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Rush Limbaugh Will Have First Exclusive Interview with Karl Rove

From the PR Newswire:

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Live on the radio airwaves tomorrow, August 15, at 1:06 p.m. ET, Karl Rove will be a guest on The Rush Limbaugh Show. This is the former Deputy Chief of Staff's first exclusive interview since his resignation from the Bush Administration.

I'll be listening in.


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Comments (13)

Oh, I've just had an evil t... (Below threshold)

Oh, I've just had an evil thought:

"Hey, Rush, thanks for having me on the show. I wanted you and your audience to be the first to hear that...

I am hereby announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America!"

Imagine it, a year of purely negative, get the facts out campaigning against Democrats. Speeches about policy initiatives? Nah. Speeches spent quoting the worst of Hillary's socialist proclivities? Heck yeah. "Vote for Karl Rove! Because Hillary wants to 'take things away from you on behalf of the common good!'" "Vote for Karl Rove! Have you seen him? No $400 haircuts!"

Rove for Pres, with Coulter... (Below threshold)

Rove for Pres, with Coulter as his running mate.

Man, the libkook hysteria will increase exponentially.

Maybe when he lays out the ... (Below threshold)

Maybe when he lays out the facts, for the ten thousanth time, that Dick Armitage was the "outer" of Val Plame, and that Mr. Plame originally concured that Iraq was seeking yellow cake, and that Ms. Plame wasn't covert to begin with, and that there was no underlying crime in the Libby case, and that Prosecutor FitzFong new all of the above, virtually from the beginning of his investigation, maybe, just maybe then, people will finally realize what a hack FitzFong was and is and what a bunch of liars the libs are for insinuating that some great breech of national security was being conducted from on high, and what a bunch of wussies people like Michael DeadCred are when they say that Libby got what he had coming to him while proclaiming FitzFong a "A great American".

Kinda makes ya taste what's in your stomach, don't it ?

Two rich fat fools shootin... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Two rich fat fools shooting the sh**

This will just be another bad movie staged by the repuklican theater of the haves and have mores. Your guys will eat it up. Get all choked up at the sentiments that fire up the base.

Mission Accomplished.

And civil behavior, without... (Below threshold)

And civil behavior, without anything intelligent to say, simply insults people based on their appearance with some envy thrown in.

Thanks for being such a stereotypical liberal :)

Hey Falze, What... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Hey Falze,

What part of rich fat fools shooting the sh** did you find particularly untruthful?

I live quite near to one of them. Trust me,he's rich, fat, a fool and talk around around town is everyone knows he's full of it.

Why would I be envious of a wag?

Anyone ever figure where th... (Below threshold)

Anyone ever figure where the frogs went?

It will be interesting to s... (Below threshold)

It will be interesting to see the probing questions asked by Rush and his callers.

I can see "We love you Karl, you did a great job" getting a little tired after the first couple dozen calls.

Well, there'll be lots of "... (Below threshold)

Well, there'll be lots of "you're a great american" tossed in too. Cause we know there's only one kind of "great american." [Litte (a) emphasized]

and then they try to defend... (Below threshold)

and then they try to defend their childish mouthings. bravo, act all offended and pretend to be a victim, maybe you can start a liberal support group.

JFOWell, the... (Below threshold)


Well, there'll be lots of "you're a great american" tossed in too.

Wrong show. You're thinking of Hannity. Who is a great American. And for that matter, so is Rush.

Rance.Obviously you ... (Below threshold)

Obviously you don't even listen to limbaugh because he wasn't even offering for callers to talk to rove.

And as far as "hard questions" you mean similar to the ones that get asked of liberals on liberal channels all the time? It's ok for dems to get softballs, but if you have a conservative interviewing a conservative it's evil.

someone said it above, but i will say it again, Thanks for being a stereotypical liberal.

Hey jfo,cb & rance did any ... (Below threshold)

Hey jfo,cb & rance did any of you kill all the FROGS?






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