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Has Elliot Spitzer Set Up a Pay for Play Reelection Scheme?

Why has New York Governor Elliot Spitzer already set up a fundraising effort for his 2010 reelection effort when he's still in his first year as governor? The Washington Examiner has a piece today in which Mark Tapscott asks if Governor Spitzer has set up a pay for play scheme in an effort to raise large amounts of money for his reelection:

New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer was elected last year as a reformer and proclaimed soon after winning that he would "unilaterally disarm" from big money contributions, but a look at state board of election data reveals a very different story.

The latest financial disclosure reports by Spitzer 2010, the governor's re-election campaign, to the New York State Board of Elections reveals that Spitzer has received at least 226 donations of $10,000 or more from a variety of influential New York individuals, law firms, corporate partnerships and political action committees and labor unions.

These donations were made even though Spitzer is still in only the first year of his first term as the Empire State's chief executive.

Among the high dollar donors are: Donald Trump, Bank of America New York PAC, Building and Construction Trades Council PAC, Cablevision Systems PAC, Edison Properties, LLC, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, Health Care Providers PAC, Leo Hindery, Victor Kiam, Law PAC of New York, Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company PAC, Neighborhood Preservation Political Action Fund, Pomerantz, Haudek, Block, Grossman & Gross LLP, Richard Sarnoff, Sheldon Solow, Bernard Schwartz, Tonio Borgoss & Associates of New Jersey LLP and Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker LLP PAC.

As Mark notes, most high level politicians avoid starting reelection campaigns deliberately to avoid any questions of ethics, but not Spitzer:

But as obvious as it is that Spitzer views his campaign and official operations as two sides of one coin, it is the timing that is most revealing. The smart approach of high-ranking officials like a governor is to put off launching a re-election effort as long as possible to avoid the inevitable ethics scandals that come when there is even a hint that policy and payola go together.

With Spitzer's approach, though, nobody in New York can have any doubt but that the governor's number one priority is getting re-elected. The message is clear: You want to do business with state government, you've got to pay now to help insure Spitzer gets another term.


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Comments (10)

The same Elliot Spitzer tha... (Below threshold)

The same Elliot Spitzer that dictated fee structure to the mutual fund industry?

Spitzer certainly learned much from another famous Wall Street nemisis, Rudy Gulinani. What Spitzer failed to learn from the Guliani example is where to draw the line. Spitzer rightfully and zealously prosecuted many Wall Street bums, but he over reached when he tried to impose an entirely new set of economics on the fund industry. His lust for political power will damage his political aspirations if he doesn't surround himself with some people who will tell him "No" when he needs to hear it. Good post topic, Kim.
BTW, I'm not a Rudy for president supporter. I'm a FredMan

If this investigation into ... (Below threshold)

If this investigation into Spitzer's abuse of power and the State Troopers to damage the NY Senate GOP leader gets underway, he may not make it to the next election.

Which is great, 'cuz you just know he'll be the next democrat golden boy they'll tout as a presidential candidate.

Stick a fork in this democr... (Below threshold)

Stick a fork in this democrat. He's done.

It would have been tough to... (Below threshold)

It would have been tough to beat Spitzer in a Republican year, and 2006 was anything but. At the rate he is going, though, he might just do himself in.

He's acting as if he won a coronation instead just being elected . . .

I do notice that the democr... (Below threshold)

I do notice that the democrats continue to do what they always did as if there is just CNN and the MSM. They forget there are other media sources that reveal there dirty deeds. This man is dirty. That is for sure. But the dems will embrace him, circle the wagons. Republicans run their members out on a rail. ww

HughS, does Giuliani have s... (Below threshold)

HughS, does Giuliani have someone, within or without, who can tell him no? Why did he overreach? Giuliani was once an out of control prosecutor. I'll give him youthful error, but has he changed?

By the way, please explain how he overreached with the bond industry? I'm very nearly completely certain that you could explain it to me better than anyone else. No sarcasm intended; you speak well, and clearly.

KimBy the wa... (Below threshold)


By the way, please explain how he overreached with the bond industry?

please explain how he overreached with the bond industry?

Are you talking about Spitzer?

The Guliani prosecutions (Boesky, Levine...even Drexel) were justifiable in my opinion, with the possible exception of Milken. I think Guliani knew that if he didn't get Milken his legacy would be damaged. I'm sure I'm in the minority in saying that I don't think Milken was guilty, but he pleaded to several counts to protect his brother. Guliani's major failing was bending to the enormous pressure from large corporations that were feeling the heat of restructuring and reform metted out and financed by Milken's credit machine at Drexel.

I don't know of Guliani is surrounded by yes men right now. However, I think his tenure as Mayor tempered him.

Excellent answer. I believ... (Below threshold)

Excellent answer. I believe he entrapped. I don't know what to think of him, now.

He entrapped much more eleg... (Below threshold)

He entrapped much more elegantly than did Fitzgerald, but he still warped justice.

KimOff topic but...I... (Below threshold)

Off topic but...I just finished reading "Cheney" by Stephen Hayes. It's a must read. He lays out the Fitzgerald fiasco brilliantly. It changed my opinion on the Libby matter.I believe now that Bush should have fully pardoned him.






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