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They've GOT To Be Kidding

This morning, the Boston Globe announced that gun permits in the Bay State had fallen by 25% in a single year.

They alsopublished a "primer" on obtaining a gun license in the Bay State.

The fact that they published this piece while Bruce was incommunicado can NOT be a coincidence.

Bruce is one of those statistics. He spent over a year applying for his gun license, then waited three and a half months between its formal issuance and actually getting it in hand.

He no longer holds a Massachusetts gun license because he got fed up and moved up here to New Hampshire.

The article practically Fisks itself.

While some law enforcement officials praise the decline, police, politicians and antigun advocates caution that there are still plenty of illegal guns on the streets, contributing to a steady pace of violence.

90,000 fewer gun-owners in the Bay State, yet no noticeable affect on gun violence. Common sense would seem to indicate that the legal gun owners are not the problem, but common sense is practically illegal in the Commonwealth.

Edward Arsenault, 70, of Fairhaven, was turned down for his license renewal earlier this year because he had been convicted in juvenile court of stealing a chicken from a chicken coop when he was 9 years old, in 1946.

Mr Arsenault's preadolescent adventures in purloined poultry didn't keep him from getting his gun permit, but somehow it is relevant when he wants to keep it? Luckily, a police chief gave him an endorsement, and he had the decision overturned in court (at, I'm sure, considerably greater expense.)

In Boston, the number of licensed owners fell from 7,577 in 2001 to 4,374 this year, a drop of 42 percent. In the same period, gun licenses in Cambridge dropped 25 percent to 782; 71 percent to 484 in Brookline, and 33 percent to 1,150 in Newton, state records show.

A 42 percent cut in legal gun owners in Boston, yet the murder rate hasn't fallen appropriately. According to the Boston Police Department, for the period from January 1 and August 5 (the last time they reported the numbers), there were 49 murders in 2006, and there have been 46 in 2007 -- a drop of less than 4%.

2nd Amendment activists like to say that "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." The corollary of that truism is that taking the guns away from the non-criminals will, at best, not affect the criminals in the least -- and at worst, embolden them.

In the meantime, all you've achieved is to piss off people who generally obey the law and respect authority -- the kinds of people governments should encourage.

In short, you've created Massachusetts.

If anyone is interested in reading a REAL account of a (now former) Bay Stater (or, as I dubbed him, "XMASHOL"), check out pretty much any of these articles of Bruce's.


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Comments (6)

The reign of terror that Ed... (Below threshold)

The reign of terror that Edward Arsenault (aka "The Chicken Thief") wrought in 1946 is still remembered wherever free men gather!

Legally arming this dangerous man is obviously out of the question. If he feels he needs a gun that bad let him go down into the Hood in the Roxbury and buy one from the gang bangers. NO WAITING!!

If you lose your license, w... (Below threshold)

If you lose your license, what happens to the guns?

Or, did MA just create thousands of more criminals?

Yet again, a Globe feature ... (Below threshold)

Yet again, a Globe feature writer publishes without thinking.

Typical lib spin. MIX ILLEG... (Below threshold)

Typical lib spin. MIX ILLEGAL with LEGAL and try to lump together to make a point.

As a CURRENT CLASS A holder in the peoples republik of mASS. I can say ABSOLUTELY this
state SUCKS for law abiding gun owners. And THAT people like Bruce are leaving in droves to escape.

In the (primer) story, the author doesn't state that even if you have a clean record, and meet ALL requirements, ANY Chief can just say NO.
There are 351 cities/towns in mASS. and each can decide on their own whether YOU will get a permit or NOT.
Of course you can appeal, $$$ and time may get a ruling in your favor.
Don't count on it. Judges are usually libtards working with the hacks, working with the cops to discourage law abiding citizens from owning guns in the first place.

So when you hear some ass Mayor or Police Chief say they are pleased that LAW abiding citizens don't have firearms.
Just laugh..at the moronic concept that will only leave criminals having the guns.

I have friends in the state... (Below threshold)

I have friends in the state who are telling me that more and more people are letting their licenses lapse from frustration and continuing to illegally possess.

What else can you ever expe... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What else can you ever expect from a state run by the KEEDY DYNASTY i mean they seem to think their kings in this nation SCREW THEM ALL






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