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Jenna Bush to be Married

Her boyfriend Henry Hager even asked her father's permission, too:

The White House has announced that 25-year-old Jenna Bush has got engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Henry Hager.

And, being a nicely brought-up young man, he duly asked the President of the United States for permission to marry his daughter.

The pair met during the president's 2004 re-election campaign, and have been dating ever since.

They have been spotted together at many public events, including the White House dinner for Charles and Camilla in November 2005.

"They have been great, great friends all this time," Henry's mother, Maggie, said.

And it was she who revealed that her son had followed tradition and asked Jenna's father's permission, saying: "Anybody raised in this family follows the rules."

Very sweet. Jenna has no interest in being married at the White House; she would much rather choose a location that has been a home to her, either Texas or Maine.


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Her boyfriend Harry Hage... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Her boyfriend Harry Hager even asked her father's permission, too:

Good man, Harry.

I was more nervous asking my wife's father for permission than I actually was proposing to my wife! lol

I can't imagine having to ask the President of the United States! Deserving of Man Points right there...

I never understood the 'ask... (Below threshold)

I never understood the 'asking permission'. I am proposing to her, not her father. The days when a woman was 'given away' are long gone. Its her decision and don't really care what the father thinks. I mean I would like peace in the family and everyone get along.

But a problem that I see among friends and family is that some don't get the concept the new family formed supersedes the old family. There is only problems if it doesn't. And asking permission to me is like saying the new family is less important than the old.

Some respect traditions....... (Below threshold)

Some respect traditions....

....don't really care wh... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

....don't really care what the father thinks. I mean I would like peace in the family and everyone get along.

You're not married are you, jpm. LOL

I politely 100% disagree with you. Asking permission is a sign of deep respect and honor to the "old family", recognizing and dignifying the values and traditions with which the bride's father has raised his family will be carried on in the new family. (If the bride-to-be was not raised in such a family where it was customary to ask then, no, I don't believe the groom-to-be is obligated to do as such. However, being polite and asking for permission goes a long way toward getting off on the right foot in building family peace and communication.)

An old fashioned nice guy, ... (Below threshold)

An old fashioned nice guy, deeply traditional who respects his elders. MUST be a Republican.


jpm,With all due r... (Below threshold)


With all due respect, the new family has yet to be started when one is asking permission of the girl's father. I did it as a sign of respect of my wife's family and my own. I also told my parents that I was about to ask her. More like tradition and custom of announcing your intention to start your own family than paying homage or more attention to your old one.

I now have 2 1/2 yr. and 8 month old daughters and my family is the most important thing in my life. I think it has been more of a problem with my unwed siblings to understand that when I say my family I am referring to my wife and daughters and not my brothers and sisters.

Wow. jpm was restra... (Below threshold)

Wow. jpm was restrained in his post, choosing to attack what he sees as an antiquated practice rather than going for the ad hominym jugular as is the norm amongst our Liberal posters.

It's refreshing.

Predictably, Democrat Under... (Below threshold)

Predictably, Democrat Underground uses this news to spew more of their trademark hatred against the Bush family:


The young man is a Wake For... (Below threshold)

The young man is a Wake Forest University grad, so he must be ok.

Mitchell, JD class of 1991

Interesting gene poll. Can... (Below threshold)

Interesting gene poll. Can't wait for the

jpmOne reason I was ... (Below threshold)

One reason I was given for asking the father of the bride was this: if you want a preview of what your relationship will be with your future spouse, look closely at the relationship between your soon to be spouse and her father.
Well after the fact, I can say annectdotally, that it is good advice.

Aw, how sweet, two Yellow E... (Below threshold)

Aw, how sweet, two Yellow Elephants getting married!! Doubt though that any young widows of soldiers of Bush's Iraq war will be invited -- mustn't ever have any of the numerous chickenhawks in attendance feel even the slightest unease.

"I never understood the ... (Below threshold)

"I never understood the 'asking permission'. I am proposing to her, not her father." - jpm100

Yep, that makes sense, jpm100. But you got to understand: illogical, antiquated traditions that have long outlived their usefulness still comprise a major part of the conservative mind.

Whereas conservatives dwell in the past, liberals plan for the future.

Note too, jpm100, the in... (Below threshold)

Note too, jpm100, the inherent sexism of the conservative traditions that are followed. Did the chickenhawk in question, one Henry Hagar, ask both parents of the bride-to-be for permission? One tends to doubt it, the original post not mentioning Laura Bush being asked, stressing only that The Chimp was asked. Observe that the conservative commentators above mention only asking the father for permission. Finally, did Jenna Bush have to ask Henry Hagar's parents for permission to marry their son? Again, one strongly tends to doubt it, for it's not a part of the conservative tradition of the female being passed from one male to another.

"Tradition!" is exclaimed in the song by that name in the very fine movie, Fiddler on the Roof, a movie more about the dying of outdated traditions than about traditions themselves, a movie I think about when reading all this nonsense.

Asking permission is alot b... (Below threshold)

Asking permission is alot better then looking down the barrels of a shotgun and answering the question you do want to marry mt daughter don't you? LOL

Opps-"my"... (Below threshold)


So if GWB has said "No", wh... (Below threshold)

So if GWB has said "No", what would Jenna done? Would she have said "I know that I'm an adult, but my father says we can't get married, so see you around"?

herman:Did the... (Below threshold)


Did the chickenhawk in question, one Henry Hagar, ask both parents of the bride-to-be for permission? One tends to doubt it

You're out of your mind with BDS!

the original post not mentioning Laura Bush being asked, stressing only that The Chimp was asked.

Then fire off en email to the publisher of the article and quit whining like a 10 year old.






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