews is that the significance they place on education is because they're culturally used to getting kicked out of places on a fairly regular basis. Because of that, they developed a prejudice towards putting their talents not into land or other hard-to-transport commodities, but into skills, trades, professions, and other readily-portable sources of wealth. It seems that lesson is being played out in Massachusetts right now.


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Don't take my comment wrong... (Below threshold)

Don't take my comment wrong—I'm opposed to nationalization of healthcare. But one interpretation of Glacomo's post is that healthcare reform can't be enacted by the states for just this reason.

Heh."law requiring... (Below threshold)


"law requiring everyone to carry health insurance"

Or as we always put it, the made it illegal to be poor.

After the baby, we'll be looking to change plans. There has to be something that doesn't cost almost as much as rent.

THEYThey made it i... (Below threshold)


They made it illegal to be poor. Darn fingers!

Dave,the extention... (Below threshold)


the extention of that is if it is implimented countrywide, some doctor will stay while a few to some will just leave the country.

But ultimately no one will become a doctor. So you delay the doctor shortage for 10-15 years.

This is often why the democrats insist on only nationwide implimentation of their policies. State by state, the negative impact of their policies are too revealing.

Doctor shortage?No... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Doctor shortage?

No problem mate. I heard there is a truckload of Pakistani doctors just dying to get in.

Or, there are many Cuban doctors are getting 10 bucks a day to practice in Caracas and you can get them in through Mexico.

You just gotta give up that notion that your doctor be trained at Harvard or a quality medical school.

Heck, even if you give the Cubans 20 bucks a day, the improvement in health care would be worth it.

Just ask Michael Moore. If he does for health care what he did for Flint, Michigan...

Of course the solution is m... (Below threshold)

Of course the solution is multifold:

1. Raise taxes on the doctors, they make lots of money and are rich. See John Edwards latest brilliant idea.

2. The government needs to make people become doctors. We already have too many auto mechanics, and cars are kind of like people, so with just a little training, we could have plenty of doctors. Of course, the operating room would have to be reconfigured to allow the new doctors to operate while lying on their backs underneath the table.

3. Get the department of motor vehicles involved. They can schedule checkups like they do motor vehicle inspections. A mandatory checkup, once a year during your three month period, should help keep things running smoothly.

4. Tax people for unhealthy lifestyles, a Big Mac Tax for instance. People want to ruin their bodies, make them pay. Unless of course, they buy health offsets.

I suggest the MA legislatur... (Below threshold)

I suggest the MA legislature next step should be to repeal the law of supply and demand.

Judging from past Mass. beh... (Below threshold)

Judging from past Mass. behaviors, they're more likely to bring malpractice insurance, rents and other various overhead expenses doctors are faced with under the goverment umbrella and fix those prices as well driving even more business out of the state. This will snowball. Every action has consequences.

If nationalized universal h... (Below threshold)

If nationalized universal healthcare becomes a reality, which I hope is does not, all the top tier doctors will go into private practice for just self pay patients, meaning the rich or well off. The rest will be stuck with mid tier to low skilled doctors to juggle the extensive rules the government would require. Rules such as making sure the doctors daily visits conform to the multi-culture guidelines. Watch the post office to see government management in action. ww

You are stereotyping Jews! ... (Below threshold)

You are stereotyping Jews! Although I can't say I disagree with you. The PC crowd won't let you utter the fact that often stereotypes fit, good and bad.

When the government can no ... (Below threshold)

When the government can no longer tax us to pay for the drugs to treat hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, and diabetes, they will limit further increases in those expenses by making us WORK FOR FOOD.

That little bit of exercise will take care of the problems.

Thanks for reading, and for... (Below threshold)

Thanks for reading, and for all your comments, gang. The sad truth is that the system in Massachusetts is rigged for the benefit of the insurers and the huge Boston hospitals. The rest of the healthcare dollars are dribbled out to the rest of us in ways that don't allow our practices to grow. The new law requiring insurance only makes things worse, as for many of those signing up the payment levels to providers are less than Medicaid. New Hampshire will be an improvement.






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