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Democrat Congressman Charged with Assault and Battery of Airline Employee

He didn't think his baggage was arriving fast enough so he, according to reports, barged into the baggage claims area that's off limits to the public, pushing a United Airways employee out of the way in the process:

Filner (D-Calif.), the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, has been charged with assault and battery of a United Airlines employee after he allegedly forced his way into an unauthorized area of baggage claim at Dulles Airport and pushed an employee out of the way in an attempt to retrieve his bags, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Filner is the latest member of Congress to have a run-in with law enforcement. In July, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) had a loud confrontation with Capitol Police officers at a Capitol doorway, and he later apologized for the incident. In a now infamous incident, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), slammed her cell phone against the chest of a Capitol Police officer who asked her for identification because she was not wearing her special member of Congress pin. Also last year, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) was arrested for driving under the influence when he rammed his car into a steel barrier outside the Capitol. He later underwent rehabilitation for alcohol and apologized to the Capitol Police.

It remains to be seen how Filner will handle the potentially embarrassing incident. The charges and the details of what happened at Dulles Airport on Sunday night are now part of the public record at a magistrate's office in Loudoun County, Va., near Dulles Airport.

This is again another politician who thinks he can circumvent all the rules because he's a member of the government. It's arrogance at its worst. However, that isn't the only angle of this story making the rounds in the 'sphere. It seems several news outlets conveniently left off Congressman Filner's political affiliation, an error the media never seem to make when reporting on a Republican. Allahpundit at Hot Air, Ace, American Pundit, and Instapundit are all covering the media's little game of "Guess Which Political Party We're Talking About."


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Comments (24)

Well, at least he isn't cor... (Below threshold)

Well, at least he isn't corrupt. (that we know of)

He's just an arrogant thug who thinks he's better than the rest.

"I'm busy doing the america... (Below threshold)

"I'm busy doing the american people's work and important ta boot,...get the [email protected]*% out of my way."

Another class act in DC.

"that isn't the only ang... (Below threshold)

"that isn't the only angle of this story making the rounds in the 'sphere. It seems several news outlets conveniently left off Congressman Filner's political affiliation, an error the media never seem to make when reporting on a Republican"

Bwahahahahahaha...what a crock of crap. Fox Noise habitually misidentifies party affiliation on their photos and name ID's.

FrenchFryIs this t... (Below threshold)


Is this the guy? The one who says Cheney is above the law?


Three words:Cynthia ... (Below threshold)

Three words:
Cynthia McKinney

What makes me think ... (Below threshold)

What makes me think this guy cares more about his luggage at the airport than Walter Reed? He says:

My concerns are focused on how we serve our troops when they turn from the Pentagon to the VA for their healthcare. In order for our troops to experience the seamless transition they deserve, the bureaucratic problems that prevent many from getting the care they need must be fixed.

Here's how the baggage handlers may rewrite this:

My concerns are focused on how they serve me when I return from my day off to DC for their healthcare. In order for a seamless transition to what I deserve, the bureaucratic problems that prevent my getting my bags before anyone else must be fixed.

Fox Noise habitual... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
Fox Noise habitually misidentifies party affiliation on their photos and name ID's.

And that's one media outlet among how many, FreedomFriedBrain?

Habitually?? Really? No, ... (Below threshold)

Habitually?? Really? No, it isn't Fox who habitually does it, it is the other MSM outlets. But nice dodge.

Anyway, reminds me of Rep Patrick Kennedy who assaulted an airport (a black woman!) security guard when they said his carry on was too big.

Thuggish Democrats. But remember, they care about the Little People!!!!! *snort*

So the story tries to balan... (Below threshold)

So the story tries to balance D's assaulting security guards, roughing up airport employees and crashing cars while impaired with an R raising his voice?

Beyond that, aren't we touchy enough about airport security without this guy going off half-cocked?

PretzelHow did i mis... (Below threshold)

How did i miss that! ROFL!!

Pretzel,Cyn-thee-a... (Below threshold)



My calculator says that's six words. What say you?

freedomFRIED:B... (Below threshold)


Bwahahahahahaha...what a crock of crap. Fox Noise habitually misidentifies party affiliation on their photos and name ID's.

Habitually? I can think of 2-3 times. With the thousands of times a pol has been featured on the crawl or a video insert you can surely come up with links to what you call "habitual."

Of course you would also have to provide evidence Fox did it on purpose vice some young intern (working the graphics program) that most likely is the guilty party for making the occasional errors.

Got proof?

Reminds me of Sheila Jackso... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of Sheila Jackson Lee pitching a bitch for not getting upgraded to first class on Continental.

Fricking asshole congress assholes. No credibility as all are corrupt lying SOBs who have no interest other than being re-elected.

I hope this asshole gets a nice fine, a few days in jail, and hopefully a felony conviction.

Adios MoFo

Some animals are more equal... (Below threshold)

Some animals are more equal than others...

I can hardly think of two m... (Below threshold)

I can hardly think of two more completely unpleasant and annoying groups of people than Democratic congressmen and airline employees.

It is entirely possible that both sides are in the wrong here.

It was almost 2 weeks befor... (Below threshold)

It was almost 2 weeks before I knew Gary Condit's political affiliation. I suspected the answer, but I had to look it up on the new fangled internet to be sure.

Didn't he just comitt a fed... (Below threshold)

Didn't he just comitt a federal offense (felony) by pushing his way into a restricted area in an Airport? Time to ask that question of the AG (even if he is a dummy) of the United States, or maybe the retarded homeland insecurity chief, Jerkoff.

Special note to freedomFRIE... (Below threshold)

Special note to freedomFRIED - For the last 4-5 hours CNN-I has on their crawl, "MOTOGP: NASCAR race postponed for second day."

It doesn't take too many brain cells to know MOTOGP and NASCAR are two very different animals.

Is it safe to assume FF, that you would also call that "a crock of crap" or do your only unleash your childish behaviour towards Fox?

Why does it matter that he'... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

Why does it matter that he's a Democrat? He's an asshole Congressman (but I repeat myself), and that's about all we need to know.

From a post I saw at Instap... (Below threshold)

From a post I saw at Instapundit, looks like at first they left out his party affiliation, then they mentioned it, then they moved it to the 2nd paragraph.

Apparently they sit around in the newsrooms and talk about how they can best hide the "D" in his name, if they put it in at all.

Ahhhh, it must be nice to have the MSM always covering your sorry asses.

I think FF was referring to... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I think FF was referring to the incident where FOX News initially misidentified Mark Foley as a Democrat, which they quickly fixed.

To a member of the fabricated reality based community, a single incident is "habitual" while a common occurrence (like the MSM not mentioning the affiliation of a Dem in a story like this) simply does not happen.

And in FOX's defence who didn't think "Democrat" when they heard Foley was a sexual predator like Clinton?

Wow a demacrat charged with... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Wow a demacrat charged with ASSUALT AND BATTERY this will realy shake up the demacrat supporting liberal left-wing news media

jpm: remember this?<... (Below threshold)

jpm: remember this?

from the MRC: "Rep. Gary Condit (D-California) had an affair with intern Chandra Levy and then misled police when she disappeared (and was later found dead).

From the story's national emergence on May 14, 2001 through July 11, ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows aired 179 stories on Condit -- 121 full-length reports or interviews, plus 58 brief anchor-read items. MRC analysts found Condit was labeled a "Democrat" only 14 times, or in fewer than eight percent of stories. Six of those labels came paired with adjectives such as "conservative" or "right-wing," distancing Condit from other party members."

And I loved this example:

"Just past 7:30am EDT on Friday, C-SPAN host Connie Brod, at least I believe her last name is Brod, went to a caller, identifying which line he was calling in on, Republican, Democratic or independent: "Big Sandy Texas, Republican, good morning to you. Got to turn your television set down, please."

Male caller: "Got it down, Connie. I'm confused. What party does Gary Condit belong to?"

Brod: "Gary Condit is, is what?"

Caller: "Is he, what party does he belong to?"

Brod: "Gary Condit is a Republican, isn't he?"

Caller: "Gary Condit, see, that's what I thought. No, Ma'am, he is not. He is a Democrat."

Brod: "I'm sorry, my mistake. [several second pause as background talk heard on phone] You have something else to say, sir?"

Caller at low volume as he seems to be boasting to someone else in the room at his home: "Nailed her as*."

Brod guffawed: "Oh, oh, oh!"

Without further comment, Brod moved on to another caller."

beyond that I'm with the brain - tossing in a yelling Republican with a drug-addled,late night car crash and incidents of assault by Democrats.

What a freaky looking dude-... (Below threshold)

What a freaky looking dude--(from pix on above website). Lock him up!






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