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Tonight's Presidential Candidate Forum on Gay Issues

GayPatriot is live-blogging the Logo gay issues forum.


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So what's up tonight, Kev s... (Below threshold)

So what's up tonight, Kev switched from paying you by the word to paying you by the post? (/snark) lol

Rats, I just posted in the ... (Below threshold)

Rats, I just posted in the other post, but I love this line from CNN:

"Former Sen. John Edwards straddles the middle of the road, saying this election season that he's not ready to embrace gay marriage, but his wife and daughter support it."

... or am I just making myself laugh?

I am practicing my Instapun... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I am practicing my Instapundit style, but have not mastered the witty commentary part yet. I have been really busy this week and have not had time to blog, but wanted to share a few links I thought readers might find of interest. That's all.

Who give a flying frick abo... (Below threshold)

Who give a flying frick about deviant sexual behavior issues besides gay militant activists trying to shove their abnormal life style down our throats in an attempt to assuage their guilt of using alimentary canals for sexual relief.

Oh, I'm sure BarneyG2000 does.

Who ever posted that long B... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Who ever posted that long BS post is an idiot.

Rags: He or she, is living ... (Below threshold)

Rags: He or she, is living proof that people who sniff paint shouldn't have children.

Yeah - delete the post and ... (Below threshold)

Yeah - delete the post and ban the jerk permanently.

The "debate" was no such thing. The candidates didn't even share the stage. It was just a dog-and-Silky-Pony show.

I love Melissa Etheridge (not THAT way!). Her first album was one of the great examples of emotional torment turned into rock 'n' roll music. But, please, she has no more business asking questions of Presidential candidates than Lindsay Lohan has with a driver's license.

The post is gone. No quest... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

The post is gone. No question whatsoever about that one.

I loved Melissa Etheridge's first album too. I didn't watch the forum, but read a good bit of Gaypatriot's live blog.

Ugh.... (Below threshold)







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