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NBA refs gambled, ousted ref claims

A former NBA official who pleaded guilty to gambling charges will implicate other refs, the Seattle Times is reporting:

Former official Tim Donaghy reportedly will give information that will implicate referees in some forms of gambling activity, ESPN.com reported Friday.

The Web site, citing a report on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, said Donaghy will give federal prosecutors the information as part of his cooperation with government officials.

According to the radio report, Donaghy will give prosecutors as many as 20 names of other officials and will talk about their involvement in some type of gambling activity. The ESPN.com report said, "The specifics of the gambling allegations are reportedly believed to include betting in casinos."

Read the whole story at the above link. This has the makings of a major scandal, even though some of the gambling alleged only violates NBA rules and the refs' contract, but isn't otherwise illegal.


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Comments (4)

You had to see this one com... (Below threshold)

You had to see this one coming.

Once the bookies and their mob "friends" get their hooks into you their tentacles reach far and wide.

Bet the betting angle is what tips Vick over to a plea bargain. And also keeps him out of the NFL for life.

Even if it's "just" "placin... (Below threshold)

Even if it's "just" "placing bets in a casino," any sport needs to be concerned when its referee corps, the arbiters of the rules, keeps company in crowds of gamblers.

Human nature being what it is, and gambling odds being what they are, and all that . . .

Betting is just hypercompet... (Below threshold)

Betting is just hypercompetitiveness. They need to channel all this energy for entertainment purposes. Glorify the BET. The next reality gimmick.

How about the racial bias i... (Below threshold)

How about the racial bias in baseball umpiring? New study claims the umpire favors a pitcher of the same race on the less important pitches.






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