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Quote Of The Day

A friend of mine is having a very turbulent life right now. Her husband is entertaining two great job offers, and both involve moving -- in opposite directions. Or they might stay where they are. Either way, it's highly likely their lives will get more complicated -- and better.

Her statement about it? "This is a huge turn of events. But luckily I'm a Christian, so I'll just wait until God stops the ride before I throw up."

That's almost the kind of faith I can get behind...


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Makes me wonder where God w... (Below threshold)
Alexander Author Profile Page:

Makes me wonder where God was when I horked on the teacup ride at age 12.

You put your big throw out<... (Below threshold)

You put your big throw out
You put your big throw in
Who you think's gonna win?

First you think you can't k... (Below threshold)

First you think you can't know
Then you say you can
Read 'Everlasting Man'.

A ride where only things ge... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

A ride where only things get better? That's not a ride where you throw up; that's a ride where you throw up your arms, go "Woo-hoo!" like Homer Simpson and then ask "Can we do it again?"


(Advice from someone who's made BIG moves: Make out a pro/con list. It'll help organize your thoughts. priorities, etc. vs. keeping it in your head.)

That's almost the kind o... (Below threshold)

That's almost the kind of faith I can get behind...

Well, you sure don't wanna get in front of her if she's gonna throw up!

The interesting thing is al... (Below threshold)

The interesting thing is all the different ways the quote could be taken. Either way, awesome quote, and an even better mentality.






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