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UN troops 'helped smuggle gold'

At least these "Peacekeepers" weren't raping the local women and children, or standing around smoking cigarettes while civilians are massacred, but still . . . Martin Plaut reports for the BBC:

The BBC has obtained an internal UN report examining allegations of gold smuggling by Pakistani peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It concluded that Pakistani officers provided armed escorts, hospitality and food to gold smugglers in east Congo.

* * * * *

While the report did not support allegations that the Pakistanis provided weapons to the militia operating in the area, it provided detailed evidence of the trading network established in the gold mines of eastern Congo, involving Pakistani troops, Congolese army officers and Indian traders.

Read the entire report at the link above. Since the end of the Cold War, the United Nations' primary purposes seem to be allowing rogue regimes to appear legitimate and fostering corruption at all levels worldwide. For some, though, the imaginary ideals of it are apparently enough, and no amount of evil is sufficient to change that rosy dream.

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing to this story.


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Comments (10)

One of Bush's legacies will... (Below threshold)

One of Bush's legacies will be opening the bazaar to freer capital markets.

Oh the United Nations... le... (Below threshold)

Oh the United Nations... lets poor more money into that crappy organization....

Please note, you can thank ... (Below threshold)

Please note, you can thank that Democrat President, Harry S.(scum)Truman for giving the world the United Nations. If you young people have the time, I am quite sure you will be able to find that the UN has been enmeshed in scandal ever since it's inception. You may have to dig deep due to the revisionist that have tried to whitewash the UN.
Note to DJ if you would like my opinion on HST or FDR please advise. Unlike your opinion of Ruth (which I assume was from books) my opinions are based on having had to live through their regimes.

It takes a lot of money to ... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

It takes a lot of money to keep up the payments on the Mercedes (all 5 of them), and with the Oil-For-Food bribes drying up, the UN has got to get the cash somewhere...

Political correctness and m... (Below threshold)
JohnSal Author Profile Page:

Political correctness and multiculuralism in the West have given the Third World authoritarians the keys to the U.N. There is no longer support for a strong decision making role by the "colonialist oppressors" in the Security Council. Thus, the "Stanstanistans" of the world, which control the General Assembly, set the agenda. The U.N. peace keepers from poor countries in Asia, Africa and LA, are just trying to take advantage of their luck and make a buck.

The world desperately needs... (Below threshold)

The world desperately needs the UN!

I mean, impoverished children aren't going to rape themselves!

Dictators can't prop themselves up.

And, I certainly hope none of you expect to see gold embezzle itself.

Phpt - you guys are soooo ignorant.

Thankfully, Russia and china have veto powers so they can keep the world order on an even keel.

Yo:I mean, imp... (Below threshold)


I mean, impoverished children aren't going to rape themselves! Dictators can't prop themselves up.

I mean really, who else can you count on to approve an expanded Iraq mission... four years after turning tail and running.

Or "administer" Kosovo for eight years and still have no plan of independence or a functioning government.

They should make Tee shirts... (Below threshold)

They should make Tee shirts that say that.

"THE UN! Because impoverished children aren't going to rape themselves!"

The UN is the most parasiti... (Below threshold)

The UN is the most parasitical organisation ever dreamed up by mankind.

Having no lands or wealth of its own, it must continually find new and ever more creative lines of cash "mandates" upon which to justify its existence.

Once each "mandate" is secured, the UN has a vested interest in milking it for all it's worth, if not prolonging it indefinitely. Meanwhile, the city/region/country that becomes the recipient of the UN's "help" limps along in perpetual poverty while the White Land Rover crowd live a life of tax-free luxury and UN "troops" (these days, poorly trained and equipped semi-mercenaries from thuggish member-countries whose own rule of law is marginal, at best) rape and pillage the friendly village before running like scared cats the moment someone actually starts shooting at them.

But the worst part of this farce is that the UN blatantly depends upon the US for the lion's share of its annual support while working actively to undermine US interests in the world wherever it can. Then when someone attacks a UN outpost somewhere, the Turtle Bay bureaucrats invariably come running back to the US to bail it out.

Someone should evict UN Headquarters from Turtle Bay and relocate it to an island somewhere in the Pacific. Only then will its location be an accurate reflection of how truly irrelevant the UN is on the world stage these days.

The world's civil authority... (Below threshold)

The world's civil authority is a varying coalition of the functioning democracies. The UN is Kabuki. The cop on the beat has quit peering through the theatre doors, and is discovering hookah hokum and worsum at the bazaar.






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