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Not that there is great demand for it, but some of you may have noticed that I have not posted much in the last few days. During that time, I have

Taken two final exams
finished a term paper
finished two case studies

performed a number of regular duties

... and I dropped a piano on my foot.

That last one has made it difficult to focus on cogent analysis of the world we discuss here.

To paraphrase, Ahhnuld, Ah'll be-bahk. Just not yet.


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Comments (9)

The piano thing... owie. ... (Below threshold)

The piano thing... owie. Here's a virtual ice pack and a stool to prop it on. Hope it stops hurting sooner than expected.

You dropped a piano on your... (Below threshold)

You dropped a piano on your foot? Yikes. You'll be a few years living that one down.

Ouch. I hope your foot isn'... (Below threshold)

Ouch. I hope your foot isn't too bad, DJ. I broke a toe down at my TV shop simply stepping off a trailer with a heavy TV one time because of the weight on my foot. They can't really splint toes because you step on them all the time, so it takes months for them to knit together. But it wasn't a big thing for me and had no real impact on my work at the time.

How's your health now as well? A while back you were having some concerns.

Thanks for asking, Paul. H... (Below threshold)

Thanks for asking, Paul. Had a set of tests on July 9 at MDA, nothing growing any bigger so that's so far so good.

Was the piano alright?... (Below threshold)

Was the piano alright?

I'm now eagerly awaiting DJ... (Below threshold)

I'm now eagerly awaiting DJ's YouTube video on "Piano Juggling".

Do NOT try this at home kids!

Paul, why did you have a pi... (Below threshold)

Paul, why did you have a piano on your lap? Also, I think Bush and Rove made it happen. When did they know this? Get well my fellow Houstonian. ww

Prayers going up for speedy... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Prayers going up for speedy healing, DJ.

And Hooson, it was nice to see you wishing DJ well. May God bless you for it.

DJ, did you have to take th... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

DJ, did you have to take the tests after the piano incident, or before?






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