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How Times Have Changed

Mary Katharine Ham uses the recent controversy on the television show, So You Think You Can Dance?, to show how much things have changed since the days of the Glenn Miller Band.


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Who cares?... (Below threshold)

Who cares?

"I care" - Luke Skywalker.<... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

"I care" - Luke Skywalker.

This whole thing has been totally off my RADAR until now. That's pretty cool that they hit such a hard backlash.

She rocks as always.... (Below threshold)

She rocks as always.

MKH is HOT!... (Below threshold)


People even watch TV anymor... (Below threshold)

People even watch TV anymore? I think I turned mine on briefly last week to watch local coverage of the welding supply plant explosions...... TV executives keep that kind of cr*p up and they'll be wondering where their audience went....just like the newspapers are wondering.

There are:Good and... (Below threshold)

There are:

Good and bad people.
Good and bad books.
Good and bad teachers.
Good and bad web site
Good and bad television.
I strongly support all the good ones above and I am not embarrassed that I watch television. ww

There is some excellent tel... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

There is some excellent television, actually, and some really crappy television, too. I am hooked on the new show Damages on FX. It is intense. I also love The Dead Zone, Monk, Psych and about a dozen others.

Re comment #4, MKH is hot, but more than that she is an incredible writer and a great friend.

The shows producer (from MK... (Below threshold)

The shows producer (from MKH's article):
Even though it may be argued that some wars are necessary, I don't know anybody who's pro-war. Who wants a war?

If there's no such thing as pro-war, then anti-war (in the definition the producer is attempting claim) has no meaning. The meaning that 'anti-war' has and was used by the producer is 'pro-pacifism' or 'anti-military', which is why they got the reaction that they did. Does Nigel really think that claiming 'we were just stating we're against the thing that no one is for' is believable ?






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