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Standing Up For Immigrants

One of the elements of the illegal alien debate that most irks me is the blurring of the distinction between legal aliens and illegal aliens, often slurred into the overarching category of "immigrants." It's odd, because it's usually the left that claims to be the party of "nuances," while accusing the right of seeing everything as "black and white."

Here's a perfect example from the AP, courtesy of the Boston Globe.

It's an analysis of the housing market, with some projections into the future. The gist of the piece is that immigrants and their children are the fastest-growing segment of home buyers, and those in the biz better know that and be ready for it if they want to stay in business.

But tucked away in the fourth paragraph is an assumption that their case is built upon:

Assuming Congress doesn't impose further restrictions, immigrants -- both legal and illegal -- and their native-born children are forecast to provide the bulk of coming years' growth in home-buying demand, nudging the market back up and aiding the broader economy.

I've never bought a house. I am a lifelong renter. But it's my understanding that buying a house is an incredibly complex process, with many trees giving their lives in the cause of purchasing a domicile. And a great many of those documents involve -- directly or indirectly -- proving the buyer's identity and legal status. Documents such as Social Security numbers, employment and income verification, employment history, and the like.

When an illegal alien buys a home, they almost certainly have to commit several frauds. Or, if they're perfectly honest, then they are providing confessions to numerous laws.

But in the AP article above, that's just accepted as a fact of life.

In fact, it's phrased such that the illegal aliens are implied to be an economic boon, and could be the salvation for our suffering housing market.

The real story here is one that is often ignored: the gross insult rendered to legal immigrants. Those people, who have played by the rules and obeyed the laws, see their honesty and integrity denigrated and slighted as they are lumped in with the border-jumpers, the liars who come here on fraudulent visas or overstay them -- all those people who think themselves and their circumstances too important to get in line and wait their turn like everyone else. It is on their behalf that I get the most aggravated.

But they tend to take it in stride. I suspect the patience and tolerance and thick skin they've developed wending their way through our too-complicated immigration process has inured them to such slights as this.

That's why it falls on those of us whose citizenship is assured to take up their defense. These are precisely the kinds of immigrants we need, and we must not let them be discouraged if we can at all help it.


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I don't understand how an i... (Below threshold)

I don't understand how an illegal could buy a house (unless they had cash money, but that alone should raise a million red flags). Regular banking CIP processes should keep them from being able to open a simple checking account, let alone a mortgage. And if an illegal did get a mortgage, got deported and defaulted on the loan, then the bank deserves to loss their a$$ (except they probably won't).

btw - I share your immigrants vs. legal/illegal alien peeve - similar to the insurgent/terrorist peeve. One sure sign of a liberal is one who 'nuances' their vocabulary in an attempt to disguise what they are really saying. Pu$$ies, in other words.

OH! So now you want everyon... (Below threshold)

OH! So now you want everyone to be of LEGAL status before you afford them respect, ay Mr. "Jay Tea". Or is that your REAL name ? Perhaps we should investigste the skeletons in YOUR dusty closet, hmm Mr. "Jay Tea"? Could there be a cloak of a certain pointy nature residing within your holyer than thou garment storage area of your current rental that you apparently moved to while on the lamb from a previous run in with the PC police ? Hmm ?

Well, although it is easy for YOU to demand that everyone attain the very lofty status of "legal immigrant", people like me and John Edwards know that those smarmy "legals" are just another example of the two Americas that he so presciently warned us about, and I for one am not going to take it anymore! The priveleged few who sit in their ivory tenements looking down on those sneaking across the border (with the help of the Mexican/US consolate) will no longer go untouched by the truth! They may have been born with a silver cantena -with which to purchase passage from Mexico into Northern Mexico- in their knapsack, but it is time that they were brought down in status to the rest of those whom America needs to maintain a permanent, sub-poverty, working class.

As I write this, members in congress are putting forth a proposal to REQUIRE that local communities provide housing, ala the Kelo ruling, for "families" of twenty and above be made available in EVERY neighborhood across this country, via random lotteries, wherein current "legal citizens", as biggots like Mr. "Jay Tea" likes to call them, forfiet there property for the betterment of the people who George Bush himself called, "The backbone of this country".

I hope THAT doesn't "irk" you Mr. "Jay Tea".

p.s. You better pray your facist friends in the republican party are installed in the Whitehouse again, otherwise, you can expect a visit from Mrs. Clintons,or Pres. Obamas', or Edwards' truth squad, and brother, then YOU might find out what it's like to be on the run from the government, like that poor guy the would be assassins Ramos and Compean almost killed.

Pudge, parody and satire ar... (Below threshold)

Pudge, parody and satire are tools best left to professionals.

Note: Add "Robin Roberts" t... (Below threshold)

Note: Add "Robin Roberts" to purge list.

I'm pro immigrant, but freq... (Below threshold)

I'm pro immigrant, but frequently smeared as a "bigot" because I think those who commit a crime by crossing our borders, or overstaying VISAs, then compound that with ID fraud, should be subject to a background check and should not benefit from our tax-dollars.

Employers who exploit illegals by definition undercut wages and transfer huge social costs onto the backs of the tax-payer.

Yet to even suggest that America, do what every-single-other-country in the world does, and deport criminals, makes us bigots?

JT, this is the exact reaso... (Below threshold)

JT, this is the exact reason I get so ANGRY with our government, federal, state and local. They are spitting on all of us whom are honest, hard working, tax paying citizens. We do not break the laws because we have always been taught there are consequences. Now, there seems to be no consequences for illegal aliens with the many layers of laws they break to come to the country, work, use our services, vote, get loans,etc. If you are a corporation, you can exploit illegals to help the bottom line without any fear of consequences.

When I wrote my senators during the immigration bill fiasco, I told them I would support amnesty is I get a free pass on one set of federal laws of my choosing.

Thank God for the second amendment. That is why our founding fathers put it there, for when the government starts operating above the laws of the people. ww

The real truth is that mill... (Below threshold)

The real truth is that millions of immigrants came to the U.S. as economic refugees after NAFTA reduced farm wages by about 1/3 in Mexico when a handful of American corporate farms dumped corn and wheat on the Mexican market at prices that ruined the local market economy.

These Mexican workers came here as a result of this complicated 800 page trade deal that benefited only a handful of American companies, while creating serious economic problems in the Mexican economy. In South Kora, local workers opposed another sort of "free tade deal", which was hardly free trade but another complex agreement that could ruin some in the local South Korean economy.

Why some Mexican immigrants who come here to work and are paying taxes is a subject of anger for some Americans seems sort of irrational. There are millions of third generation welfare family Americans, government employees, and others who are receiving a government check, not producing revenue for the government, while these Mexican workers are at least helping to generate revenue for all of this with their hard work here. It is only their wages and lack of health care benefits which often forces them to seek medical help at hospitals, most of which are owned by private HMO companies, not the government anyway.

Most immigrants, legal or not, are far more of an asset to the U.S. than not compared to millions and millions of Americans who are not really generating revenue and remain only marginally productive members of American society.

Clear the way. All hail, Pa... (Below threshold)

Clear the way. All hail, Paul Hooson is here to tell us "the real truth." How puffed up can one ego get? Yeah, your right. Clinton is to blame for the huge illegal immigration problem.

I like the fact that welfare is now on a 2 year cut off. I don't like illegal activity. I don't like my government ignoring illegal activity. In your world Paul, you can support chaos and anarchy, but not in mine. ww

WW now that the all knowing... (Below threshold)

WW now that the all knowing Paul Hos' is back,are we suppose to bow halfway or get down on knees with arms outstreched when we comment?
Wonder what part of the words "illegal" or "lawbreaker" Mr. Hooson does not understand.

Hooson:Most im... (Below threshold)


Most immigrants, legal or not, are far more of an asset to the U.S. than not compared to millions and millions of Americans who are not really generating revenue and remain only marginally productive members of American society.

For the sake of argument say I buy all that, which I DON't BTW, what would you say we do with the "302,500 deportable immigrants in American jails and prisons?"

Most immigrants, l... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
Most immigrants, legal or not, are far more of an asset to the U.S. than not compared to millions and millions of Americans who are not really generating revenue and remain only marginally productive members of American society.

Okay, Hooson, let's end welfare and Social Security. Force those folks to work for a living and become productive members of society!

How's that sound?

Deport all those illegal al... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Deport all those illegal aleins and deport all their supporters as well






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