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The Fake Fred Site

I missed all the excitement today. Captain Ed exposes a nasty prankster.


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heh- pwnage... (Below threshold)

heh- pwnage

Prank my ass. This is dem... (Below threshold)

Prank my ass. This is democrat election fraud 101 BJ Clinton Style pure and symple.

Since when to do stupid snot nosed kids pull pranks on Presidential candidates trying to smear them and brand them as Racist?

This is just how dirty, despicable and desparate the democrats are. Racist criminal basturds. Democrats are a shit stain on our Country and ther is not enough toilet paper.

Wow, Unethical Democrat Law... (Below threshold)

Wow, Unethical Democrat Lawyer

Color me shocked.

Henry Reynolds, a typical c... (Below threshold)

Henry Reynolds, a typical communist lawyer, looks like a typical moonbat pussy in all that he did with his stupid website. Capn Ed kicked his ass.

thecomputerguy <i... (Below threshold)


Unethical Democrat Lawyer

We know you are shocked, so we'll forgive the multiple redundancy in your comment. But if you can make two more words work with the phrase I promise to call Pat Sajak...three more words and we will call Vanna!

The real racists of the wor... (Below threshold)

The real racists of the world reside on the left. Try as they might, they can't keep pulling this GOP race canard out of their hats, since they're the party that keeps blacks in this country down.

And the moral of the story ... (Below threshold)

And the moral of the story is: "Hey, kids: don't try this at home!"

This moron left a path back to himself illuminated with neon track-lighting. I'm no computer whiz - I'm still not sure what a byte is or why anyone would want to kill one - but even I know you leave traces everywhere you go on the internet, and when you "register" a domain name or at 700Club.com, there's a record of it.

Justice will be served when true hacker pranksters show this jerk how it is really done (which, I presume, is with really bad juju, mon).

It's pretty obviously a sme... (Below threshold)

It's pretty obviously a smear site, isn't it? It's not as though anyone would look at it and think it really had anything to do with Fred Thompson?

In which case... bad taste and more revealing of the site owner than anything else, but not a big deal.

I think, though, that those saying that racism (and sexism and homophobia, etc) live on the left are absolutely right about that.

Anyone who is stupid enough... (Below threshold)

Anyone who is stupid enough to register such an atrociously obnoxious site as that, and then use his real name, address, and all the rest deserves to be caught, especially when the person in question has so much to lose.

It is doubly sad that these kinds of measures are being used against someone who has not even declared his candidacy yet... I know the little liberals deny this every time it is brought up, but are they really that afraid of Fred?

Is every democrat a patheti... (Below threshold)

Is every democrat a pathetic loser? It sure is looking that way.

Geeeze, can any of them grow up? EVER??

P.S. Meanwhile, we keep he... (Below threshold)

P.S. Meanwhile, we keep hearing the lectures from John Edwards on how mean and nasty and hateful the Right is. And this loser with his fake site is a John Edwards supporter!

Bwhahahahah....you can't make this stuff up.

The real Fred Thompson bett... (Below threshold)

The real Fred Thompson better get his real campaign started soon. Everyone else has a huge headstart on him. But CQ's new version POLITICAL MONEYLINE reports some serious fundraising problems for Thompson with only a few million mainly raised from his home state and a few surrounding state contributors in the South.

My best guess is that Thompson doesn't run afterall. He's way too far behind in both organization and money raising. But we'll see.






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