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Submit your YouTube questions

Now that the Republican YouTube debate is back on, you can submit your questions at Save the Debate.com.


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Comments (7)

Why are the democrats so ev... (Below threshold)

Why are the democrats so evil?

Why do they want to kill babies?

Why do the democrats want to take more of my hard earned money?

Why do democrats think the government can raise a child?

Why do democrats lie so much?


What does the Republican Pa... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

What does the Republican Party stand for?

Nogo, that is a damned good... (Below threshold)

Nogo, that is a damned good question. I'd like to hear that myself.

Maybe more to the point:

Why have today's Republican politicians gotten away from traditional "Republican" values?

nogo:What does... (Below threshold)


What does the Republican Party stand for?

Unless you're a blind sheep that pulls the "R" or "D" lever who cares what a "Party" stands for?

Now you know, nogo can't ge... (Below threshold)

Now you know, nogo can't get past the 'D' on a voting machine and he needs help with that. Anyone submitting questions make them common sense questions, none of the third grade crap the democrats submitted, and the jokes answered.

1. Why are you debasing you... (Below threshold)

1. Why are you debasing yourselves by subjecting yourselves to a YouBoob debate?

2. Do you think the YouBoobheads actually have any intelligent questions?

3. Are traditional moderators so lacking in ideas that they need help with asking intelligent questions?

#1 Are You comfortable answ... (Below threshold)

#1 Are You comfortable answering questions submitted/selected from the same old leftwing moderators year after year?

#2 Would You consider being a uniter instead of a divider like Boosh and maybe pick a fine upstanding American like Mike Gravel/Dennis midgecinic as a running mate?

#3 Why do You guys want to subject Yourselves and family to the same vile viscious media attack game weve seen the last 7 years?






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