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Elizabeth Edwards Really is Tiresome

I'm really getting tired of this story:

Elizabeth Edwards Unplugged

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: In an interview in August's edition of The Progressive magazine, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator John Edwards, D-N.C., takes candid shots at the other candidates battling for the Democratic nomination against her husband.

"The problem for me with the other candidates is I don't know what it is that drives them," she explained, "I should think the president has to be somebody who has that kind of vision outside themselves."

Mrs. Edwards praised her husband...

Is this all the Edwards campaign has? Are we going to have to suffer through a year plus of her faux indignation? And how bad off is John Edwards if the only way he can make news is to have his wife get all pissy at someone.

When Chris Matthews set Ann Coutler up and Elizabeth Edwards lied about Coulter it was annoying. Now we're past that point and we've reached fatiguing.

It's time for Elizabeth to take her little girl Johnnie back home and live the dream of what might have been. The media will run this same story a few more times (with different outrageous quotes) but then even they will get tired of the routine.

John Edwards has to face reality that he's the victim of racial and gender discrimination from the left; an irony that just cracks me up.


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Comments (27)

Well Mrs. Edwards, at least... (Below threshold)

Well Mrs. Edwards, at least theres no doubt what drives your husband, greed with a capital G.

"I should think the pres... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

"I should think the president has to be somebody who has that kind of vision outside themselves."

And that "vision" is...? (crickets, lonely wolf howl) She does mention the word hope, but has yet to define it in concrete terms with a strength against the other candidates. I feel for her circumstance, I really do and hope she overcomes this dreaded disease. But she keeps talking... why?

Poor poor Mrs. Edwards. I... (Below threshold)

Poor poor Mrs. Edwards. It's not like she didn't know . In the world of the democrats perpetual fraud , "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!"

LOL, what do ya say marc? A little chuckle?

Paul,As the unoffici... (Below threshold)

As the unofficial spokesbeing for mediamatters.org, I would just like to warn you, that in Mrs. Bill Clintons' administration,
you would have just violated Insensitivity Statute: 666-13B, subsection 2, paragraph 4, wherin it will say, "We're gonna shut the biggots up!"...Oops, that was actually the current South Carolina penal code as interpreted by Lyndsay Grahamnesty. Either way, just make sure you watch it Mr., any future slights of the handicapable, the specially brained, the involuntarily (or otherwise) infirm, or anyone else who doesn't necessarily vote republican, will result in a demerit punch on your niceness card, and possible execution by one of Chairman, er, President Hillarys' "Don't Actually Insult Liberals or You're Karma's Over S***head" squads.
(Ya see, she didn't go to the yearly-kos thing for nothin', they're gonna be her enforcers. No whimpy, non-assassins them.)

"I should think the pre... (Below threshold)

"I should think the president has to be somebody who has that kind of vision outside themselves."

This indicates she favors candidates who have had "out-of-body experiences," does it not?

She managed to trash both Hillary and Obama in the same interview, so she demonstrates a sense of balance. Didn't she recently complain that her husband couldn't become female or black, implying he was therefore at some disadvantage?

In any case, it's good to see the dominant partner come out and fight for the weaker one. Besides, if John got into it with Hillary or Barack, it might muss his hair and precipitate a meltdown.

It isn't always so easy being the man, now, is it, Lizzie?

Hi. My name is Johnny Reid ... (Below threshold)

Hi. My name is Johnny Reid Edwards former Senator from the Great State of North Carolina (actually I don't think North Carolina is so great and never did, but my advisers have said that I should say that). You can just call me John if you want. I was born on June 10, 1953, although people tell me that I look at least 25 years younger.

I was the very first person in my dirt poor family to attend college. I earned my law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was a great accomplishment as I was so poor that I had to work 12 different part time jobs to pay for my tuition and just barely enough food to survive.

After getting my law degree I immediately went on my noble mission to save hundreds of victims of gross corporate negligence and gross medical
malpractice. When necessary to win a case to help the poor victim that I was representing I would even feel the presence of dead people
inside me, talking to me and through me to the members of the jury. If you don't think that takes a lot out of a man, just try it sometime. I also split the settlement very fairly with my clients. I was VERY generous to them - 5% for them, 95% for me. More than fair. I mean I was the one who had to channel the dead, wasn't I!!!

If I do say so myself I am so cute that you just can't believe it! I have such great hair! I am also very boyish looking in a good way, not in a gay way at all. Did I mention that I have GREAT HAIR!!! Sometimes I think my great looks are almost a curse.

I sometimes like to chill out after a long day of campaigning to save America by eating at Wendy's. I also like to spend some time at home
sprucing up around my modest and humble house. I also like to spend hours in front of the mirror combing my hair. Wouldn't you too if you had such great hair!!! BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT I AM GAY!!! NOT AT ALL!!! In fact I HATE gays, just don't tell Elizabeth, OK, she gets mad at me when I say that.. Contrary to what some of my very few enemies say I never spend more than $399 on haircuts. That $400 on a haircut is a damn lie, as it included a very
generous $1 tip.

I would like to think that I am open minded, honest, polite and straight. And I appreciate the same qualities in others.

Who I'd like to meet:
...other bloggers who grew up in poverty. People who like to help the poor. People with great hair so that I can comb your hair and you can
comb mine. It's going to be great!!!

No gays though. They make me feel icky!!!

Maybe it's hard on her deal... (Below threshold)
Steve of Norway:

Maybe it's hard on her dealing with the fact her husband wants to be the first female U.S. President.

Those are some of the funni... (Below threshold)

Those are some of the funniest, most creative posts I have ever read! You guys got my morning started off with a good laugh! Thanks!

She's starting to make Ther... (Below threshold)

She's starting to make Theresa look like an asset.

Politically, I mean.

Some good comments there :)... (Below threshold)

Some good comments there :) Mrs. Edwards is from the perpetually offended class of people and comes off as a snob every time she opens her mouth. Whenever I encounter someone like that I just visualize them sitting on a toilet.

Someone ought to pour Liz a... (Below threshold)

Someone ought to pour Liz a cup of shut the hell up.

"The problem for me with the other candidates is I don't know what it is that drives them,"

Does that suggest that she is unfamiliar with motivations other than monetary?

well umm, yes it is. When y... (Below threshold)

well umm, yes it is. When your candidate husband is nothing more than a cardboard cutout of a greedy trial lawyer, what you gonna do.

My 1st thought when it come... (Below threshold)

My 1st thought when it comes to this was the biatch should learn to play her position, BUT, based on many of her other comments, maybe this is her position, and BreckBoy is the one who sits when he pees.

>Maybe it's hard on her dea... (Below threshold)

>Maybe it's hard on her dealing with the fact her husband wants to be the first female U.S. President.

heh indeed

First of all, don't mistake... (Below threshold)

First of all, don't mistake his or her drive to be about money; these fools are fame ghouls.

But don't you understand, P... (Below threshold)

But don't you understand, Paul? ELizabeth Edwards has 'absolute moral authority' as a victim of breast cancer. We can't criticize anythign she says.

I saw an article the other day about how "brave" Elizabeth spends her downtime (whilst out campaigning with John) composing read-after-I've-died letter to her young children. How farked up is that? Pile on me if you like, but I think she should be spending time with her children, not galivanting around in support of her husband's latest vanity exercise. Instead, she shares with the press that she's writing these letters. Is there nothing this woman won't use to get her husband elected?

(comments here are to be... (Below threshold)

(comments here are to be interpreted in terms of Eastun No'Caralaina suhciahhhty speak; which, as one can tell, I can barely type phonetically...you get the ah-deah)

Thinking of this fine, upstahndin' woman as a media whore would simply be, well, wrong. Saying it to her face would not even faze her.

But...tell her that John's campaign is "cute", that her house is "nice", and talk all about how "special" John is, and that his desire to run is, well, "sweet"...and instantly out come the daggers. In NC society, those words are a polite, genteel way of calling someone a societal leper; someone with whom "our kind of people" would never stoop to socialize with, except perhaps to say "Hi" to at church on Sunday when you can't avoid them.

Elizabeth, John, when it's over, well ya'll come see us, 'kay...?

Langtry said "Is there noth... (Below threshold)

Langtry said "Is there nothing this woman won't use to get her husband elected?"

Just wait until she dies of breast cancer, John will exploit that to no end.

(I know it is a cold and distasteful thought to have, but we all know it is inevitable, she told us the cancer is terminal.)

It is was thing to proclaim... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

It is was thing to proclaim your spouse's position on issues. It's another thing to attack other candidates and their positions with such zeal. So John Edwards is trying to craft the end-around campaign where he comes across as this nice Southernly gentleman who is too nice and aw shucksy to say the things his wife is saying. And with his wife having inoperable cancer, no one is going to say "'That was a really bitchy thing to say, considering your husband said the same things they are saying" referencng the verbal spats his wife has actually started with other candidates.

However, I actually have respect for Elizabeth Edwards. I actually think she has the more political talent in the marriage, and if she ran for the Senate in my state, I would give here a look for my vote. She speaks her mind, and it is not with some fabricated southern drawl. Even if she is a bleeding heart lib. With that said, I think Edwards is grade A (female anatomy part). He sends his wife out to do his wet-work, when she should be kicking up her heels on the French Riviera sipping Pina Coladas, and him giving her a foot message. But since she is the most vocal of the two, maybe she'll have the gonads to talk to the tyrants aaround the world. Better yet, maybe she should run for president, and Silky can get a modeling contract with Revlon and L'oreal.

Hear, hear, Chris G; simila... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear, Chris G; similar pizzaz to the late lamented T. Fay.

Little to no class. Compar... (Below threshold)

Little to no class. Compare her to the classy, tasteful Laura Bush.

Can you imagine listening to this for 4 years of a presidency? Cuz, uh, that's all he'd last.

For the sake of good taste,... (Below threshold)

For the sake of good taste, these type of poersonal attacks on the Edwards family are very offensive. First of all, John Edwards will not win the Democratic nomination or be elected president in 2008. At just 15% support in the latest Rasmussen poll, and badly trailing Hillary Clinton in every state poll, including the South, he is an extreme long shot. Second, this is a last ditch effort by his wife to believe in something and she often acts out of strong emotion for that reason. His wife needs something to cling to as she loses her battle with cancer.

For all the talk about the wealth of the Edwards family, John cannot have the presidency and his wife cannot live for very long.

She is tiresome, bordering ... (Below threshold)

She is tiresome, bordering on loathsome.

The perpetually insulted class of people largely reside in the Dimocrapic Party; you wouldn't say it's your first go-to for budding optimists, now, would you?

"I should think the pres... (Below threshold)

"I should think the president has to be somebody who has that kind of vision outside themselves."

Didn't George Bush the Elder get ridiculed for talking about "the vision thing"? I know, one's a Dem, the other somewhat less so, so no MSM scrutiny there. Still, that might not be the best basis for a campaign.

It seems that they are allo... (Below threshold)
Carl Author Profile Page:

It seems that they are allowing Edwards' wife to rant like because if anyone fires back at her, they'll play the cancer victim role to the hilt.

Spontaneous attacks on Eliz... (Below threshold)

Spontaneous attacks on Elizabeth Edwards are of course out of taste, but when she and her husband put her out to make political points from behind the shield of her medical condition, they've earned that and more.

They have made a sci fi mov... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

They have made a sci fi movie about JOHN and ELIZABETH EDWARDS its called I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTRER SPACE






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