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News media: biased, uncaring, inaccurate

Pew Research polling is generally regarded as leaning somewhat to the left, but their new poll on news media echoes mainstream conservative opinion. From Breitbart.com:

And poll respondents who use the Internet as their main source of news -- roughly one quarter of all Americans -- were even harsher with their criticism, the poll conducted by the Pew Research Center said.

More than two-thirds of the Internet users said they felt that news organizations don't care about the people they report on; 59 percent said their reporting was inaccurate; and 64 percent they were politically biased.

More than half -- 53 percent -- of Internet users also faulted the news organizations for "failing to stand up for America".

Full story at the link above. Over half of the public at large also mistrusts the major media.

My only comment is: "What sort of ignorant dunderhead thinks the media is accurate, unbiased, and stands up for America?" Apparently there are a sizable minority of them out there. Chalk one up for the teachers' unions . . . their 30-year project to Dumb Down America is showing results . . .


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Comments (14)

US public sees news m... (Below threshold)

US public sees news media as biased, inaccurate, uncaring: poll

If David Halberstam was alive I have no doubt this would be the subject of his book: The Reckoning II.

He foresaw and chronicled the arrogance and idiocy of the auto industry in the 1970's and 80's. Get the book and read it.

Just substitute the MSM for Big Three Auto makers and Internet Blogs for Japanese car makers.

The rest of the story line will be familiar.

Your one comment is pretty ... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Your one comment is pretty funny.

Now accepting wagers on how... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Now accepting wagers on how long before Barney, jp2, JFO, or another lefty troll says that the media is down in the polls because they're not being tough enough on the Bush Administration.

"And poll respondents who u... (Below threshold)

"And poll respondents who use the Internet as their main source of news -- roughly one quarter of all Americans -- were even harsher with their criticism, the poll conducted by the Pew Research Center said."


"roughly one quarter of all Americans"


"even harsher with their criticism"

Informed Americans will not stand by and let democrats destroy their Country.

You commie dems are exposed and your days are numbered. Americans will never bow down to the dirty Rats.We are going to put an end to your relentless lies , smears and voting fraud. You can no longer rely on your well over 80% democrat voting Media to smokescreen your coruption , lies and incompetance. In the end Good will always triumph over evil.

One of my favorite blogs/si... (Below threshold)

One of my favorite blogs/sites, NewsBusters, turned two years old yesterday. If you haven't heard of them, they are an outlet of the Media Research Center. They are claiming 20,000 registered users.

I've been on there for most of the two years, and they've been a constant source for exposing media bias. It's just simply mind boggling how much of it there is and how subtle some of it is.

Rob.. I love ya man, but ta... (Below threshold)

Rob.. I love ya man, but take your meds!..*S*

How 'bout that, "Ran" appar... (Below threshold)

How 'bout that, "Ran" apparently thinks that evil will triumph over good. Hey Ran baby, you got the goods on what the devil is planning these days ? I know he wrote several planks in the DNCs whadda ya call it, but do you really think he's going to win ?

Keep up the optimism RobLACal, it's refreshing, and it convinced me to stop knawing on my carbine....BANG! Hah, I missed me!

Well, statistically speakin... (Below threshold)

Well, statistically speaking (and this is where my knowledge of, and hatred for, statistics shows up), the fields of "accurate", "unbiased", and "stands up for America" do not necessarily have to overlap... Just saying.

The sad thing, though, is that they probably do in a lot of cases.

I am not sure which flip side of the statistics bothers me the most... that a third of the people out there think the news organizations actually give a damn about the people they are reporting on (right, that must be why they air the tapes of terrorists torturing people so often), that almost half of the people believe mainstream news sources are accurate (how many times has the AP been sucker-punched with the truth?), or that another third of the people think the news is not politically biased (riiiight....).

Of course, there are still people in this world that will avidly and rabidly claim it is flat... is it any great surprise that there are other morons out there as well?

John, I read newsbusters ab... (Below threshold)

John, I read newsbusters about 4 times daily. It's a must read for conservatives interested in the OVERWHELMING and UNDENIABLE (unless you're an idiot) media bias.

Without the MSM on their side, the democrats would rarely win elections.

I lost all faith in the new... (Below threshold)

I lost all faith in the news media being accurate back when they declared me dead on the news at noon on a CBS station. This was in about 1982.

When I called and spoke with the anchor person that read the news item, she told me that she even KNEW it was false when she read it but didn't care.

Thanks for the info John &... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the info John & Jo.

"Without the MSM on their side, the democrats would rarely win elections."

That is the undeniable truth.

No Pudge, I'm betting on Go... (Below threshold)

No Pudge, I'm betting on Good over evil, I just want Rob to relax a bit. If he has the "Big One" we'll miss his input!

We've been expecting th... (Below threshold)

We've been expecting the "BIG ONE" here for years now oh and thanks for your concern Ran.

"Chalk one up for the te... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Chalk one up for the teachers' unions . . . their 30-year project to Dumb Down America is showing results . . . "

Right on the money! Could not have been said better or more accurately!






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