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Democrats Should Worry About Where Rove Lands Next

Hugh Hewitt has a piece today in which he warns the Democrats not to get too comfortable with Rove being out of the political picture because he'll end up helping one of the Republican nominees:

Democrats have to be worried that when Karl Rive exits the White House in August, he'll take a month off and end up at the virtual elbow of Mayor Giuliani, Governor Romney, or Senator Thompson. They should be worried. Of course that's what he (and Ken Mehlman) will be doing. All-stars whose franchise can't play for the title often show up in the heat of the hunt. Politics is like sports in many ways. And Rove is the Tiger Woods of politics. (That would almost make Bob Shrum Greg Norman, but Norman won two majors. I need a better analogy for Shrum.)

Rove is 5 for 6 in the big elections he has skippered, and despite more attacks than any presidential aide in history, he is strolling out of the White House with a smile on his face and the admiration of nearly everyone in the GOP. If he gets bored, there will be pleny of opportunities for him to return to the thing he does best --beating Democrats in November. When he does return, Dems will panic again.

I have no idea if Rove will end up involved in the next presidential race, but I have to admit I would really enjoy watching the Democrats go apoplectic at Rove working to defeat the 2008 Democratic nominee for president.


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Comments (26)

Of course Rove will be back... (Below threshold)
Rove Watcher:

Of course Rove will be back. Everyone knew he'd leave the WH just in time for the next cycle. It was obvious.

Democrats have to ... (Below threshold)
Democrats have to be worried that when Karl Rive exits the White House in August, he'll take a month off and end up at the virtual elbow of Mayor Giuliani, Governor Romney, or Senator Thompson.
It won't be at Thompson's "elbow."

It may be somewhere else, although I personally doubt it, but it won't be with Fred.

I think the name you're loo... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

I think the name you're looking for is Van de Velde.

Standing on the final tee on the last day of the British Open with a seemingly insurmountable three shot lead, Van de Velde blew it and lost.

But he went down in spectacular fashion.

Or maybe you need Tom Weiskopf, a fellow Ohio Stater and top player of his day who was notorious for finishing second to Jack Nicklaus.

Right, we're quivering abou... (Below threshold)

Right, we're quivering about where Rove goes next. He took a Presidency with 90% approval ratings and control of both houses of Congress down to sub-30% ratings and lost both houses.

Pure genius that guy is. I tell ya :-)

I would say Shrum is like K... (Below threshold)

I would say Shrum is like Kevin Costner's character in the movie Tin Cup. Particularly the scene where he keeps trying ovr and over again to hit the ball onto the green but keeps missing and rolling into the lake.

Rove will help the main can... (Below threshold)

Rove will help the main candidate whomever it will be. He will point out how the democratic leadership has led the congress to an all time historical approval rating. Historical. ww

Why would Thompson want Rov... (Below threshold)

Why would Thompson want Rove at his elbow? After all he has a blonde about old enough to be his granddaughter there all the time.

The sting of the Mark of Ka... (Below threshold)

The sting of the Mark of Karl was GOTV; I imagine he'll bend his efforts to making sure Hillary in the Democratic candidate. How better to get out the vote for a Republican.

'Hillary In' does have kind... (Below threshold)

'Hillary In' does have kind of a ring to it.

In UR whatevahs, and beaming all about.

Perhaps JFO and Larkin can ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps JFO and Larkin can advise one of the democrats. First advise Shrillary to release the millions of pages of documents that expose her failures in the White House. No positives, only failures occured in the 90's and people are too stupid to look at history so they are doomed to repeat it. I guess we can survive another regime that keeps too sets of books so they can back up they're lies to the people, but we will see a lot of people 'die' for real due to the weakness of the democrats. What, a 3% approval rating (Lowest in over 200 years) for the democrat led congress, and a truck load of democrat congress members (losers) running for POTUS. I guess they hope to pick the least dangerous loser.

Kim, that is exactly right.... (Below threshold)

Kim, that is exactly right. Hillary has such strong, unchangeable negatives it can only help the republicans. She will drive the independents to us and the left will sit it out. Hillary is their Bob Dole candidate. Everyone knows it won't work but the machine is cranking on. ww

It's nice to see the righ... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

It's nice to see the right wing bloggers admitting to the evil incarnation that Rove exemplifies. The below the belt tactics used in political hatchet jobs are the trademarks of Rove and his henchmen. For the cons to hold that up as a character trait to be revered just goes to show how low you people have sunk.

The country certainly couldn't do worse than the bunch of you and mercifully they will spare us more suffering at your hands in 2008.

Democrats ask, "If Rove is ... (Below threshold)

Democrats ask, "If Rove is so smart, how come he lost the Congress and ran Bush's ratings down?"

Republicans ask, "If Rove is so incompetent, why have you been so concerned about him all these years?"

I like the idea of Karl Rove as an eminence noir in the coming election.

This is why the Dems are go... (Below threshold)

This is why the Dems are going to try to force Rove to 'testify' in endless committee 'investigations'. He'll be called up over and over, keeping him from assisting any GOP candidate.

Rove wasn't responsible for... (Below threshold)
bio mom:

Rove wasn't responsible for the Congressional Republicans' meltdown. He didn't cause Randy Cunningham, Mark Foley's emails, pork-barrel spending ad nauseum, and inability to show some spine against the Democrats most of the time. They lost their own Congress. Rove's genius should be judged by the presidential contests and by the Texas governor races he led. Also, the man is just another human being with warts and all, not some deity or demon. I wish him well and hope that he does come back to help the conservative cause in the future.

"The below the belt tactics... (Below threshold)

"The below the belt tactics used in political hatchet jobs are the trademarks of Rove and his henchmen."

Surely CB, you were laughing at yourself as you typed this, right? Given the Dems history of political behavior. I laughed when I read it!

Yeah, Ran, as I was reading... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Ran, as I was reading that I was thinking about Burger, Carville, and Begalla. Perhaps CB is a child that grew up after the Clinton years. You know how kids these days aren't interested in history.

Did you ever notice how the charges lefties level at Rove are always broadly subjective or don't contain a shred of supporting evidence? They took a reasonably successful political hack and overlaid their own nightmares to come up with a caricature of an actual person.

If something ever happens to Cheney the left will be amusing to watch as it gropes around for a new Emmanuel Goldstein.

Ran,Anything like ... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


Anything like the Swiftboat liars for Bush come to mind?

Or how about the AWOL documents that were never proven to be false in content?

Repukelicans wouldn't accept truth if it was God saying so. You are a miserable lot to defend the indefensible.

Rove is just your King Charlatan to go along with your King Moron. You really have no idea how badly disguised your attempt to pretend righteousness has been exposed do you?

It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

CB,Oh please. The... (Below threshold)


Oh please. The Swiftboat Vets hurt Kerry so badly because they were telling the truth. How dumb can you be to nominate Lurch for president when it's clear to everyone he's "embellished" his Vietname record over the years.

And it takes deliberate, willful blindness to think the TNG "documents" were real. Unless you believe in time travell. And unicorns.

I pity you if that's the world you live in. Tell me, do you ever leave the house, or does mom do all the shopping?

"I'm Moby Dick, and we've g... (Below threshold)

"I'm Moby Dick, and we've got three or four members of Congress who are trying to cast themselves in the part of Captain Ahab -- so, they're going to keep coming."

I guess he probably doesn't know it's an allegory and the whale represents God.

"It would be funny if THEY ... (Below threshold)

"It would be funny if THEY weren't so pathetic."

Those pesky Dems?. LOL.. right on CB.

Take a step back for a moment CB, the swifties did Lurch a favor, keeping his cheap Purple hearts in focus, distracted the REAL issues, his comments in front of the senate, and the "Winter Soldier" crap. What Lurch didn't realize, was that for every "Baby Killer" there were now adult children from them. I for one, made sure my kids knew the truth about that lying weasel. Spin it any way that makes you feel comfortable, the "Silent Viet Nam Vets" did a job on the a$$hole.

If he lands anywhere it wil... (Below threshold)

If he lands anywhere it will be in October, and it will be announced about 20 minutes afte Gingrich enters the race.

About 10 minutes after that, the DNC will implode.

Amazing isn't it how the Ro... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Amazing isn't it how the Rovian spin executed by computer henchman following orders would prefer to support a draft dodger (five deferments dick cheney)and AWOL Decider (King Moron) over their own fellow soldiers (Kerry, Cleland, Murtha)and is so predictable. Soldiers placed into dangerous situations carrying a weapon facing another warrior unlike the Dick who had more important things to do and Georgie whose mommma and daddy made sure no war games would give him bad nightmares is so telling about your illogic and hypocrisy.

It's so transparent to hear you righties support these chickenhawks even those of you who have faced what the targets of Rove bashing have also experienced. To admit you have been so bushwacked to parrot the talking points that have been so discredited is to be unquestionably psychotic.

Each of you likely needs some sort of professional help to be able to distinguish between what a veteran who carries a weapon into a battle and must use all his faculties to survive versus a guy who sits at a bar and snorts coke and whose mommy and daddy have bailed him out of every screw up and stressful situation he has ever had to face even up until today as to which one has the authenticity to speak to war and its truths among mutitudinous issues.

Frankly the smell emanating from the right has become most nauseating.

Naw, cb, John Kerry ran so ... (Below threshold)

Naw, cb, John Kerry ran so fast down the Bay Hap River he dumped the Special Forces officer in the water.

Kerry, Cleland, Murtha???? ... (Below threshold)

Kerry, Cleland, Murtha???? Jesus!.. Take your meds! Kerry: Purple Heart for a grain of rice in his ass?.. Cleland: Blew himself up screwing with his grenade! Murtha: Announcing the Haditha Marines "Guilty of Murder!" (3 guys already released)... That's the best you have?... SAD!

The Swift Boat crap was sim... (Below threshold)
Ross Author Profile Page:

The Swift Boat crap was simple lies bought and paid for by big financiers of the Bush campaign. The people who served with Kerry agreed with his account. People being paid by the money people behind Bush-Cheney disagreed. Hm. Wonder whose account is more credible?

If you believed even one word of what that group said, please cut off your genitals now so that we can be sure you won't breed. The future doesn't need people who are so easily duped.

As for the AWOL documents, they were a word-for-word copy of the actual documents. Bush is not only a liar and an oathbreaker, he was a drunk and couldn't be relied on to show up to his weekend reserve duty. Sorry that you didn't like the facts.

Despite Bush's ability to use wishful thinking to get away with lying to the American people for seven years, wishful thinking won't change actual facts. It is suspicious that those facts have such a consistent anti-Bush bias. Maybe we'll find there's a reality-wide conspiracy.

Ross (your favorite anti-Bush conservative)






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