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UK Hospitals Plagued with Filthy Kitchens


A searing indictment of the cleanliness of hospital kitchens is revealed today in research showing that almost half are plagued by vermin, risk infections by storing food incorrectly or employ staff with poor personal hygiene.

Official inspection reports reveal that breaches of food hygiene laws include infestations of mice and cockroaches, kitchen staff not washing their hands, food being kept at the wrong temperature and remnants of meals becoming stuck in equipment.

Other hazardous incidents included ice cream and prawns being stored together in fridges and freezers, orange juice kept next to chemicals and patients' meal trays being used to transport contaminated material from the wards.

The reality of the conditions in which hospital food is prepared is laid bare in a series of official hygiene examinations carried out by environmental health officers, which have been passed to The Observer.

Of 377 National Health Service and private hospitals surveyed in England, 173 - 46 per cent - were found to have poor cleanliness in their kitchens, or canteens or cafes used by staff, patients and visitors. Nine of the 377 were private hospitals, of which six were found to have at least one area of concern. Eleven of the 173 had experienced a vermin or pest problem, 57 employed catering staff who displayed inadequate personal hygiene and 18 were found to stock out-of-date food. Sixty-eight did not meet the legal minimum standard for food storage and 66 were storing food at the wrong temperature, which can stimulate the growth of bacteria.

This reminds me of an article I read several years ago about Madonna. She was pregnant with her second child, I think, and was living in England. She said that she had no intention of giving birth in the UK because the hospitals were "old and Victorian." After a quick Google search, I found it. Here it is:

She described UK hospitals as "old and Victorian" and said she disliked the thought of the complications caused by giving birth in a foreign country.

"I like efficiency," she said.

When asked about having the child in the UK, she said: "Come on now, have you been to hospitals in England?"

But Royal College of Nursing Midwifery adviser Vicki Allanach was quick to defend the NHS.

She said UK hospitals needed to be brought up to the best possible standards for every woman.

"There is now a renewed focus on the essentials of care - privacy, dignity and hygiene - which should start to make a real difference to patients' experiences," she said.

She added: "The important thing to remember is that in the UK everyone has access to health care services."

Patients in the US must pay for their treatment.

So, the UK's free but filthy hospital hygiene is available to all citizens. I'm sure Britons find that very comforting. Will the NHS publish which hospitals have the horrible hygiene so people can choose to steer clear of them, or are people assigned to particular hospitals based upon where they live, just like government run schools here in the US, and are stuck? I have a feeling it's the latter.


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Comments (27)

One of my neighbors is in t... (Below threshold)

One of my neighbors is in the RAF and is stationed here in the states at a USAF base. There have been lots of jokes over the years about British healthcare especially denistry. My neighbor's wife had to have one of her incisors replaced. What the wonderful British healthcare system required was that the dentist pull one of her wisdom teeth and reshape it into an incisor. It looked horrible. While her husband was here in the states she was able to use an American dentist to get it fixed properly.

Hillary!care = Filthycare</... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Hillary!care = Filthycare

We met a UK couple on vacat... (Below threshold)

We met a UK couple on vacation and they were shocked that we had a choice of hospitals and procedures for my wife's delivery. The fact that she stayed in for three days was mindboggling. Their daughter had to have her child at a midwife clinic which was farther away than the hospital so she couldn't have an epidural even though she and her husband wanted to pay for it.
They said that they had to wait 16 weeks to get in line for an operation that was not deemed "life threatening". It took another 12 weeks to get the actual procedure (wrist) done.

That's much better than what we have here.

The real question is who wo... (Below threshold)

The real question is who would eat English cooking?

Cockroaches and Millitant M... (Below threshold)

Cockroaches and Millitant Muslim Doctors; they do seem to go together, don't they?

Can't wait for that socialized Medicine to hit here, can you?

That is so much worst than ... (Below threshold)

That is so much worst than Walter Reed or some county hospitals or some veteran hospitals.

Besides, it makes sick that you pussies don't think that the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can't do a better job than the UK, Norway, France or many other countries, and no we do not rate higher than those countries.

Good thing the healthcare i... (Below threshold)

Good thing the healthcare is free. That way the good citizens of the UK can get treatment for the botulism they got while being hospitalized for the hip replacement they waited 18 months for.

You're a class act Barney. I'm sure sad the WHO doesn't rate us higher. It's like having thew UN judge you on the quality of your democracy.......lololol. Now, if we can just be like Cuba.....

Barney, you still don't kno... (Below threshold)

Barney, you still don't know what you are talking about. The US can and does do better than the UK.

The British Medical Journal published a study where they admitted that Kaiser Permanente ( a favorite punching bag HMO in the US ) does a better job of providing care than does Britain's NHS.

Barney, I've debunked your ... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Barney, I've debunked your famous rating system several times now with the help of this article right here.

Do you have memory problems, or do you think I do?

The rating system you are so fond of is heavily biased towards socialized systems, as has been pointed out by many authors and summarized in the article above. I quote:

We've got a system of rankings of health care systems. France and Canada are in the top 10, the USA, despite spending more, at number 37. But let's look at how those rankings are composed:
To make the definition of the composite easier to understand, these survey results have been rounded to the nearest one-eighth so that the final weights to be used are 0.25 for health, 0.25 for health inequality, 0.125 for level of responsiveness, 0.125 for distribution of responsiveness and 0.25 for fairness of financial contribution.

Do you see that? Only 25% of the weighting is about the actual health care received. A similar amount is awarded for the equality of care received. So, imagine, say, the Canadian system, everybody waits the same amount of time for a hip replacement, in the American one some get it very quickly, others get it after a long wait: it doesn't matter that everyone in the US waits a shorter period of time than anyone in Canada: the Canadian system would be scored as better here. I'm not saying that those waiting times are actually true, I'm simply pointing to the effects of the weighting: inequality in treatment times is as important here as the actual treatment itself.

And later in the article:

Just to hammer the point home. On this system of measurement, the actual level of treatment in the US could fall, but the amount tax financed rise: and the US would be declared to have improved its system. Yes, really, a decrease in the absolute level of treatment could mean a rise up the rankings.

Now, go ahead and go into your spin about the parentage of the authors, because you know darned good and well you can't challenge the facts.

SPQR and ccg, in your studi... (Below threshold)

SPQR and ccg, in your studies did they poll persons (with and without) or only those that have full insurance? You see, the socialized systems provides care for everyone. The rich and the poor get the same quality of care and service. Does your polls say the same for the US system?

CCG, the ratings looks at all aspects of the healthcare systems and weights the most important appropriately. You may think that spending hours on the phone to get your HMO or insurance company to cover standard treatment as not important, but most people do.

barneyGRUBBLE:... (Below threshold)


That is so much worst than Walter Reed or some county hospitals or some veteran hospitals.

Excuse me! The problem wasn't "Walter Reed," it was an annex of the hospital and it was turned over to a crappy contractor because it was listed as part of the base closure act.

At the very LEAST get the basic facts correct - asshat.


Now, go ahead and go into your spin about the parentage of the authors, because you know darned good and well you can't challenge the facts.

Thanks for providing the Laugh of the Day! You know as well as everyone here GRUBBLE can "challenge the facts," he does on a consistent and daily basis. Challenged with BS and spin but challenged non-the-less.

barneyGRUBBLE:... (Below threshold)


The rich and the poor get the same quality of care and service.

See what I mean C-C-G?

And barney, why do you have to ask? Are you admitting you didn't read C-C-G's link?

That is so much wo... (Below threshold)
That is so much worst than Walter Reed or some county hospitals or some veteran hospitals.

barney, you useless, leftist POS, what do the military medical care and the VA hospital system have in common with single payer, socialized medical systems?

I'll tell you. No choices.

Now, I'll say this. Some VA hospitals and military medical care is excellent, even extraordinary at times. It's just when you get into a bad situation, it can be very bad. Military medicine isn't always as responsive as it should or could be. Some of that is brought on by rigid bureaucracy and regulations - of which many of them are legislated by, hold on, tada, Congress.

So, yeah, that's the solution to ALL our national health care problems - let Congress fix them.

No thanks. I'll take my chances with the market health care solutions.

Barney, you are an idiot. J... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Barney, you are an idiot. Just telling you that in case you were unaware.

I'd rather spend hours on the phone than weeks or MONTHS waiting for treatment!

Only an absolute idiot could believe that waiting months for treatment is somehow "better."

The rich and the p... (Below threshold)
The rich and the poor get the same quality of care and service.

And it's all crappy.

But that's not always true. At least Canadians have the option, if they have the means, of coming across the border and availing themselves of the superior United States medical care.

So much for your communist nirvana of everyone sharing the misery equally.

BarneyGRUBBLE - I apologise... (Below threshold)

BarneyGRUBBLE - I apologise. Maybe your right everyone does get care under socialized medical care.

However, sometimes it takes winning the local lottery to get the surgery you so badly need as opposed to be on a sic month waiting list and in constant pain.

BTW barney, socialized medicine is both a consequence and a great contributor to the idea that economic conditions should be equalized by coercion.

Kinda like Shillery's "shared responsibility" crapola.

Barney, you are still chatt... (Below threshold)

Barney, you are still chattering about things you have absolutely no comprehension on. From health care to subprime mortgages and back to health care.

And you still don't have a clue. The British Medical Journal did not "poll" anyone. The study's authors studied the Kaiser system, compared costs and populations served, and concluded that Kaiser did medical care better and more responsive than the NHS and at roughly the same cost.

Why do you continue to make a fool of yourself?

Why do you continu... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
Why do you continue to make a fool of yourself?

He can't help himself.

Its kinda sad, really. Its... (Below threshold)

Its kinda sad, really. Its not like we force him to post silly things.

Oh, but SPQR, we are respon... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Oh, but SPQR, we are responsible. No lefty is ever responsible for what he does, there's always someone else to blame; the lefty is just a victim.

barneyGRUBBLE - I think you... (Below threshold)

barneyGRUBBLE - I think your needed over here to defend yourself.

Not that I think you will or anything. Just pointing it out considering your posterior has been handed to you here. Maybe you'll have better luck there.

Just pointing it o... (Below threshold)
Just pointing it out considering your posterior has been handed to you here

That's pretty much any thread barney comments on.

He leveled some very serious allegations at the military and Pentagon on Friday night. Of course, he didn't stay around or come back to defend his scurrilous comments.

"The study's authors studie... (Below threshold)

"The study's authors studied the Kaiser system, compared costs and populations served,.." SPQR

"Population served" that is the point. How good was the care for those that could not afford it?

It is amazing that Barneymo... (Below threshold)

It is amazing that Barneymoron still does'nt get it that he is is the resident Wizbang assclown...continuing to make idiotic comments for
everyone's amusement and amazement.

Gosh i thought these hospit... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Gosh i thought these hospitals were suppost to be absolutly clean and germ free

Barney, your idiocy is stil... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Barney, your idiocy is still showing.

Hospitals treat those who cannot pay on a daily basis. It's a friggin' federal law, for cryin' out loud!

True--my wife delivered a b... (Below threshold)

True--my wife delivered a baby in the county hospital down the hall from the female inmates delivering their soon to be infant gangsta's.

EMTALA says you can't turn away emergency patients. Preventive care it does not address, but, there are plenty of good low/no income clinics out there, and the States provide Women and children's medicaid medical.

Being "uninsured" is a misnomer by BarneyStupid and his Dim friends--most folks get healthcare, be it privately, or under "government insurance" of a sort.






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