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Peru earthquake survivors loot, fight for food

A major humanitarian disaster is shaping up, and word isn't in yet from the more remote areas, after the 8.0 intensity earthquake, reports Jean Luis Arce for Reuters:

Peruvians frustrated over slow emergency aid looted pharmacies and scuffled in food lines Friday as rescuers picked through rubble for survivors two days after a massive earthquake killed at least 510 people.

The Pacific coast city of Pisco, one of the hardest hit by the quake, suffered so many deaths that families squabbled in a graveyard over spots to bury their dead.

With the death toll still rising from a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck south of the capital Lima Wednesday evening, a powerful aftershock renewed panic Friday and some people sprinted away from food lines in Pisco.

Read the rest at the link above. Thanks to Instapundit for the pointer.

One good agency that's already "on the ground" in Peru delivering relief is World Vision - donate HERE.

Everything we know about disasters reinforces the advice that we should be prepared to survive at least three days without outside help, and longer to be prudent. A good guide and checklist is Popular Mechanics' "Survive Anything", which includes advice which works for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters.


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I have a lot of faith that ... (Below threshold)

I have a lot of faith that religious organizations will be some of the first on the ground to provide aid including the organization that Rev. Pat Robertson runs. But local police need to move in quickly and keep order.

I betch'ya Brownie got the ... (Below threshold)

I betch'ya Brownie got the consultation job on this one.

Demonstrating once again th... (Below threshold)

Demonstrating once again that no human tragedy is too great for Barney to attempt to use it for partisan gain, the sick little **** that he is . . .

barney - 100% USDA Grade A ... (Below threshold)

barney - 100% USDA Grade A A-Hole.

I'm disappointed, the Peruv... (Below threshold)

I'm disappointed, the Peruvians are acting like they live in NOLA, I expected better...

The difference being, of co... (Below threshold)

The difference being, of course, that the Peruvians are looting food and medicine instead of flat-panel TVs and $200 sneakers . . .

It took two post for someon... (Below threshold)

It took two post for someone somehow find a way to connect this to the Bush Administration. Must be a lazy day.

I'm disappointed, ... (Below threshold)
I'm disappointed, the Peruvians are acting like they live in NOLA, I expected better...
The unfortunate thing is that the media had a multi-week campaign to lower the bar of accountability for the individual, city, & state in order to maximize "its Bush's fault".

Sometimes that lowered expectation rubs off.

I'd guess the Navy is nearl... (Below threshold)

I'd guess the Navy is nearly there from Hawaii, unless any available help has to come from the Persian Gulf.

PISCO, Peru 17 Aug... (Below threshold)
PISCO, Peru 17 August 2007 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is today loading supplies, surgical instruments, family food boxes, hygiene kits and tarps into a 747 cargo plane to be flown directly from Salt Lake City into the area affected by a major earthquake in Peru.

After the 8.0 quake hit Peru on 15 August 2007, the Church immediately responded. Working closely with the Peruvian Civil Defense Agency, the Church initially provided 10,000 blankets and other emergency supplies such as tents.

Local Church leaders have opened four Mormon chapels in Pisco as shelters and are providing food and water for displaced Peruvians.

The Church has substantial history and presence in Peru, where its membership is over 430,000. Current reports indicate seven members of the Church are among the dead, with 14 seriously injured. All Church missionaries are reported safe and accounted for.

from LDS.org

AL GORE and GREENPEACE wil... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

AL GORE and GREENPEACE will probibly blame this on GLOBAL WARMING knowing how rediclous and stupid they are

Well, the Latter Day Air Fo... (Below threshold)

Well, the Latter Day Air Force is wingin' it. Romney's coreligionists do community as well as anyone.






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