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Animal Rights Activists Marking Animal Researchers for Death

Animal research like that described in this report makes me sick, too. I can't stand it when animals suffer any more than these activists do, but attempting to kill those who do the research is simply demented:

THE HOME OF DR. ARTHUR ROSENBAUM isn't hard to find. He lives a few blocks south of Sunset Boulevard, near the UCLA campus, in a white two-story house with a front yard jammed with aspen trees. There is a short driveway on the side of the home, and during the evening, a bright, white light illuminates the carport. If someone wants to sabotage the doctor's car under the cover of night, a flashlight isn't needed.

On Sunday, June 24, just that kind of person struck. Rosenbaum, a highly regarded pediatric ophthalmologist who had been regularly harassed by animal-rights activists for his research work with cats and rhesus monkeys at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA, noticed a device underneath his luxury sedan. The bomb squad was dispatched to the scene and hauled away a makeshift -- but deadly -- explosive. A faulty fuse was the only reason it didn't go off.

Three days later, the so-called Animal Liberation Brigade sent a typo-riddled "communiqué" to the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in Los Angeles. It was posted on the NAALPO Web site:

"130am on the twenty forth of june: 1 gallon of fuel was placed and set a light under the right front corner of Arthur Rosenbaums large white shiney BMW.

"He and his wife ..., living at ... in la, are the target of rebellion for the vile and evil things he does to primates at UCLA. We have seen by our own eyes the torture on fully concious primates in his lab. We have heard their whimpers and screeches of pain. Seeing this drove one of us to rush out and vomit. We have seen hell and its in Rosenbaums lab.

"Rosenbaum, you need to watch your back because next time you are in the operating room or walking to your office you just might be facing injections into your eyes like the primates, you sick twisted fuck.

"Demonstrators need to realize that just demonstrating won't stop this kind of evil. Look up Arthur Rosenbaum to find out about his experiment from two thousand four threw two thousand seven. 'animal liberation brigade'"

These people need to be locked up. It's not like these researchers are doing these experiments because they get some kind of sick pleasure from it; animal research, as upsetting as it can be, serves a purpose in that it provides information that can be used in treatments for diseases and disorders.

But it's interesting. These activists are so concerned about experiments done on fully conscious primates, yet we don't see them expressing the same outrage about the countless numbers of unborn babies who are aborted every year (and no, abortion doctors should not be targeted for death), many of them cut apart with a curette while they are alive. Jay Tea also noted in a post earlier that now partial birth abortion doctors, to avoid delivering a baby who is still alive, are now injecting the unborn babies with potassium chloride first in order to stop their hearts, the very same procedure used on criminals being executed. However, the criminal being executed first gets a shot of sodium thiopental, an anesthetic, and pancuronium bromide, a paralyzing agent, because potassium chloride is extremely painful. So death row inmates are treated far more compassionately and humanely than innocent unborn babies who have done nothing wrong except to be conceived, which is the result of their parents' actions.


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Thy will be done.===... (Below threshold)

Thy will be done.

"Rosenbaum, you need to ... (Below threshold)

"Rosenbaum, you need to watch your back because next time you are in the operating room or walking to your office you just might be facing injections into your eyes like the primates, you sick twisted fuck."

Irony continues to be lost on the dumb and the insane.

I suggest the good doctor g... (Below threshold)
scrapiron Author Profile Page:

I suggest the good doctor get a few Coral
Snakes and Jelly Fish to study. He can determine the mental makeup of anyone that still votes for the democrat party with a few minutes of observation.

I hope the doctor gets a co... (Below threshold)

I hope the doctor gets a concealed carry permit and does on to others as they would do unto him. I also hope not one of these supposed animal lovers ever has a kid that needs pediatric eye surgery, would be shame if the doctor would have to say rot in hell your parents tried to kill me. Not that the doctor would ever say that.


Red and black, friend of Ja... (Below threshold)

Red and black, friend of Jack
Red and yella', kill a fella'.

"...yet we don't see the... (Below threshold)

"...yet we don't see them expressing the same outrage about the countless numbers of unborn babies who are aborted every year..."

Definately what I would call value of life tunnel vision. I have a problem with animals being used for experiments too, but terrorism and murder are not an option when trying to find a resolution.

Animal rights extremists ar... (Below threshold)

Animal rights extremists are as wrong as any other domestic terrorists. I personally have great concerns for animal welfare and I'm a vegan due to a genetic blood disorder which makes it impossible for me to consume animal proteins without serious medical problems, but I have no respect for extremists who threaten or harm others to advance their politics. That should be a good clue to them that something is wrong with their opinions.

This on the day that a new ... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

This on the day that a new drug for AIDS was announced that promises to stop progression in about half the cases.

So, you just gotta wonder. You go to some leftie place, like the KOS convention, and you got your PETA people, your gays and lesbians, your Hillary negotiate-the-profit-out-of-drugs folks, and you wonder if they understand what cross-purposes they really are all about.

So we elect Hillary, put in socialized medicine and negotiate rates down with big Pharm, and we eliminate animal research...

Then we all complain that not enough is being done about AIDS and agree that it is all Reagan's fault.

I don't support violence ag... (Below threshold)

I don't support violence against animal exploiters, but the real reason to stop biomedical research is that it's simply bad science. Those who don't give a damn about the rights of animals not to suffer should definitely care about the fact that animal research is medieval, and that there are many other research choices available out there to get accurate results to cure diseases and find safe drugs for humans.

And these animal rights ext... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And these animal rights extremists are financed by PETA and he should be allowed to carry a conceiled weapon and end some of those ALF wacks to meet their maker DRILL ALF RADICALS






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