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Idiot Question of the Day

Of course, the Karl Rove haters probably think Plante is brilliant because he asked a question that you'd expect from a smart ass fourth-grader during playground banter:

As Karl Rove embraced President Bush today following an emotional farewell announcement on the South Lawn, the solemnity of the moment was shattered by Bill Plante of CBS, who bellowed to Bush: "If he's so smart, how come you lost Congress?"

Karl Rove was instrumental in Bush's election and reelection as governor in Texas and his election and reelection as president, while picking up seats in Congress in 2004. Yet Plante thinks none of that means anything because the Republicans lost Congress, barely, in Bush's sixth year, a time when every sitting president loses seats in Congress. Hot Air has the video.

For a more intelligent analysis of Karl Rove's abilities and influence, see Alexander McClure's piece from earlier today.


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Comments (33)

"Hey Bill Plante, if you're... (Below threshold)

"Hey Bill Plante, if you're so smart how come you're working in a dying industry for the fastest-dying company?"

Just when we think the dems... (Below threshold)

Just when we think the dems have reached the bottom of the well of stupidity, we notice they keep digging.

HAve you guys seen a pictur... (Below threshold)

HAve you guys seen a picture of Bill Plante? He's a pretty old guy. Far too old to behave like a child.

That's something I would ex... (Below threshold)

That's something I would expect from David Gregory.

Ironic how the Dems talk to... (Below threshold)

Ironic how the Dems talk tough(yet arent tough enough to debate on Fox), but say nary a peep about the lib media playing their gotcha games all of the time.

And they wonder why CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN are becoming more and more irrelevant.

Hey Plante, If CBS is so go... (Below threshold)

Hey Plante, If CBS is so good, why do you have to make up stories? ww

But don't accuse him, his c... (Below threshold)

But don't accuse him, his company or his industry as of bias.

It's so pathetic -- you are... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

It's so pathetic -- you are a reporter sir, not a schoolyard bully.

The dinosaur media has no class, and Mr. Plante is exhibit A.

If Bill Plante is so smart,... (Below threshold)

If Bill Plante is so smart, why is he still working for CBS?

Bush's public relations hav... (Below threshold)

Bush's public relations have been less than stellar.

I don't know if that is partly because of Karl Rove or in spite of Karl Rove.

But the overarching criticism is probably valid. We did lose Congress and communication to the public out of the Whitehouse didn't help.

Because criticism comes out of the mouth as sarcasm from a liberal turd, doesn't mean its completely invalid.

...to which Rove could've r... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

...to which Rove could've replied:

"Know how smart I am? I let YOU into this press conference knowing you'd ask a brainless question like that, one that would blow up on you in the blogsphere and further galvanize my base against leftist media moonbats like yourself. THAT'S how smart I am. Now step off, biatch!"

(OK, after his rap act, maybe not the "biatch" part.)

I think we can all agree on... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

I think we can all agree on one thing...it would be easier to return to family life when your Child (children) is gone to college...

Just get'em elected....

I think folks of ideological persuasions are tired of being sold out...
Rove sold Folks who voted for Bush a used car...
Rove made social issues the divide...what social issues...folks imagined, came to pass?

Rove is neither genius or demon...just an effective salesman...

Kinch:If Bill ... (Below threshold)


If Bill Plante is so smart, why is he still working for CBS?

The other side of that is he's just smart enough Plante knowns his place, i.e. he fits in at CBS and no one else will have him.

Plante's stunt was designed... (Below threshold)

Plante's stunt was designed precisely to bring about this result: attention. I have no doubt a CBS producer is behind this. CBS is in a desperate situation. Their news division, once the darling of the smart set, is in the tank, their reputation (what was left of it) ruined by Mapes and Rather. They are reduced to yapping dogs, chasing cars and barking. In short, they are attention whores of the worst sort.
Plante is the mental midget he shows he is compared to Rove. Rove should throw him a dog bone biscuit, or, at the least, a stick.

Funny, that n... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Funny, that no one actually has an answer to Bill's question isn't it?

What I think is even funnie... (Below threshold)
Steve of Norway:

What I think is even funnier is how the libtards act like 2006 was some grand Left-Wing Evolution that American has *FINALLY* embraced hardcore liberalism. Yet, they never acknowledge their precious polls that show the ineptitude of the current Congress.

Funny, that no one actu... (Below threshold)

Funny, that no one actually has an answer to Bill's question isn't it?

Civil, actually it's answered in the post.

Funny that you can't read, isn't it?

civil behavior...<... (Below threshold)

civil behavior...

"If he's so smart, how come you lost Congress?"

I think everyone on this blog understands why....the Republicans LOST that election. Earmarks. Spending. Refusal to defend foreign policy. Refusal to defend the War on Terror. And a refusal to throw Armitage and Powell under the bus when someone knew they were the source of the Plame leak. This President and Vice President will have many future presidents thanking them for so selflessly protecting the power of the executive.

nogo:I think w... (Below threshold)


I think we can all agree on one thing...it would be easier to return to family life when your Child (children) is gone to college...

Yeah I bet it was a "tough decision" to go home to a wife who has spent the better part of the last decade sharing Karl with the American people.

Why be so dismissive of that possibility nogo?

Remind me nogo, were you that dismissive of Edwards wife when she first disclosed she had cancer?

Would it change your mind to know Karl's wife Darby is a cancer surviver?

Or would you continue to be a partisan hack suffering from BDS?

Hey c'b' I will answer it f... (Below threshold)

Hey c'b' I will answer it for you -what good did it do you? snicker snort

Oh I forgot to ask no go if... (Below threshold)

Oh I forgot to ask no go if he had marc's foot out of his a*s yet.

Hey Bill Plante, were you w... (Below threshold)

Hey Bill Plante, were you wearing your toupee when you asked that question? When did you stop beating your wife?

This proves that CBS is not... (Below threshold)

This proves that CBS is nothing more than a lackie for the democrats, that is if more proof was needed. Anyone have a good Email address for the CBS (children) leadership? Every thing I try bounces back. Guess they're busy putting diapers on Bill Plante and wiping the poo poo off his face from having his head up the DNC's butt.. Time to call for his head, literally, on a platter. No additional ignorance is needed in the antique MSM, but it is fun watching them flush themselves down the sewer, soon they will be gone.

There's no such thing as a ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

There's no such thing as a stupid question; only stupid people who ask stupid questions.

Hey bill plante, if you're ... (Below threshold)

Hey bill plante, if you're so smart, how come you're a moron ?

Peter F:There'... (Below threshold)

Peter F:

There's no such thing as a stupid question; only stupid people who ask stupid questions.

I beg to differ. When facing someone holding a 9mm handgun it is in fact a stupid question to ask "is that gun loaded?"

marc,"When facing ... (Below threshold)


"When facing someone holding a 9mm handgun it is in fact a stupid question to ask 'is that gun loaded?'"

So does that explain your light, aerated personality ?

No, it explains why I can s... (Below threshold)

No, it explains why I can still post comments without having John Edwards "channel me."

Boy, Civil Behavior, I must... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Boy, Civil Behavior, I must say if I was a 14%er lik you, I'd be ashamed to show my face (figuratively) around here. Then again, if you were capable of grasping the concept of shame, you'd never post your socialist-regressive opinions anywhere except DU, Kos, or Huffpo.

Hillary Clinton IS NOT H... (Below threshold)

Get over all your dumb-ass right-wing whacko extremeist crap that you & all the other kooks in the right neo-fascist smear blogosphere are trying to parlay into something outrageous.

Just last week you and that butt-wipe Paul were trying to make something out of nothing about the "end of Global Warming" w/ your baseless spin about nothing.

And you'd look lioke less of an idiot by not linking to the ultimate of KOOK ASSHOLES, Rush LimPbaugh.

Sorry, the above was inadve... (Below threshold)

Sorry, the above was inadvertently posted to this thread by mistake.

As a conservative who feels... (Below threshold)
Ross Author Profile Page:

As a conservative who feels that Bush and Rove have worked to destroy what was great about the United States of America, I'm puzzled by those bloggers (and the comments above) that object to a reporter's effective and cutting question. Who cares if the reporter is to the left or the right? Rove's advice has screwed up this country and it's not clear how long it will take to fix things. Don't you want to know more?

It looks like you guys would rather that Bush continued to get a pass on the hard questions. But... why would you want to give Bush a pass? Bush isn't conservative in any way that matters to me:

Bush presided over the largest budget deficits in world history, and eliminated the work of the Republican congress that had to work with Clinton (they pretty much had the budget balanced!).

Bush has presided over the demolition of individual privacy and has used the United States Constitution as toilet paper for his entire administration.

Bush presided over a stupid war, fought for a lie, that has already cost 3690 US troop deaths, 35,638 US troop casualties, and one trillion USD, with no possible winning outcome. In fact, the only possible outcomes from the war in Iraq have already happened:

1) the loss of US influence in foreign affairs,
2) strengthening and development of al Queda recruitment,
3) US distribution of thousands of guns and other weapons to anyone (including al Queda)
4) the ongoing tragic loss of life and dismemberment of tens of thousands of our boys and
5) the wasting of a trillion dollars (we could have gone to Mars on that money).

We're less safe from terrorist attack than we've ever been, but you can safely assume that your phone calls are monitored and you have to practically bend over at the airport to make sure you don't have toenail scissors on your person!

The list goes on and on. Just because Bush happens to have his name on the same party as me doesn't mean I have to stand by him. Especially not after I get stabbed in the back over and over again by his administration.

I want Bush to get some hard questions, even if they make him feel uncomfortable. The rest of you pansy conservatives who attack Clinton for getting a hummer (he deserved the impeachment for lying about it) and then give Bush a pass for sending thousands of US troops to their death over a LIE need to wake up and check your loyalty.

Bush swore an oath to defend the US Constitution. He is a liar and an oathbreaker. Liars and oathbreakers don't have honor and don't deserve your loyalty. Personally, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on Bush if he was on fire. But maybe that's just me.

Just based on reading this blog, I'd say it must be true that it's possible to convert people to homosexuality. You all have been screwed by Bush over and over and here you are, claiming you enjoy it. Absolutely amazing.

Another example of Karl's g... (Below threshold)

Another example of Karl's genius: that was the perfect time to go after Social Security with everything you've got.

FDR once said that Social Security is the 3rd rail of politics - touch it and you're done.

But we can all be glad Karl Rove didn't listen to him, and reunited the Democratic party in some of their first solid opposition to President Bush.






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