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University Faculty Don't Like Evangelicals - and They Admit It

According to a study by Gary A .Tobin of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research, 53% of university professors and faculty dislike evangelical Christians. Today World Magazine published an article about the study:

David French has known for years that college campuses are bastions of anti-evangelical bias. He knew it when he served on the admissions committee at Cornell Law School and watched his colleagues ridicule evangelical applicants as "Bible thumpers" or members of the "God squad." He knew it during his tenure with an education watchdog organization that routinely challenged university speech codes bent on silencing evangelical viewpoints. He knew it when he shifted into his current role as director of the Alliance Defense Fund's Center for Academic Freedom, a position from which he's filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of victimized evangelical students.

But only now can French declare with certainty that his anecdotal observations accurately represent a widespread statistical reality. In a recently released scientific survey of 1,269 faculty members across 712 different colleges and universities, 53 percent of respondents admitted to harboring unfavorable feelings toward evangelicals.

Gary A. Tobin, president of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research, set out to gauge levels of academic anti-Semitism compared to hostility toward other religious groups. He found that only 3 percent of college faculty holds unfavorable views toward Jews. In fact, no religious group draws anywhere near the scorn of evangelicals, Mormons placing a distant second with a 33 percent unfavorable outcome.

Tobin was shocked. And his amazement only escalated upon hearing reaction to his results from the academy's top brass. Rather than deny the accuracy of Tobin's findings or question his methodology, academy leaders attempted to rationalize their bias. "The prejudice is so deep that faculty do not have any problem justifying it. They tried to dismiss it and said they had a good reason for it," Tobin told WORLD. "I don't think that if I'd uncovered bigotry or social dissonance about Latinos, women, blacks, or Jews, they would have had that same response."

Of course they wouldn't have the same response because those groups are protected by the left's political correctness. However, bigotry toward Christians is totally acceptable whether in colleges, universities, or the workplace.

Take a look at how brazen the bigotry toward evangelical Christians is:

In another landmark case at Missouri State University, junior Emily Brooker objected to an assignment in which students were asked to write their state legislators and urge support for adoptions by same-sex couples. The evangelical social-work major was promptly hauled before a faculty panel and charged with maintaining an insufficient commitment to diversity. The panel grilled Brooker on her religious views without her parents present, convicted her of discrimination against gays, and informed her that to graduate she needed to lessen the gap between her own values and the values of the social-work profession.

The Alliance Defense Fund sued Missouri State on Brooker's behalf, pressuring the university into dropping the discrimination charges and paying for Brooker to attend graduate school. An independent investigation into the incident found such widespread intellectual bullying throughout the university's school of social work that investigators recommended shutting the program down and replacing the entire faculty.

Unbelievable isn't it. With college classes beginning shortly, it's necessary for evangelical Christian parents to not only discuss safety, drinking, and dating with their kids, but they also need to discuss how to deal to with the bigotry that is bound to be directed at them.

Check out Kathryn Jean Lopez' May 2007 interview with Gary Tobin published in National Review.


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Comments (28)

French's conclusion may be ... (Below threshold)

French's conclusion may be right, I don't know. But how he gets to that conclusion is interesting to say the least. As I calculated it he received an average of 1.78 responses per institution surveyed. I have no background in statistics but I that seems a stretch to me.

I'm no fan of Christian eva... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm no fan of Christian evangelicals, either. What I'm less of a fan of, though, is the widespread quiet bigotry that exists on college campuses on the part of the students and faculty, and those who deny it exists.

I agree with Peter - pretty... (Below threshold)

I agree with Peter - pretty much nobody likes evangelicals (except other evangelicals).

Tolerant of them? Sure. But keep away from my rights and quit talking about how happy you are that you've found Jesus, already.

Still, I'll take a room full of Christian evangelicals over the same room full of Muslim extremists...

I agree with Peter too.... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

I agree with Peter too.

Universities these days are fairly intolerant of anyone who is not on the left on a whole range of issues including secularism.

Liberals being intolerant a... (Below threshold)

Liberals being intolerant again after preaching it over and over? Say it ain't so.

The funny thing is these sa... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The funny thing is these same universities welcome Moslems to speak at their campuses. They fail to recognize that while evangelists warn that you will go to hell if you fail to follow what they teach, Muslems will send you there if you do not accept Islam. I never heard of Billy Graham preaching hate.

There are the in-your-face ... (Below threshold)

There are the in-your-face evangelicals that tend to put most people off, but then you have Billy Graham.

I can't say a bad thing about him, and I would assume that most people who profess themselves as an evangelical would like to be thought of in likes of Graham.

If most evangelicals were of Billy Graham's caliber, I think people would think of them in a more positive light.

Jo:And just where ... (Below threshold)


And just where does it say that the 1.78 people per university who responded were "liberals"? And since when does an "unfavorable opinion" equate to intolerance. Were that true you'd be intolerant of anything but a right wing wizbanger.

Bwwwaahhhhaaaaaaaa to you too.


You're right about Billy Graham. You might try following his example and not preach hate yourself.

A word of caution. While i... (Below threshold)

A word of caution. While it is certainly ridiculous that a university student be hauled before a board of poliical correctness to justify her views, it also strikes me that you want to preserve certain legitimate educational techniques ... one of which is to in class get students to explore points of view that are opposite their own and perhaps even to argue those points. Of course, that includes compelling a class's resident ardent liberal (there's one in every bunch) to argue in favor of, say, abstinence-based sex education.


Hell, I am a Christian, and... (Below threshold)

Hell, I am a Christian, and I still do not particularly like evangelicals. Of course, I am also a rather private person, and one who believes that religion is a personal thing.

But bigoted against them? Of course not.

It is rather amusing how the trends followed with currently-accepted bigotries, though. The Christians are, of course, discriminated against, because that is the current fad. However, the Jewish community hardly even had a showing, simply because if anyone admitted to that, they would immediately be pounced upon as being anti-semetic, and discriminatory, and all the rest, and probably disowned by their respective colleges.

The sad thing is that even despite going to a technical college (North Avenue Trade School), this kind of trend was prevalent even there... Last bastions of liberalism indeed.

Definitions from the Far Le... (Below threshold)

Definitions from the Far Left:

Christianity = Religion of Hatred
Islam = Religion of Peace

One word summary:

Christian = Love
Muslim = Jihad

I spent fifteen years trave... (Below threshold)
sharinlite Author Profile Page:

I spent fifteen years traveling to states all over this great country and because I had to, I spent two weeks in a different place each year. Never once, not once, did anyone ever get in my face about their religion. As a member of a group of 2 million paid members, 4-5,000 of which I spent those two weeks with, never once, not once did anyone get in my face about any kind of "religion"....Where, oh where are all of these people that are called evangelicals? You know, those people who try to live peaceful, decent lives. People who try not to steal, cheat and turn a blind eye to hopelessness and despair. People who help the poor and give more money to charity than any other group in the world? People who are hated with so much anger that it is a wonder they are not being fed to the lions again. OH, BUT WAIT UNTIL A DEMOCRAT GETS THE PRESIDENCY...then watch the lions be let loose of their cages. Who are you people? Where do you live? Among who do you live? And, what kind of family surrounds you?

Personally, I can't wait for the Caliphate to come to America under Sharia Law....then we'll see just who exactly you are so afraid of. When my head is bobbing down that blood flooded street, my only consolation is that yours will be bobbing in front, behind and beside mine. Kudos to liberal orthodoxy!!!! Long live the tinfoil hatted leftist loons running our universities.

However, when polled 87% of... (Below threshold)

However, when polled 87% of university professors liked islamic extremists

JFO, just f*ck off, I don't... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

JFO, just f*ck off, I don't preach hate you idiot. I just call them as I see them. I have read what you have to say. You are both a liar and and idiot. JFO.

JFO's definition of "speaki... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

JFO's definition of "speaking hate": Saying anything with which JFO disagrees.

JFO,Talbot, not Fren... (Below threshold)

Talbot, not French, conducted the study. Take some time out from calling people haters (see #8) and read what you're commenting on.

Tobin. Not Talbot.... (Below threshold)

Tobin. Not Talbot.

Liberal faculty members are... (Below threshold)

Liberal faculty members are some of the MOST intolerant and racist people around--they hate Christians, and you can be sure they hate just about anything else that doesn't bend to their view of things in their tenured cocoon.

SC:You're right - ... (Below threshold)


You're right - it was not French. And that changes the average of 1.78 responses per college/university?

Mitchell:I've met ... (Below threshold)


I've met some extreme right wing folks who are neo-Nazis. So, based on your reasoning, you're one also? Interesting. How does it feel to be a purveyor of hatred?

JFO, how does it feel to ha... (Below threshold)

JFO, how does it feel to have only juvenile responses? It certainly isn't impressive.

JFO is there some part of N... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

JFO is there some part of National Socialism being socialist and on the left that escapes you? I know you are what I said you were before by the stupid shit you write. If you are looking for neo-nazis you should look to your (as if there is anything to the left of you)left.

But of course Mitchell was ... (Below threshold)

But of course Mitchell was "impressive" now wasn't he SPQR?

So far his comments run a h... (Below threshold)

So far his comments run a higher level than yours.

JFO, don't you have an ambu... (Below threshold)

JFO, don't you have an ambulance to chase?

The PC academics reject the... (Below threshold)

The PC academics reject the Christians as unenlightened and embrace Islam in the name of diversity. This conflict in critique is lethal to intellectual honesty, and has infected the left.

I've never seen an extreme ... (Below threshold)

I've never seen an extreme right winger in a tenured faculty position, have you?

What is it about higher ed. that finds extreme left ideology so nifty?

It's not hard to understand... (Below threshold)

It's not hard to understand this distinctive leftist academic hostility to evangelicals.

The primary need of leftist academics, the one they cannot live or breathe without, is to be the sole owner and source of social status on campus.

No small minority group can ever threaten their hold as arbiter of social status, but there are enough evangelicals that they could. So the small minorities are coddled like pets, while the big one gets determinedly vilified.

It's all driven by fear. Just imagine a campus where the student body confidently disapproved of the antics of its faculty, judging them to be the irresponsible pecadilloes of an ageing bunch of squares, to see what they are afraid of.






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