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Mitt Romney Wins Iowa Staw Poll

He won with 31% of the vote. Mike Huckabee, however, took second place with 18% of the vote, which was a surprise. I would love to see him get a boost in the polls because of this. Rightpundits has a lot more. Also, check out Jim Addison's post at Wizbang Politics.


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A poll with only 14,000 sel... (Below threshold)

A poll with only 14,000 self-selecting "voters", each of which had their $35 fee paid in full by the campaigns, who set up carnival rides and games to entice them, and where the popular front runners in the race didn't even bother showing up.

Why does anyone care about this?

No one does, what's your po... (Below threshold)

No one does, what's your point?

Kinda like the last Dem "debate" that only pulled just over a million viewers.

Who cares?

I think you meant to say he... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

I think you meant to say he "bought" the staw poll...

No one does, what's your... (Below threshold)

No one does, what's your point?

Oh, forgive me. From here it kinda looked like someone on this blog posted about it, commented that they hoped it would boost their candidate, and then linked to other posts about it. I guess I confused that with "caring".

Kinda like the last Dem "debate" that only pulled just over a million viewers. Who cares?

Jeez, man. Take a break from bashing Dems for just one post, will you? Especially when you're full of crap.

Monday's CNN-YouTube debate brought in pretty good numbers, delivering the highest viewership for a debate among adults 18-34 in cable news history.

The debate averaged 2.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research, making it the second-most-watched debate so far this season. It was just behind CNN's June 3 Democratic candidates debate in New Hampshire, which averaged 2.8 million viewers, and ahead of Fox News Channel's May 15 GOP candidates debate, which averaged 2.5 million viewers.

Did it beat out "Ice Road T... (Below threshold)

Did it beat out "Ice Road Truckers" ?






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