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Miles Levin

Most of you probably never heard of this brave and articulate young man. He was just 18, and passed away from alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that basically rips apart nerve tissue. He died Sunday.

What really sets Miles apart, however, is his decision on how to deal with his cancer. For the last two years, Miles blogged about his cancer, shared hope and offered consolation to thousands of readers, many who themselves were fighting Cancer or caring for loved ones in the fight.

CNN noted that Miles wrote of life and all that matters in it:

"He got sick and then better and then sick again and still managed to navigate the milestones of adolescence: keeping up in school, a first serious girlfriend, college applications, prom. He became a little famous and laughed at himself. He wrote about the value of life and somehow acquired an almost supernatural ability to appreciate small pleasures such as a sunny day and the presence of a loving family."

I thank God for such a man, and his generosity and courage of spirit. I just thought I should mention him, and suggest that we could all do with sharing hope and strength, however we may.


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May God bless him and welco... (Below threshold)

May God bless him and welcome him to his loving arms.

Thanks for mentioning it. I... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

Thanks for mentioning it. I didn't read much of his blog, but what I did read provided a glimpse of a very beautiful soul. I join his family and friends in mourning the passing of an exceptional young man.

As I remember my time battl... (Below threshold)

As I remember my time battling cancer, some of the little things you take for granted mean so much more.

The taste of a Whopper after your taste returns from a blood transfusion.

Being able to walk from the bedroom to the dining room to participate in Thanksgiving dinner.

The dog welcoming you home from the hospital, when you were there for a few days.

Or even that while lieing in bed for days, the fact that the dog would come into the room every so often, and just look over the edge of the bed to see it I was ok.

Rest in Peace, Miles. <br /... (Below threshold)

Rest in Peace, Miles.
A rather exemplary person by the looks of it.

to me, there is no greater ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

to me, there is no greater personal courage than exposing our deepest vulnerabilities....

Mile will never know how far his ripple went...

It is also a reminder...that in this age of tremendous advances against cancer...it is still a reality that consumes the lives of too many of our young....

Thanks DJ for sharing this...your effort continues the ripple...

What an inspiring man. I a... (Below threshold)

What an inspiring man. I am awed by Miles and people like him, seeing the wonders God has placed in this world for us to enjoy despite the tragedy in their own lives. It reminds me that my troubles are few and minor. Another person like Miles is my sister-in-law, who is battling glioblastoma multiforme. She is a gifted writer and her blog http://onkristasmind.blogspot.com/ reminds me to cherish life.

what I want to know is how ... (Below threshold)

what I want to know is how this cancer boy get a girlfriend

what I want to know ... (Below threshold)

what I want to know is how this cancer boy get a girlfriend

7. Posted by chris | August 22, 2007 7:33 AM | Vote up Vote down Report this comment Score: -2 (2 votes cast)

chris????? by being a beautiful being, and I refuse to explain more to you. try reading his blog, you might learn something...maybe

Chris, you're a dick. Just... (Below threshold)

Chris, you're a dick. Just because a person has cancer doesn't mean that they can't have a girlfriend. Cancer doesn't make a person ANY different to anyone else. Even a person with cancer deserves a normal life like everyone else. Man, there are so many stupid people in the world. You need to grow up and get a life. What if one of your loved ones got cancer? And don't say they won't because cancer knows no race, age or person and it definitley doesn't discriminate. It gets anyone and it doesn't care who they are.






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