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It's a Bad Day to be Famous....

Ingmar Bergman Dead at 89

Bill Walsh Dead at 75

Tom Snyder Dead at 71

And CNN is reporting Chief Justice John Roberts took a fall at his home in Maine and has been rushed to the local hospital.. No link available yet. google news sort by date


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Comments (11)

Also a local legend died in... (Below threshold)

Also a local legend died in Houston, Texas. Consumer Advocate, Marvin Zindler. Some may know him as the deputy that closed the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Really in LaGrange, Texas. ww

And apparently some NBC awa... (Below threshold)

And apparently some NBC award winning producer who works with Brian Williams and worked for Tom Brokaw (married to journalist Dawn Fratangelo) has died - possible from jumping to his death? in NYC. Weird.

There probably isn't empiri... (Below threshold)

There probably isn't empirical evidence to prove it, but it's said that deaths of the famous AND airplane crashes happen in "threes."

R.I.P to all those concerned and condolences to all family and friends.

I think this is formally kn... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I think this is formally known as the Celebrity Trifecta.

OK, morbid joke aside, no coach since Lombardi had a greater influence over the NFL and the way the game of football is played than Bill Walsh did when he introduced the West Coast Offense in early 1980's. As further evidence, his coaching prodigies have also won Super Bowls--George Seifert, Mike Shannahan, and Mike Holmgren, come immediately to mind. Those coaches in turn also produce their own disciples, including Dennis Green, Jim Fassell, Jon Gruden, Andy Reid and 2007 Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy. All of them traced back to one man: Bill Walsh.

Not Bill Parcells, not Jimmy Johnson, not Chuck Knoll or even the great Tom Landry, none of them had that kind influence on the game the way Walsh did.

Walsh was football's King of Coaches.

And that's coming from a die-hard Oakland "I HATE the 49ers" Raiders fan.

YOU hate them???... I'm a S... (Below threshold)

YOU hate them???... I'm a Saints fan.

So sad, I loved her in Casa... (Below threshold)

So sad, I loved her in Casablanca. She was so beautiful, so tender, so patient with Rick. He didn't deserve her. Neither did to other guy, the "war hero". I've seen that movie 50 times and can quote much of it. Who can forget this line "Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.".
I had assumed she died a while ago. My bad.

Yah, I've heard the "death ... (Below threshold)

Yah, I've heard the "death in threes" meme dates back to soldiers in the trenches in WWI. There it was said to be unlucky to light 3 cigarettes from the same match.

The fact behind the superstition was keeping a match lit that long, could attract the attention of enemy snipers...

Condolences all around.

Carlos, you are of course t... (Below threshold)

Carlos, you are of course thinking of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. Ingrid died in 1982 and I guess that depending on one's age, that is not all that long ago.

Walsh was a great coach and... (Below threshold)

Walsh was a great coach and mentor but you gotta also consider one factor: Joe Montana. Without Montana he may not have 3 rings and be the icon he is today. However, he coached the hell out of Shula in Super Bowl XIX--really embarrassed him!

And that's coming ... (Below threshold)
And that's coming from a die-hard Oakland "I HATE the 49ers" Raiders fan.
Posted by Peter F.

Peter, As a die-hard niners fan that goes back to Brodie at Kezar, may I commend your comment regarding coach Walsh. Your understanding of the "game" and the "genius" of Walsh super-ceeds the longtime rivalry of the two bay area teams. The legacy that coach Walsh left with the NFL will be remembered for generations.

Mosby may not remember that Walsh released Steve Spurrier (who had set passing records the previous season)in favor of Montana, looking for a more agile QB to suit his short passing game that was the center of the "West Coast Offense" now imulated by many teams throughout the league. Walsh later admitted, (at the time), it was a gamble to place an un-proven QB at the helm. Although Montana could be arguably one of the best QB's ever in the NFL, Walsh's system could have produced similar results with a few other QB's in the league at the time. Also the level of talent solicited by Walsh and De Bartolo in the 80's was the envy of the league. Remember the quote ---- "So many weapons"?

RIP Coach

YOU hate them???... I'm ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

YOU hate them???... I'm a Saints fan.

Well there's your first problem, Paul: You're a Saints fan.


Relax, I kid!

Could be Saints and Niners in the NFC Championship Game this year, ya never know when you'll get to relive the rivalry!






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