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WaPo endorses Judge Southwick

Democrats trying to block Judge Leslie Southwick from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals lost a potential ally today as the Washington Post says they haven't made their case:

For that reason, and because of his relatively pinched approach to judging, Judge Southwick wouldn't have been our first choice for this vacancy. Nor do we like the results in the custody and racial slur cases. But we cannot find fault with Judge Southwick's narrow but ultimately legitimate interpretation of the law in those cases, and we do not find in his record the anti-gay, anti-worker caricature his opponents have drawn. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), the lone Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of his confirmation, got it right when she concluded that if senators were to examine Judge Southwick's entire career, including his stint as a judge advocate in Iraq, they would find a "qualified, circumspect person."

Read the whole editorial at the above link. The opposition to Southwick has always been contrived, a diversion as Democrats hope to keep as many Bush appointees off the bench as possible over the next year or so in the expectation the next President will be a Democrat.

Congratulations to the Washington Post for not giving them any cover.


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The Wapo, like DiFi, every ... (Below threshold)

The Wapo, like DiFi, every once in a while get it right. Just often enough to cause cynics of the WaPo and DiFi, like me, to catch a breath and think that there my yet be hope.

Then, tomorrow, I'll return to being cynical about the WaPo and DiFi, 'cuz that's the reality.

The WaPo has suddenly reali... (Below threshold)

The WaPo has suddenly realized that 'what goes around, comes around'. If the Dems continue to follow their PAW and MoveOn masters' disasterous paths, and try to block court nominees solely on lies of being 'racist' and 'homophobic', the next Dem President will have his or her nominees victims of the same tactics.

Oh please Addison spare us ... (Below threshold)

Oh please Addison spare us the sanctimonious crap about democrats blocking Bush appointments, You know, as well as anyone else with a modicum of honesty knows, that dozens of Clinton appointees were blocked or their nominations were stalled by the republican congress. Far more than have been blocked or stalled by the dems.

Does that make it right for dems to do the same? No it doesn't. No more than the repubs were right when they did it. So spare us the indignation and the hyperbole.

Far more than have... (Below threshold)
Far more than have been blocked or stalled by the dems.

Once again, for a liberal, perception is reality.

Not really so.

As Al Kamen of the Washington Post recently put it, Bush "may be hard-pressed to get the 11 he needs to match Clinton's 65 appeals court appointments. (By the way, Clinton reached his total with the Senate in GOP hands for six of his eight years.)" There are more than enough vacancies and nominees to enable the Senate to equal the pace of confirmations during the Clinton administration. The only thing missing is action.
What say you now JFO?... (Below threshold)

What say you now JFO?

Nice take down John.

*JFO, looking in his rectal... (Below threshold)

*JFO, looking in his rectal cavity, for his comeback*

Does anyone here really bel... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Does anyone here really believe that either party would not do the same thing...in the same position?

Playing politics? In Washington? Only the Democratic Party would do that...Republicans never have...never will...(right?)

The minority always whines...because they are the minority...
I had to plug my ears from Dems whining from 2001-Jan of this year...now it is the Republicans at such a high a pitch that makes my dog howl...

However, after the Republican Landslide in 2008, (You all can feel it can't you?) we can go back to whining Dems...

JFO pummeled. Sweeeeeeeeet... (Below threshold)

JFO pummeled. Sweeeeeeeeet. What an uninformed moron.

Reminds me of a 60 Minutes show about the nomination of that Pickering guy from Mississippi(?). Chuck Schumer was one of the biggest names to try to block him and tie him to a racist past because of some rulings. 60 Minutes then had some black leaders from the state where he was from said he was no racist, and in fact was a friend to the black people, and that the "blocking" was ridiculous.

They made Chuck Schumer & other democrats look like the disgusting pigs they are. Sometimes (rarely) 60 Minutes gets it right.

What's more disturbing is t... (Below threshold)

What's more disturbing is the Fourth Circuit has five vacancies right now, with only ten sitting justices. Five are originalists, five are less so.

The Fourth, much like the DC Circuit, is critical to our government, as it hears a lot of cases concerning the Pentagon and other agencies that are located in VA.

The Senate democratics are trying to avoid filling any of those vacancies, stalling in the hopes that a democrat will win the WH in '08, when they can stock it with clones of RBG from the ACLU.

The left offers their meme ... (Below threshold)

The left offers their meme about Clinton judges being held up. What they do not mention is that there were serious questions about all the Clinton nominees who were held up by the Hatch Judiciary Committee. It was a process conducted with a view to confirming as many as possible.

The antics of Democrats, on the other hand, are merely attempts to smear reputations and keep slots open for a possible future Democrat to fill.

No matter how they spin it, it is what it is.

(JFO's still looking)...*S*... (Below threshold)

(JFO's still looking)...*S*

IMO, if someone like Ruth B... (Below threshold)

IMO, if someone like Ruth Bader Ginsberg can be confirmed as a Supreme Court Associate Justice, with a vote of 95-3, then there is very little to stand in the way of anyone nominated to a court in the federal judiciary.

Short of evidence of misconduct or a record of decisions that are routinely overturned by higher courts, or other extraordinary circumstances, then they should be confirmed.

The problem is the democratics try to fabricate extraordinary circumstances based on the thinnest of allegations. They then use that impression to justify their obstructionism.

However, after the... (Below threshold)
However, after the Republican Landslide in 2008, (You all can feel it can't you?) we can go back to whining Dems...

If the Dingy Harry and SanFranNan circus continues, there may just be a GOP controlled Congress in 2008. Those two are as inept, shrill and destructive as any I've seen in their positions.

GOP controlled Con... (Below threshold)
GOP controlled Congress in 2008

Errr, I guess that should have been in 2009, with the takeover coming in the 2008 election.

Addison - more likely than ... (Below threshold)

Addison - more likely than not it's illegal to smoke whatever it is your using. That may be the most absurd comment ever by a wizzer - amongst many absurd comments.

So, in other words if Hatch's committee did it there was no politics. But if a dem lead committee did it, ipso facto it's politics? Somehow, I don't really believe you believe that. But if you do, you probably need detox.

Liberals cite a "pinched in... (Below threshold)

Liberals cite a "pinched interpretation" by the judge, which means that he simply applies the law as written, not as the liberals wish it to be.

This is what all judges should do; not make shit up a la Roe v. Wade.

Or ala Bush v. Gore.... (Below threshold)

Or ala Bush v. Gore.

What about Bush v. Gore was... (Below threshold)

What about Bush v. Gore was not properly found in the Constitution. Equal Protection? Seems they applied it correctly.

JFO, you results-oriented libs. can't argue substance, but you must realize that if the count had been done as even the Gore-ites suggested it be, Bush wins under the analysis that was done.

Grow up, you twit.

If what the Democrats are d... (Below threshold)

If what the Democrats are doing is just refusing to vote for Bush's appointments, then they should say that. Instead they are just lying about and slandering honest men.

That we see people endorse that lying above says a lot about the character deficits that are Democrats these days.

Notice how JFO dodges when ... (Below threshold)

Notice how JFO dodges when he's caught in his lies.


Funny how NoGo jumped in wh... (Below threshold)

Funny how NoGo jumped in when JFO was shot down with facts. Is there a democrat left in the country that can read, and understand what they read, above the 3rd grade level? These guys sure make it appear there is not. I guess they accepted the brainwashing (simple minded people do) by their socialist/communist teachers.

Or ala Bush v. Gor... (Below threshold)
Or ala Bush v. Gore.

You know what's so delicious about Bush v. Gore? The chapped asses have no recourse. It's done. Over. No appeal, no reversal, nothing. Bwaaaahahahahaaa.

It's like the fan of the team that lost talking about the offensive stats of the losing team, the fantastic, highlight reel defensive play, the blown calls, the missed opportunities that could have changed the outcome of the game. But, his team still lost.

But, JFO, aren't you the former JAG? Which I would take to mean that you were/are a lawyer. If so, why don't you explain the salient points of the case to us mere mortals?

Explain how a court that if not liberal in it's makeup and decisions, was at least inclined in that direction in too many instances, decided for Bush, when in fact, which ever one became President, really had little bearing or impact upon them.

The only reason that the WA... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The only reason that the WASHINGTON COMPOST is endorsing him is he must be from the 9th circut court

There is the... (Below threshold)

There is the






Almost forgot this one ...


JFO has left the b... (Below threshold)

JFO has left the building!!!







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