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What a Shock: CAIR Trying to Stifle Free Speech

Robert Spencer, author and owner of Jihad Watch, will be speaking at the Young America's Foundation tomorrow. CAIR got wind of Mr. Spencer's scheduled speech and issued a threatening letter via its attorneys insisting that YAF cancel Spencer's speaking engagement or ensure that "false and defamatory statements are not disseminated at that session." Since CAIR deems anything even remotely critical as "false and defamatory," considering that Mr. Spencer doesn't pull any punches when it comes to radical Islam, we know what we can expect from CAIR after Mr. Spencer's talk. This appears to be the new terrorism: slapping critics with lawsuits.

Well, the YAF responded to CAIR's threat:

I was speaking to Jason Mattera, a YAF official, who told me that I was scheduled to speak as planned: "CAIR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them."

Bryan at Hot Air is covering this as well.

Update: On a related note, CAIR decided to drop the John Does from the Flying Imam's lawsuit. The group claims it has nothing do do with the John Doe provision that was just passed. Perhaps it's because CAIR's threats and intimidation are are horrible PR. Perhaps they wanted to avoid another embarrassing defeat? Charles Johnson wonders: "Or were they just afraid of going through the discovery process?"


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When we inprocessed at Clar... (Below threshold)

When we inprocessed at Clark AB they explained to us that we could get in trouble with the locals for defamation even if what we said was true. (For example... Lisa might be a prostitute but if the people you said it to didn't already know that then you've defamed her character.)

So maybe this is the definition of defamation that CAIR uses. Maybe there is someone out there that isn't aware that radical islamists are blowing innocent people up in market places, hm?

classic response, send em a... (Below threshold)

classic response, send em a rack of ribs on me.

Send them footballs. ww... (Below threshold)

Send them footballs. ww

I'm glad that YAF pretty mu... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that YAF pretty much told them they can go and pound sand. We need more people to stand up to CAIR and tell them that they can't force free people to tow their line of bullcrap.

"This appears to be the ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"This appears to be the new terrorism: slapping critics with lawsuits"

Why not? The terrorist already have the full support and cooperation of two wings of the Democrat Party- the press & the politicians. They might as well have the full support and cooperation of the largest wing of the Democrat Party- the trial lawyers.

My sentiments exactly.... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

My sentiments exactly.

And by the way, I'll take two hookers and a bottle of Jack over 72 virgins any day.

Wow. If the Young America'... (Below threshold)

Wow. If the Young America's Foundation's official actually said that, and they stand by it, I do believe I am going to be scrounging together some manner of donation to head in their direction. That manner of integrity, determination, and outright balls deserves to be awarded any which way possible.

Of course, that degree of attitude needs to be replicated as far and as wide as is humanly possible in America these days... Of course, that will never happen, especially with the bow-to-whatever-the-radical-Islamics-want Democrats in power in Congress, but I can dream... I can dream.

"CAIR can go to Hell and th... (Below threshold)

"CAIR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them."

That is soooooo the quote of the week. lol

God bless everyone who figh... (Below threshold)

God bless everyone who fights these subversives and a curse be upon the body-count media for not telling the truth about both the cair sabotuers and the heroes working to expose them.

Thank God no ONE has been murdered in America (yet) for speaking out, but you know they would be portrayed as troublemakers getting their due if it did happen, you know, "Well known persecutor of islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was attacked today, by a muslim she offended..." blah blah blah. Of course, much like the poor innocent Korean missionaries about to be slaughtered by cairs dearest friends, it would probably just be ignored. I mean, what are they gonna report on, the comings and goings of a patriot like Mr. Spencer, or the "fact"(as stated by the nearest cowardly congressman) that we have lost the war ?

Mike Savage is a nut,but he's right about one thing: If America herself does come to pass,it will be as a result of "The enemy within".

Remember, don't insult the ... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Remember, don't insult the "Religion of Peace," or they'll behead you.

Synova:When we... (Below threshold)


When we inprocessed at Clark AB

Although I didn't "inprocess" there I have many good memories of Subic starting in 1981 and has continued since I moved 60 miles south east of there in 2001.

IIRC, CAIR alleged bad fait... (Below threshold)

IIRC, CAIR alleged bad faith in their complaint, so the new law (it has the good faith element, right?) wouldn't have had any legal impact on the suit.

It was a poor complaint to begin with, which is why I didn't buy all the hysteria surrounding the John Doe law.

CAIR needs to be rounded up... (Below threshold)

CAIR needs to be rounded up and sent packing back to their Saudi Fundmasters. Doogie Hooper is such a hack. He slandered Robert Spencer on TV the other night and I hope he gets sued.

CAIR is nothing more than a front for terrorists and their desire to see America under the thumb of Sharia rule is very evident.


Western culture and the cancer of islam are not compatible.

"IIRC, CAIR alleged bad ... (Below threshold)

"IIRC, CAIR alleged bad faith in their complaint, so the new law (it has the good faith element, right?) wouldn't have had any legal impact on the suit."

It's not that simple, jpe. They still could have filed alleging bad-faith. Bad-faith though, just as conspiracy, are hard charges to make stick. But it could have an impact, indirectly, on whether the suit was filed "in bad faith". It could have back-fired on them and I think they finally figured that out. I don't think they had a sudden change of heart as much as they realized they could be the object of a counter-suit if they lost.

Hooper in particular is not a nice person, but he's also not stupid. Pig-headed, arrogant and obnoxious maybe...

And Shahin doesn't really want to get under a magnifying glass either.

I found this to be quite funny. When asked about his donation gathering for The Holy Land Foundation, which was shut down for funding Hamas, he said this:

'I called Holy Land Foundation, too, and told them this money is going for food and this and that, and they said, 'of course.' I know because they are very trusted people,...'

And that was only one tie he had to terrorists. There were more uncovered.

I don't think they... (Below threshold)
I don't think they had a sudden change of heart as much as they realized they could be the object of a counter-suit if they lost.

Agreed. And the point remains the same: the new John Doe law had nothing to do with it.

Charles Johnson is now sayi... (Below threshold)

Charles Johnson is now saying that CAIR isn't dropping the John Doe suit.

That quote from YAF is SOOO... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

That quote from YAF is SOOOOOO Davey Crockett!

jpe,It had little ... (Below threshold)


It had little or nothing to do with their decision to drop the John Does from the case, that's true. Because they emphatically stated that regardless of the law, they would sue anyway. But that's not what you said. It certainly does have an impact on suits, including that one, specifically claiming bad-faith because then they have to prove something other than good-faith which, in the law, they are protected by.

The fact is, the case has been thoroughly investigated, by the airlines and government officials and nothing has come up to indicate bad-faith on their part.

All CAIR wants to do is try to prove they're prejudiced. Even if they were, that in itself does not mean there was no merit to the report about the Imams' behavior. All it means is that that they're prejudiced and may or may not have reported them if they were, say, Chinese. Last time I checked, prejudice was not against the law and if it ever becomes so, we're on our way to establishing thought crimes.






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