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Friendly skies: man bypasses security at Charlotte airport

The Transportation Security Administration and Charlotte airport officials announced a man bypassed security and apparently was able to board a plane today, reports USA Today:

The Transportation Security Administration noticed shortly before 8 a.m. that the man had slipped past screeners sometime earlier that morning. Officials searched about 15 planes on the ground and shut down Concourse C, said agency spokesman Jon Allen.

Allen said 12 other flights left the airport prior to the search, and officials now believe the man is on one of those flights. Those planes will be reverse-screened when they land, he said.

The whole story is at the link above. While apparently the breach was noticed before any of the planes which had already left reached their destinations, it was not in time to prevent him from getting on the plane and taking off. Not good.

Obviously if his intent had been to cause harm on the plane he boarded, it would have been too late to stop him. Also, this news tips those who may wish to try something similar that, at least at Charlotte, the security video monitoring isn't all done "live."

WECT-6 in Wilmington adds:

"I thought it was a little scary someone could get through so easily, but I was confident, without a boarding pass, without ID, this person would not be getting on an airplane that day. It makes me wonder where all this money is going," said airline passenger Bill McHugh.

Yeah, Bill, me too. But remember it was essential to get rid of all the private security firms so we could have government workers bringing their well-known go-getter attitudes and efficiency to the task . . .


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Comments (7)

I don't get it. Did he not... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. Did he not have a ticket or something? He just wandered in and got on a plane? Or did he have a ticket, but somehow managed to slip past screening?

Apparently he could not hav... (Below threshold)

Apparently he could not have obtained a boarding pass - legally, anyway - without going through security. I just checked all the online news sources again, and no further updates yet . . .

TSA was too busy searching ... (Below threshold)

TSA was too busy searching some 80 year old woman's corsett, or her shoes, most likely.

He was dressed as a Muslim,... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

He was dressed as a Muslim, and no one wanted to stop him for fear of CAIR lawsuits.


Sure is great all those Dem... (Below threshold)

Sure is great all those Democratic bills to increase the security of our airports, kept getting shot down by the GOP Senate and Congress.

That must be the Democrats' fault somehow...no, wait, it's the government's fault, which means it must be the Democrats even though the GOP was running both the executive and legislative branches of the government...

Jimbo, how many of those kn... (Below threshold)

Jimbo, how many of those knuckle draggers in the TSA line at the airport you figure are Republicans? I count at least 90% Dimocraps when I'm in line.

Mitzi, I don't know how to ... (Below threshold)

Mitzi, I don't know how to measure their political affiliations. Most are slothful of movement, dull of gaze, and generally not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. If you say they're Democrats, I would not dispute the point.






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