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The Hamas Consequence

The Palestinians voted these terrorist thugs into power because they were tired of Fatah's corruption. This is what the Palestinians have foisted upon themselves. From The Corner:

It was less than two months ago, after the violent takeover of Gaza, that Hamas spokesmen took to the op-ed pages of American newspapers to proclaim that despite all the suicide bombings and summary executions, Hamas intends to create a good-government, pragmatic Islamic state in Gaza. Ahmed Yousef wrote in the Washington Post that "Palestinians want, on their terms, the same thing Western societies want: self-determination, modernity, access to markets and their own economic power, and freedom for civil society to evolve." On the same day, Yousef wrote in the New York Times that "Our sole focus is Palestinian rights and good governance." Another spokesman wrote in the LA Times, "Gaza will be calm and under the rule of law -- a place where all journalists, foreigners and guests of the Palestinian people will be treated with dignity."

None of this, of course, has happened, and the news that has been trickling out of Gaza over the past few days portends an even bigger horrorshow. Yesterday Hamas banned "unauthorized" public gatherings, and this morning clubbed participants at a pro-Fatah protest; Hamas is intimidating journalists, shutting down media offices, and confiscating cameras and film; the purge within Gaza continues, including gun battles with Islamic Jihad and persecution of Fatah members; and on Friday, security thugs violently broke up a wedding celebration that was attended by members of Fatah, beating people and driving trucks through the party (video of this barbarism is on Youtube).

This, unfortunately, is not a surprise. Terrorism is Hamas' nature; good governance is not.


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Comments (13)

The American people voted i... (Below threshold)

The American people voted in the Democrats because of 'Republican corruption'.

Its an ugly parallel.

Lemme get this straight; I'... (Below threshold)

Lemme get this straight; I'm supposed to be upset because one group of Islamist lunatics decides to wipe out another?

Shit, they can go at it hammer and tongs, for all I care; the more of them that end up dead at each other's hands, the less available to blow up Israelis, blow up Americans, or breed. Here's hoping about eleventy-zillion of those assclowns get kakked during the new bloodshed.

"ugly parallel"Yea... (Below threshold)

"ugly parallel"

Yeah, about six million miles apart. Remember that saying: The Democrats are the opposition, not the enemy.

Hamas and Fatah in a death ... (Below threshold)

Hamas and Fatah in a death match?

Damn, you could get some good Pay-Per-View specials off that!

Pass the popcorn!

(BTW, JPM100, it'll only be a parallel when the Dems and Repubs start shooting at each other, setting off car-bombs and beheading each other and putting the videos up on the internet. Till then, your attempt to draw a parallel just doesn't cut it.)

My parallel had more to do ... (Below threshold)

My parallel had more to do with the populace picking the worse of two evils to punish the previous government, than how the parties treat each other.

But in that respect, with reports of gunshots into party headquarters (more than one), tires to vehicles slashed, people harassed going to polls, are we so sure we're always going to be better than that?

And then there is <a href="... (Below threshold)

And then there is The Hamas Consequence, the U.S. MSM refuse to address or report in any significant way.

'Cause after all, they're just "freedom fighters," it says so on a bumper sticker somewhere.

jpm100 -I hope we ... (Below threshold)

jpm100 -

I hope we will be - but there's getting to be an almost unsanely strong partisan/ideological bent to politics these days and it worries me greatly.

Such eagerness to grab all of the pie without compromising is in the finest tradition of third-world countries where the long-term good of the people is sacrificed for cash-in-hand today.

And I don't give much of a damn what your ideological bent is - screwing each other over for a temporary political advantage and ignoring the long term is stupid in the extreme. We've got problems we HAVE to face, but stalling off any consideration of them due to the "Ain't my party bringing it up, so screw 'em" effect isn't doing any long-term good. And neither is a "It's their solution, so we aren't going to do a damn thing to help fix it!" sort of attitude.

Something's gotta give - or we WILL go the Hamas/Fatah route.

I'm shocked, shocked that s... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked, shocked that shooting is going on here.

You'll just never get over ... (Below threshold)

You'll just never get over the fact that they won the elections in the Palestinian territory fair-and-square.

For all their problems, they don't sound nearly as bad as the death squads that have infiltrated the Iraqi police and are torturing and murdering dozens of Sunnis every night. We need to keep things in perspective here. This IS the Middle East after all.

sanssoucy,You are ... (Below threshold)


You are my heart. You are my soul. Lead us not into fire, and I will follow. Or fire some lead, and I'll follow that. "Eleventy-zillion", "assclowns", my friend, you made my day. Truth is a dish best served as steaming piles of funny. Thanks again, and keep it coming, you'll lossen up these starched shirts yet...

Larkin:You'll ... (Below threshold)


You'll just never get over the fact that they won the elections in the Palestinian territory fair-and-square.

Being channeling Jimmah Carter have you?


Maybe you can explain why when faced with charges of election fraud Hamas promptly said it would boycott the partial re-runs scheduled for the disputed areas after the charges were leveled.

At best no one will ever know hoe fair the elections were unless some one starts sining like a bird.

At worst they were crooked as hell and Hamas had to boycott the re-runs to prevent the fraud from being uncovered.

Hamas elected "fair-and-squ... (Below threshold)

Hamas elected "fair-and-square"? And we'll never get over it? You could have stopped right there and spared us all the other crap. The difference, in case you haven't noticed, is that the "death squads" in Iraq are not sanctioned and they at least try to catch and stop them. In the Palestinian territory the death squads ARE the government.

Any government that shoots ... (Below threshold)

Any government that shoots it's way into power is never a good government. Look at Cuba for example. Castro made broad promises including holding elections within 6 months back in 1959 after the revolution. So far those elections and other promises have never happened.






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