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Crawling Back Under My Rock

As many of you know, I "retired" from Wizbang a while ago. Now, I'm the proverbial 12th man. When things like the London Bombing or the Va Tech shooting happen I jump in but other than that, I mostly hang out in the background. - This summer it seemed everyone was doing something in their real life so Kev asked me to post a thing or two and I was more than happy to burden pleasure you all with some of my musings.

Now that Cassy Fiano will be joining us it's time for me to, crawl back under my rock again. I do have a couple of posts that are in draft that will go out in the next day or two and I'm sure someone will say something so inconceivably stupid during the Katrina second anniversary, I'll be forced to say something... But other than that, I'll mostly reserve my Wizbang time for the occasional troll smackage in the comments.

BTW where any long time readers surprised Kevin picked a "Conservative Babe Of The Week" as the new blogger....

I wasn't either.


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Comments (23)

I'm pretty sure you're bett... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure you're better looking than this Cassio.

Well, we had some good time... (Below threshold)

Well, we had some good times this summer. Don't be too much of a stranger!

I was surprised he p... (Below threshold)

I was surprised he picked a babe. (NTTAWT). :)

Dang Paul! And you stir th... (Below threshold)

Dang Paul! And you stir things up so well.

Don't worry, Paul will be b... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Paul will be back: his rock was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers . . .


Heh, your troll smackage ca... (Below threshold)

Heh, your troll smackage can only improve as it will be your sole outlet on the blog.

No suprise on her being selected. I like her musings and she's hawt too, even if she is a bit on the young side ;p.

Yeah, but Paul. You did som... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but Paul. You did some excellent work while you were here this summer. Taking on and taking down wizblues posts was great. And helping get leeward banned - priceless.

...even if she is ... (Below threshold)
...even if she is a bit on the young side ;p.

Yeah, that thing about me probably being old enough to be her dad is likely a non-starter. Not that I would discriminate based on age - but they usually do. ;)

>I'm pretty sure you're bet... (Below threshold)

>I'm pretty sure you're better looking than this Cassio.

and here I said you where one of the sane ones.

Here's a thought, Paul. Wh... (Below threshold)

Here's a thought, Paul. Why "crawl back" so definitively. Surely you could just become a part time poster at Wizbang? Then you'd have the leisure you crave and we'd have the YOU that WE crave!

Awww..I just comme... (Below threshold)


I just commented a couple weeks ago about how much more energized this place is when you're active..

I'll second Gayle's above post.. Don't crawl too far under.. There's plenty of contributers around now, so, just hang around and do as much as you feel you can..

You've got the talent.. Might as well keep using it!!

Paul: the uncontested "Mast... (Below threshold)

Paul: the uncontested "Master of Subtlety"

Some of my favorite headlines from him:

~Democrats, "Vote For Us, We're Stupid"

~Arctic Monkeys Smarter Than Al Gore

~Elizabeth Edwards- Liar

(the second is my favorite)

Welcome to the Hotel Wizban... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Welcome to the Hotel Wizbangfornia... You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave....

PaulGet your butt ba... (Below threshold)

Get your butt back here fast!

thanks Heralder that cracke... (Below threshold)

thanks Heralder that cracked me up... I never thought of it that way.. I just calls em like I sees em.

Paul, we will always have P... (Below threshold)

Paul, we will always have Paris. ww

Paul,Yeh, the head... (Below threshold)


Yeh, the headlines always made me laugh before I even read the post.

We'll see you around, there's just too much ridiculousness for you to not comment on it!

Whaddya think, Paul, of Dav... (Below threshold)

Whaddya think, Paul, of David Cay Johnston's deceitful piece about adjusted growth income lower now than in 2000 in the New York Times? Bizzyblog, and TalkBack, both slam it and accuse him of agenda driven journalism.

Oops h/t to Charlie in Colo... (Below threshold)

Oops h/t to Charlie in Colorado for the links to the blogs above.

Uh, Back Talk.======... (Below threshold)

Uh, Back Talk.

Don't go too far, please. ... (Below threshold)

Don't go too far, please. I seldom comment, but I never miss your posts. Nobody smacks down the Corps or the global warming cult like you do. Besides, I think you and I are about the only conservatives blogging from the NOLA area... you've got to represent, brah!

Laura, he has no driving mo... (Below threshold)

Laura, he has no driving motivation now that mantis is sneaking over into tacit skeptic territory about global warming.

Paul we could use a post about James Hansen jesting with his tormentors.

BTW I almost spewed dinner ... (Below threshold)

BTW I almost spewed dinner all over my monitor when I read:

Don't worry, Paul will be back: his rock was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers . . .

But I have to wonder.

Will it be a "chocolate rock"???


p.s.: don't be a stranger, Paul. Even though the new girl makes us 40+ types have daydreams of white sugar sand beaches and "Le Weekender", and there's nothing sexier than a pretty girl with a functional brain, we'll still miss you.

And there's always the Lee and Paul Hooson show to deal with...






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