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Announcement: Comments System Broken

I regret to announce that there is a glitch in our comment-processing software. For some reason, whenever someone posts an insulting comment in a foreign language (such as, say, calling someone's mother a prostitute person of negotiable virtue in French), the comment gets translated -- and very poorly.

Case in point:

BarneyG, I'm terribly sorry about any embarrassment you might be suffering. I promise, we're working on the problem, and we hope to have that comment either restored or deleted as fast as we can.

Currently, though, prospects don't look good. It might stay that way for a month -- or longer.

In the meantime, we'd like to ask everyone -- especially BarneyG -- to limit their insults to English. We'll be conducting some behind-the-scenes testing to see just what triggers the glitch, and any extraneous foreign-language comments will only interfere with our efforts.

Thanks again for your patience.


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Comments (13)

Osay, ouyay avehay ranslato... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry Author Profile Page:

Osay, ouyay avehay ranslatortay onay taffsay. Oodgay deaiay.

Buenos Dios - LocoGuierrmo<... (Below threshold)

Buenos Dios - LocoGuierrmo

I think the problem may be ... (Below threshold)

I think the problem may be with the French language only. Since they have been kowtowing to the Muslims in their country, their language is probably evolving into a mix, kinda like Creole or Ebonics. You might just need the latest update to your software. Be careful though, some of the updates have been found to have a virus that removes the word 'head' or covers the word 'woman'.

b'seder... (Below threshold)


Oddly enough, I translated ... (Below threshold)

Oddly enough, I translated it to mean "Budgie loving Cocker Spaniel"

But hey, I haven't brushed up on my French since '72.

Isn't restricting our insul... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Isn't restricting our insults to English a violation of the "civil rights" of the illegal immigrants...er... "undocumented citizens" who have no intention of learning English?

Why would any translation f... (Below threshold)

Why would any translation from BarneyG be construed as coherent thought? Most of Barney's vision of the world has certainly been "foreign" to the masses.

JT could be creating a Karl Rove conspiracy to restict Barn's testimonials and enlightenments.

Long live the "glitch"

Sorry this is a bit off top... (Below threshold)

Sorry this is a bit off topic, but...

Has anyone noticed just how much more energized this place has become since Paul has been back??

I love Jay Tea and his writings, but you can't beat Paul for some troll-ific smack-downs..

What a great place!!

Another off topic: JT, I am... (Below threshold)

Another off topic: JT, I am concerned about the scoring marks. It seems they have been highjacked and manipulated the results. If you have a conservative thought, you are in the negative. The lefty trolls are ranking in the high single digits. What's up with that????????????????? ww

WW, they're just having the... (Below threshold)

WW, they're just having their fun. Let them play....

ww,If only we coul... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


If only we could set the Comment Score Threshold to either a minimum score OR a MAXIMUM score, then we could avoid the useless trolls either way (no matter what games they play).


Whoa Sheik, welcome back! ... (Below threshold)

Whoa Sheik, welcome back! Haven't seen you for awhile.

"The lefty trolls are ra... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

"The lefty trolls are ranking in the high single digits. What's up with that????????????????? ww"

Speaking only of the maturity-challenged leftists, the plus and minus voting is their way of communicating. Like scratching an "X" in place of an actual signature used by the literate.






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