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Bienvenue au New Hampshire

As the presidential primary draws nearer (we're within six months of ours), more and more politicians are flocking to little old New Hampshire. Rudy Guiliani is dangerously close to qualifying for citizenship, Mitt Romney's summer home is depreciating faster than expected from wear and tear, and I'm thinking about a restraining order to keep Hillary Clinton away from me.

So it was with tremendous surprise that I heard about a major political figure coming to New Hampshire who has absolutely NO designs on the White House, and ZERO interest in who I might vote for come January.

On the other hand, the snail population of our Lakes Region could be in serious danger...


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Maybe he can speak to him a... (Below threshold)

Maybe he can speak to him and see if something can be done about Barney.

JT:"I'm thinki... (Below threshold)


"I'm thinking about a restraining order to keep Hillary Clinton away from me."

I bet a plurality of voters are thinking the same thing... and have it go into effect Nov. 1008.

As for President Nicolas Sarkozy, if it were early 2004 I'd say he was attempting a run at Kerry's VP spot.

Or maybe be Kerry's "Global Test Czar."

As it is, he may be looking for a spot as Shillary's Boy Toy.

Jay Tea: I wish Sar... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea: I wish Sarkozy was coming for a "Common Sense Summit" with you and Ducky. He seems to have fallen off the deep end lately.

I sometimes wonder, how *do... (Below threshold)

I sometimes wonder, how *do* heads of state vacation? It would be great if he could just walk around town and to touristy things, but what are the chances?

Fun news, though.

I can see the culture of townies not bothering visitors though. Lucasfilm was like that a little bit when my husband worked there. It was considered excessively bad form to seem to even notice if someone was a celebrity.






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