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Phil Rizzuto dead at 89

Sad news from Ben Walker of AP:

Phil Rizzuto, the Hall of Fame shortstop during the Yankees' dynasty years and beloved by a generation of fans who delighted in hearing him exclaim "Holy cow!" as a broadcaster, has died. He was 89.

Rizzuto had pneumonia and died in his sleep late Monday night, daughter Patricia Rizzuto said Tuesday. He had been in declining health for several years and was living at a nursing home in West Orange, N.J.

Known as "The Scooter," Rizzuto was the oldest living Hall of Famer. He played for the Yankees throughout the 1940s and '50s, won seven World Series titles, was an AL MVP and played in five All-Star games.

The whole story is at the above link. My condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace.


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Comments (10)

Trivia question:Wh... (Below threshold)

Trivia question:

Who's voice is the radio play-by-play in Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Lights?

The bulk of my baseball upb... (Below threshold)

The bulk of my baseball upbringing was spent listening to him call games for channel 11 WPIX out of New York. He would always say something out of sorts that made the game that much more enjoyable. May he rest in peace.

In those days there were gi... (Below threshold)

In those days there were giants.

God's finally got the infield he needs to take the pennant.

It's said they come in thre... (Below threshold)

It's said they come in threes. Merv Griffin, Phil Rizzuto...

And of course, it was Rizzuto doing the play by play on the radio in the background of Meatloaf's teen anthem, Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Just reading over some things on Rizzuto, one source said the sometimes addle brained Rizzuto didn't realize until years later all the double entendres laced throughout his call.

PretzelThat was my f... (Below threshold)

That was my first thought when I heard of his death. "So now I'm prayin for the end of time...."
Ah, too many nights spent at the Lodge in Chicago on Division Street.

Oh man Hugh--I moved here i... (Below threshold)

Oh man Hugh--I moved here in 1982-I suspect we may have sung in harmony with peanut shell earrings one late night!

Pretzelthat indeed i... (Below threshold)

that indeed is a scary thought....because it is probably true. I lived in Dallas at the time but was in Chicago probaly 300 times between 82 and 87, including that magnificent 1984 Fall day when the Cubs beat the Padres and we all thought we were going to the World Series.
I always wondered what happened to that waifish young server with short hair who seemed always to be there, serving us those water melon flavored shots...whatever they were. And the Snuggery was next door?

Snuggery-Alumni club-yes gr... (Below threshold)

Snuggery-Alumni club-yes great times--too bad we didnt talk politics back then over a few old styles! Never know where these threads will lead!

And remember he played in t... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And remember he played in the time when they played for the game and not for big time salaries

The NY Post had the best he... (Below threshold)

The NY Post had the best headline.
Rizzuto traded to the Angels.

I'm sure Phil would have been pleased.






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