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2 Firefighters die in abandoned 9/11 skyscraper

FoxNY reports:

A seven-alarm blaze in a skyscraper abandoned on Sept. 11 killed two firefighters and raised concerns that toxic substances in the building could be spreading in the plume of gray smoke that trailed above ground zero.

Officers at the scene were preventing nearby residents from returning to their homes even to rescue pets, telling them that authorities were concerned the former Deutsche Bank office building, vacant since Sept. 11 turned it into a toxic nightmare, could fall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that fear turned out to be unfounded.

Bloomberg sought to reassure residents that the chemicals in the building likely did not present a significant health risk, saying air-quality tests so far showed no danger.

Read the whole story at the link above. My thoughts and prayers for the lost, and their families and colleagues.


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Comments (5)

Firefighters. Love them. Th... (Below threshold)

Firefighters. Love them. The ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things.

But, let's see. This was an abandoned building associated with 9/11. Must be a Bushcohitlerburton plot to cover up the 9/11 LIHOP/MIHOP. What has Karl Rove been doing since he announced his retirement from the WH? Has anyone seen him? It all fits now...Rove is covering Bushcohitlerburton's tracks.

Yeah, the place will be cra... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the place will be crawling with "truthers" by daybreak, or noon, or whenever they get there.

The stories almost write themselves . . . by the History Channel has a special coming up on 9/11 conspiracy theories, so expect a lot of "chatter" leading up to that and beyond . . .

I have a great deal of resp... (Below threshold)

I have a great deal of respect for firemen. Twice they came to my house when I called 9/11 to attempt to save the life of my father. In addition, when other men run from a burning building, firemen run in.

There are no other braver men in America. They are the best, although I know of some police that I admire as well.

although I know of... (Below threshold)
although I know of some police that I admire as well.

Only some, Hooson?

So that building's been on ... (Below threshold)

So that building's been on fire twice, but it still hasn't fallen? I guess Rosie was right, after all. Damn you Chimpy McHalibushfratco!!!






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